CTP Taipei wins the GPL China Season 2; Mark Gruendemann tops MPS Main Event Day 1B

From noon to 3am, the air was thick with intensity at the CTP (Chinese Texas Hold’em Poker Association) room in Taipei with the Global Poker League China Season 2 – Taiwan Tour on its final day. It was a hard fought battle between the four remaining teams but ultimately there could only be one team champion. CTP Taipei came from behind to become the GPL China Season 2 champions. Wrapping up as well was Main Event Day 1B of the Master Poker Series. 46 turned up with Mark Gruendemann atop the 17 survivors.

See the recaps below along with the chip counts.

CTP Taipei wins the GPL China Season 2

It was clear from the first shuffle, this was not going to be an easy stroll for any of the four teams. HKPPA, CNHK TW, CTP Taipei, and HKPPA Premier League were all sharp as knives resulting in a highly thrilling finish to the GPL China Season 2 Taiwan Tour [The Battle of Urban].

IMG 0687
GPL organizers: Raymond Wong and Wang Wei

Action got underway with Part 1 ruled by CTP Taipei. They won both 2v2v2v2 tables. It was another impressive game by CTP Taipei’s Yu Shao Kang.

IMG 0624
Yu Shao Kang

In case you missed the news, two days ago Kang single-handedly knocked out three Japanese players to win his heat. It was another similar situation today, Kang doubled up through CNHK TW’s Ta Wei Tou with AxJx over Ax9x then went on to win by railing the last three players in his path. HKPPA’s Alan King Lun Lau won the 1v1v1v1 and the scores were:

  • CTP Taipei – 67
  • CNHK TW – 67
  • HKPPA PL – 65
  • HKPPA – 57

Part 2 format was 3v3. The top two teams faced off and likewise for the bottom two teams. This was a particularly difficult round for CTP Taipei. They were swept by CNHK TW and scored the lowest. A similar situation as well for the competing HKPPA teams with Sparrow Cheung’s team as the last two men standing to earn more points.

IMG 0656
Spiderman in the house

Here were the standings after this round:

  • CNHK TW: 67 + 51 = 118
  • HKPPA: 57 + 49 = 106
  • CTP Taipei: 67 + 33 = 100
  • HKPPA PL: 65 + 35 = 100

The final round was 1v1v1v1 and it was a nail biter. With points very close among the lower three teams, it was huddle-time at every break discussing strategy. Players were also allowed to switch off at every break. Although CNHK TW had the lead, it wasn’t a big one. As long as they weren’t knocked out first, they were certain to reach the money.

IMG 0886

But it was not to be. HKPPA’s Alan King Lun Lau eliminated CNHK TW’s Xiao Yin He to ensure that the leaders were out of the running and would not take any part in the pot. It was a crushing blow.

As for CTP Taipei, they rose out of a deep hole winning multiple double ups then eliminated HKPPA PL with JhJs full house over As3h trips on a board that ran 10dJc3c3dQh

The time was just past 2am. It was now heads up between CTP Taipei and HKPPA. Both were guaranteed money but only one was destined to be the next GPL China champions.

IMG 1013
Heads up

The first showdown, HKPPA’s Sparrow Cheung shoved with Qs10c and CTP Taipei’ Ping Hsien Chan risked it all with 9c9s. The board bricked and it was a double up and the chip lead for the house team. After one more teammate switch up, the final showdown arrived. HKPPA was all in with Kh5h, CTP Taipei AdQs, the final board ran 3cAc4c10h6d and the newest champions finally emerged.

IMG 0993
CTP Taipei

Congratulations to CTP Taipei – Yu Shao Kang, Justin Chi Jen Chu, Wang Wei Han, Chiu Chi An, and Ping Hsien Chan! They are the GPL China Season 2 Taiwan Tour champions!

IMG 1078
CTP Taipei – GPL China Season 2 champions


  • 1st CTP Taipei – NTD 698,400 (US$22,700)
  • 2nd HKPPA – NTD 465,600 (US$15,100)

CNHK TW finished 3rd and HKPPA PL 4th.

You can watch the final round action in

MPS Main Event Day 1B recap & Day 2 chip counts

Day 1B of the MPS Main Event heated up a section of the backroom with 46 runners in action throughout the night. By the end of the scheduled ten rounds, 17 remained with Ireland’s Mark Gruendemann bagging up the largest stack of 178,000. Gruendemann will be returning as the overall chip leader in Day 2.

IMG 0925
Mark Gruendemann

Other notable players through in this starting day was Kwun Ngai Vincent Li (44,000) and Du Ming Tsai (42,500).  

Day 1B Chip Count

The Main Event drew in a total of 108 entries. Action resumes on Sunday, December 23 with a total of 38 players advancing to Day 2. They pick up at Level 11 with blinds at 1000-2000 ante 2000. Play will stop once the Final 9 players is reached. Average stack is 54,117 with 920,000 total chips in play. Keep in mind, we start earlier in Day 2. Cards in the air at 2pm.

Day 2 Chip Count

Running alongside the main are a few events for the railbirds to enjoy:

16:00: Special Tournament Event – NTD 5,000 buy-in – this event has three players with bounties on their heads. Anyone player that knocks them out will receive one ticket to the Taiwan Millions Tournament Warm-Up event worth NTD 3,500.

18:00: High Roller Event Day 1 (two-day event) – NTD 40,000 buy-in

20:00: MPS x CTP NLH Event – NTD 3,000 buy-in

Somuchpoker is onsite and will continue to bring you recaps on the MPS Main Event and results on the other events.

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