Crown Perth Western Classic; Dale Marsland wins Main Event as Kamiya and Gillet Bag a Double

Crown Perth’s Western Classic poker festival has now been running for the best part of a decade, and while the Aussie Millions outshines most other festivals on Australian shores, the Western Classic should not be overlooked when it comes to premier poker festivals in the country. Field sizes are consistently solid each year with most events paying out five-figure top prizes, and Crown Perth is a great location to be playing tournament poker. The 2019 edition of this festival is now wrapping up, delivering headlines and repeat winners in the process.

Event 8 – AU$2,000 (US$1,354) Western Classic Main Event – Winner: Dale Marsland

Dale Marsland wins the Main Event for the second time – Photo credit: Crown Perth

This year’s Main Event drew in a crowd of 171 entries across two starting days, creating a prize pool of AU$307,800 (US$208,382). There were plenty of strong players involved, few with more proven pedigree in this festival than Dale Marsland. Since the Western Classic’s inception, Marsland has collected five titles in the series, including the Main Event title in 2012.

As the event pressed on past the bubble, with 64 runners getting paid, Marsland continued to pose a threat. By the time the final table was set, Richard Balkau led the way with 875,000. Marsland was 3rd with 444,000. As the finalists started to drop however, Marsland rocketed up the counts with 7 remaining. He remained one of the bigger stacks until finally getting heads up with Dylan Duncan. The players battled away heads up for over 2 hours before Marsland was finally able to eliminate Duncan and claim his second Main Event title.

The final payouts are as follows:
1st – Dale Marsland – AU$87,000 (US$58,899)
2nd – Dylan Duncan – AU$55,400
3rd – Jaxon Byrne – AU$41,000
4th – Andrian Chin – AU$31,600
5th – Marco Lee – AU$22,300
6th – Richard Balkau – AU$15,400
7th – Aaron Taylor – AU$10,800
8th – Andy Brown – AU$8,400
9th – Joey Hornby-Waring – AU$6,100

Event 4 – AU$1,150 (US$779) 6-Max – Winner: Melissa Gillet

Melissa Gillet went back to back in winning events 3 and 4 – Photo credit: Crown Perth

The fourth event of the festival brought the largest buy in and prize pool of the festival outside of the Main Event, with 106 total entries helping the prize pool to hit AU$106,000 (US$71,763). Melissa Gillet had bested a field of 219 total entries to win event 3 the previous day, and remarkably, she was among the big stacks with just a few players remaining.

The neutrals hoping to see a back to back victory were not to be disappointed, as Gillet felled her final opponent heads up to take the trophy.

Here are the final payouts:
1st – Melissa Gillet – AU$35,000 (US$23,695)
2nd – Mile Krstanoski – AU$22,200
3rd – Andrea Rispoli – AU$14,300
4th – Dale Marsland – AU$11,000
5th – Andrew Miller – AU$8,000
6th – Romeo Kojic – AU$5,800
7th – Graziano Lucisano – AU$4,000
8th – Danny Poolman – AU$3,200
9th – Vesko Zmukic – AU$2,500

Other events

Event 1 – AU$400 (US$271) Terminator
Entries: 156
Prize Pool: AU$39,000 (US$26,403)
Winner: Samuel Ingram – AU$8,100 (US$5,484) *Deal made

Event 2 – AU$250 (US$169) Repechage/Accumulator
Entries: 278
Prize Pool: AU$61,160 (US$41,406)
Winner: Leo Kamiya – AU$16,300 (US$11,035)

Event 3 – AU$200 (US$135) Hyper-Turbo
Entries: 149
Prize Pool: AU$23,840 (US$16,140)
Winner: Melissa Gillet – AU$7,800 (US$5,281)

Event 5 – AU$350 (US$237) NLH
Entries: 181
Prize Pool: AU$54,300 (US$36,761)
Winner: Andrew Miller – AU$9,080 (US$6,147) *Deal made

Event 6 – AU$550 (US$372) Shot Clock
Entries: 106
Prize Pool: AU$53,000 (US$35,881)
Winner: Benjamin Breadsell – AU$17,500 (US$11,848)

Event 7 – AU$550 Old School Freezeout
Entries: 127
Prize Pool: AU$63,500 (US$42,990)
Winner: Prakash Valji – AU$10,000 (US$6,770) *Deal made

Event 9 – AU$200 (US$135) PLO Rebuy
Entries: 51
Prize Pool: AU$23,460 (US$15,883)
Winner: Nick Lim – AU$5,850 (US$3,960) *Deal made

Event 10 – AU$575 Bounty Deepstack
Entries: 91
Prize Pool: AU$47,320 (US$32,036)
Winner: Leo Kamiya – AU$14,800 (US$10,020)

Article by Craig Bradshaw