CoinPoker announces pioneering RNG Transparency System

CoinPoker is a growing poker room which deals exclusively in cryptocurrency, allowing absolute ease of fund transference through blockchain. If this perk were not enough to help encourage new players to join up, there is now another even more compelling reason. CoinPoker has announced a ground-breaking system to ensure that all cards dealt on the site are proven to have truly been randomly generated.

Online shuffling verified

The abbreviation RNG stands for ‘Random Number Generator’ which is the randomising of card positions in a virtual deck. This is hugely important for players of course, because its effectiveness ensures a fair game. When it comes to gripes, online shuffling and the randomness of cards dealt in a virtual world has been around for as long as online poker rooms have existed. It’s easy to believe that unusual situations are happening a little more than they should at the virtual tables and while most people accept that it’s probably just a trick of the mind, we could all sleep easier if we knew for sure. With CoinPoker’s new initiative, we can all sleep like the proverbial log.


According to cryptography expert and CoinPoker Advisor, Mike Segal:

“CoinPoker’s new random number generation protocol is designed to enable end users to automatically verify the fairness of the platform’s shuffling algorithm. Under this protocol, each user’s computer becomes an active participant in the shuffling process, contributing to the randomness and then verifying computationally that their contribution was used by the server.”

The system works by allowing each player to contribute to the shuffling process, before verifying after the hand that their actions resulted in further mixing of the cards. The encrypted input from each player creates a shuffling factor which can be verified in detail after the hand, ensuring every shuffle is completely transparent, while also protecting the integrity of a hand in progress.

1,000,000 CHP reward for any flaw found

All players, along with software experts are invited to test the system and attempt to find any flaws in it. Anyone who does find one, will be the lucky recipient of a 1,000,000 CHP ‘Bug Bounty’. With this new idea, CoinPoker is changing the face of online poker and how it is viewed and thought of by its consumers.

Most RNGs have been certified by independent labs as part of the operators’ gaming licensing process, but no poker sites currently offer something as transparent as Coinpoker’s RNG system.

This idea can help online poker become far clearer, provably fairer and more attractive for recreational players who often fear they have been duped by software in some way. In years to come, we may yet see major brands following CoinPoker’s lead.

Article by Craig Bradshaw and sponsored by Coinpoker