Dinh Quang Huy wins the Hanoi Super Series Warm Up for ₫500M


Đinh Quang Huy came from behind at the final three of the Warm Up event to capture the coveted ₫500 Million (~$20,193) top prize. He overcame USA’s Trent Fechter and decorated local pro Nguyễn Quang Huy for first recorded live victory. He now sits atop the Player of the Series race. Watch the final table race via the Grand Loyal Poker Club facebook page. 

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The Warm Up event opened the HSS on November 28 at the Grand Loyal Poker Club in Hanoi, Vietnam with 262 entries over three starters. Only 34 advanced to the final day, each one already in the money and vying for the lion’s share of the ₫2,033,120,000 prize pool.  While the field was heavily dominated by locals, two international players reached the loaded final table, Korea’s You Heung Youl finished 7th and USA’s Trent Fechter went a further 3rd place.

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Recapping the race, early action saw heavily decorated local pro Nguyễn Quang Huy rising fast at the final table while the day’s entering chip leader Phạm Ngọc Tú couldn’t get much going and fell to Hoàng HảI Nam in 6th place. At five handed, Đinh was down to 9 BB and took a stand with Kd4d that paid him in full against Ngô Minh Tiến‘s QcJd. This led to the end of Ngô with KdQc outdrawn by Hoàng’s Jh10c. Hoàng proceeded to amass over half of the chips in play.

Four handed was brutal for Hoàng who watched his towers crack and fall to Fechter in 4th place. Fechter took command with nearly 2/3 of the chips at his disposal, while Đinh continued to dwindle to 9 BB. Just like Hoàng, Fechter’s big stack didn’t hold. He lost two double ups against Đinh with the first one seeing his AhAc cracked by 4h2d open ended at the flop that improved to a straight on the turn. The next double up was Ks8s both pairing up to best KcJh top pair.

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With Đinh now in the driver’s seat and both Nguyễn and Fechter short stacked, he eliminated Fechter with a lucky Queen-Ten finding the Queen to dust Ace-Ten, then grinded down Nguyễn to lift his maiden victory.

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Buy in: ₫8,800,000 (~$355)
Entries: 262
Prize pool: ₫2,033,120,000 (~$82,110)
ITM: 34 places

1 Đinh Quang Huy Vietnam 500,000,000
2 NguyễN Quang Huy Vietnam 300,000,000
3 Trent Fechter USA 210,000,000
4 Hoàng HảI Nam Vietnam 150,000,000
5 Ngô Minh TiếN Vietnam 115,000,000
6 PhạM NgọC Tú Vietnam 90,000,000
7 You Heung Youl Korea 71,620,000
8 Võ KhắC Hoàn Vietnam 56,500,000
9 Hà Văn MạNh Vietnam 44,000,000
10 NguyễN Văn Trung Vietnam 35,000,000
11 PhạM NgọC Huy Korea 35,000,000
12 Lê Huy Thành Vietnam 35,000,000
13 Vũ Văn Quang Vietnam 28,000,000
14 PhạM HữU Sơn Korea 28,000,000
15 Lê Đình HảI Vietnam 28,000,000
16 NguyễN Quang HiếU Sweden 23,000,000
17 NguyễN MạNh Hào Vietnam 23,000,000
18 Phua Si Yang Singapore 23,000,000
19 NguyễN Thanh Tùng Vietnam 19,000,000
20 Hoàng Phi ViệT Vietnam 19,000,000
21 NguyễN Văn ChiếN Vietnam 19,000,000
22 Jonas Magdalinski Sweden 16,000,000
23 Hwang Seong Il Korea 16,000,000
24 Choi In Kyu Korea 16,000,000
25 PhạM QuyếT TiếN Vietnam 14,000,000
26 TrầN ĐứC Sơn Vietnam 14,000,000
27 NguyễN TiếN CườNg Vietnam 14,000,000
28 Đinh Quang Vũ Vietnam 13,000,000
29 PhạM Tú Tâm Vietnam 13,000,000
30 Đinh TiếN Thành Vietnam 13,000,000
31 Vũ Tá NhấT Vietnam 13,000,000
32 NguyễN HữU MạNh Vietnam 13,000,000
33 Đỗ Anh Tài Vietnam 13,000,000
34 TrầN Anh TuấN Vietnam 13,000,000


*All images courtesy of Grand Loyal Poker Club

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