David Peters rocks U.S. Poker Open

Another big buy-in tournament series is in the books, the 2019 U.S. Poker Open.

The 10-event series with an average buy-in of just over $30,000, that had kicked off on 13th February at the Aria Resort & Casino in Las Vegas concluded on 23rd February 2019

The U.S. Poker Open is one of the three events that make up the High Roller Triple Crown.
All events were 2-day events and had their first entry rake free, if it was registered on time.

The Return of the Chidwick

Stephen Chidwick
Stephen Chidwick – Photo Poker Go

Last year’s winner, Stephen Chidwick, came in with guns blazing and went ahead to win the first event of the series for $216,000. This $10,500 No-limit Hold’em event kicked off the race for the overall leaderboard right away with Sean Winter being the runner-up, bagging $157,000 after his 9-high straight were beat by Chidwick’s trips in the final hand.

Sean Winter got the glory in USPO #4, the $10,500 Short Deck event for $151,200 with David Peters, who came into the final day as chip leader, coming second for $100,800.

But Stephen Chidwick, being who he is, answered by taking down another event, USPO #06, the $26,000 Pot-limit Omaha, for $351,000.

Winter is here

Sean Winter
Sean Winter – Photo Poker Go

Chidwick accumulated four cashes over the series. Sean Winter however, topped this result by one. Before the Main Event, both players had 540 leaderboard points with Winter taking top position due to having five cashes total.

And while there was actual winter outside the PokerGO Studios with some rare snowfall in the desert, 33 players found their way into USPO #10, the $103,000 Main Event for some hot action.

Sean Winter made the final table, but could not cash and fully lock in his overall lead. He got knocked out in 8th and announced in the bust-out interview with teary eyes that he and his wife had a baby on the way. All he needed now, was David Peters not to win. Only an outright win could get Peters to come from behind, with a total of 550 points, and top the overall leaderboard for this series.

Peters gets it

David Peters
David Peters – Photo Poker Go

And this is exactly what happened. Peters beat Christopher Hunichen heads-up to become the 2019 U.S. Poker Open champion, winning $1,320,000 and the overall leaderboard for an additional $100,000.

2019 U.S. Poker Open Winners

Event Entries Winner Prize
USPO #1: $10,000 NLH 90 Stephen Chidwick $216,000
USPO #2: $10,000 PLO 64 Jordan Cristos $179,200
USPO #3: $10,000 NLH 91 Lauren Roberts $218,400
USPO #4: $10,000 Short Deck 42 Sean Winter $151,200
USPO #5: $25,000 NLH 59 Ali Imsirovic $442,500
USPO #6: $25,000 PLO 39 Stephen Chidwick $351,000
USPO #7: $25,000 NLH 60 Bryn Kenney $450,000
USPO #8: $25,000   8-game Mix 20 Nick Schulman $270,000
USPO #9: $50,000 NLH 41 Koray Aldemir $738,000
USPO #10: $100,000 Main Event 33 David Peters $1,320,000

2019 U.S. Poker Open Overall Leaderboard

Position Player Cashes Points Prize Money
1 David Peters 3 550 $1,584,000
2 Sean Winter 5 540 $747,900
3 Stephen Chidwick 4 540 $705,950
4 Nick Schulman 2 410 $390,000
5 Brandon Adams 3 365 $314,750
6 Koray Aldemir 2 340 $897,200
7 Cary Katz 3 340 $580,200
8 Bryn Kenney 2 240 $477,000
9 Lauren Roberts 2 240 $263,400
10 Jordan Cristos 2 240 $206,200
11 Ali Imsirovic 1 200 $442,500
12 Ben Yu 3 200 $262,800


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