Doug Polk turns up the heat on Daniel Negreanu once again

Doug Polk’s latest YouTube video has once again fanned the flames of his tempestuous dealings with Daniel Negreanu, as he presents a near two-hour video addressing many of the biggest problems facing the poker world today.

In the middle of an animated discussion with his guest, Joe Ingram, the conversation led onto Daniel Negreanu.



  • (46:13) Daniel Negreanu “advocacy” & “influencer” discussion begins, DNegs’ lack of ownership disclosure
  • (48:13) Doug on DNegs’ role in poker, 2017 #MoreRakeIsBetter pillow talk and 2016 “Amazing Things” promise
  • (50:03) Doug says Negreanu is “petty,” a “massive hypocrite,” and an “embarrassment” (50:44) Doug gives his view of Daniel Negreanu double-talk, Feb 8th Tweets about “influencers”
  • (52:06) Papi replies to Doug’s rant about Daniel Negreanu

Ingram made his feelings clear about the fact that Negreanu relentlessly plugs PokerStars without being open about his own stake in the company. The well-made point he makes is that, when you recommend a product to masses of people you should really be transparent about whether you are recommending it because you benefit from that recommendation, or simply because you believe it is an excellent product.

The pair inevitably move on to Negreanu’s “more rake is better” interview, giving some direct opinions on that too, and really get into the numerous comments Negreanu has made in which he has seemingly put his duties to sell his brand over any caring he has for poker and its community. While Ingram prefaces his expression of disappointment in Negreanu by saying he respects what he has achieved and likes him, there are no such courtesies from Polk, who even goes so far as to call Negreanu “an embarrassment” and “a little bitch”.

While there is clearly restraint from Ingram, Polk really does fire some broadsides at Negreanu in this video, making some good points despite the heated nature of his comments. It is certainly true that Negreanu has been busy advocating poorly received changes made by PokerStars in recent times, while also claiming to be on the side of the poker community. As Polk points out – this is a difficult stance to understand.

The fireworks in Polk’s video are seemingly the culmination of a few recent Twitter posts by Negreanu, in which he throws a few subtle jabs at Polk.

The two may operate in somewhat different areas currently, with Polk putting work into his crypto currency channel and Negreanu grinding the High Roller circuit, but that fact has clearly done nothing to cool the feud between them, which has been running since 2016. Keep an eye out for a response from Negreanu in the coming weeks.

Article by Craig Bradshaw