Japan’s Kento Chogo ships the richest PokerStars LIVE Manila Super Series Main Event for PHP 3.6 Million (~USD 62K) 


Kento Chogo ships the richest PokerStars LIVE Manila Super Series Main Event

The record breaking PokerStars LIVE Manila Super Series 20 Main Event festivities has come to a close with Japan’s Kento Chogo reigning as the tour’s newest champion. Chogo outlasted the 1,277 entry field and banked the lion’s share of the PHP 21,800,944 (~USD 372,525) pot following four grueling days on the felt. An impressive feat, Chogo takes with him the largest payout in MSS history at PHP 3,670,000 (~USD 62,649)  inclusive of an APPT package after beating local runner Ronato Alcano in heads up play to clinch the overall victory.

Following his win, Chogo commented to Somuchpoker that he feels glad to have won his second spade trophy in this season’s Main Event and that he would definitely be back on Philippine soil for upcoming events. Chogo utilized a balance of aggression and overcame a rollercoaster ride along the way to seize the title.

Manila Super Series 20 Main Event Final Table Recap

Kento Chogo ships the richest PokerStars LIVE Manila Super Series Main Event

With Day 2 dusted, only nine players returned to the felt for the final games led by Ronato Alcano and Kim Kihyung Bok across the top ranks. Action kicked off right from the start with the first casualty of the day seen by the first half hour. Czar Ian Marcos shoved his remaining 11 big blinds with As7c and was easily scooped up by Alcano with a better AhKc to end the former’s Main Event run in ninth place. Still on the first level, Mariano Balfagon followed suit not long after having lost a blind vs blind race against Lee Woosang

Lee Woosang
Lee Woosang

From here, Lee began to dominate the final table round and went on to deliver three more eliminations to amass a massive stack. Alvir Inocentes was second to fall to Lee, having lost JsJc against the latter’s AhQs for chip lead status. Just twenty minutes later, short stacks Anthony Gabitan and Chung Ju Won found themselves likewise succumbing to Lee in 5th and 6th place respectively. In a good momentum, Chogo Kento stopped Lee in his tracks and dodged a potential elimination to survive. 

Chogo however, shot back down to 10 BB only a few hands later after paying Alcano’s flush with his overpair. Looking to recover, the Japanese runner risked a huge chunk of his stack with Ks10s, only to be behind Kim’s 10d10h. Lucky for him, the board landed the nut straight for his suited broadways to give him the boost while Kim headed out in 4th place finish. Chogo continued his run good, snagging a healthy pot away from Lee with a better full house to eventually finish the latter off in third place.

Ronato Alcano runner up finish MSS 20 Main Event
Ronato Alcano

Down to heads up against Alcano, Chogo tipped the scale to his favor having turned a flush on board 6h7d7h10h4s against his opponent’s 10d6d whilst collecting a ton of value. Crippled at this point, Alcano managed to gain a double up, but was shortlived after he fell short right in the next all-in situation. The final hand saw Chogo rake in the victory with As7s, beating Alcano’s QcJh on board 5cKh2h6s3h to wrap up the Main Event games and leave his opponent to settle for a runner up finish.

Dates: May 29 – June 2, 2024
Buy in: PHP 20,000 (~USD 350)
Guarantee: PHP 10,000,000 (~USD 171,800)
Prize pool: PHP 21,800,944 (~USD 372,525)
Entries: 1,277 (1,011 unique)
ITM: 194 players

Flight A: 228 entries, 35 qualified
Flight B: 330 entries, 50 qualified
Flight C: 475 entries, 72 qualified
Flight D Turbo: 244 entries, 37 qualified

Manila Super Series 20 Main Event Final Table Results

Rank Player Flag Prize (PHP) Prize (~USD)
1 Kento Chogo Japan ₱3,670,000 $62,649
2 Ronato Alcano Philippines ₱2,320,000 $39,604
3 Lee Woosang South Korea ₱1,580,000 $26,972
4 Kim Kihyung Bok South Korea ₱1,215,000 $20,741
5 Anthony Gabitan Philippines ₱935,000 $15,961
6 Chung Ju Won South Korea ₱715,000 $12,206
7 Alvir Inocentes Philippines ₱550,000 $9,389
8 Mariano Balfagon Argentina ₱420,000 $7,170
9 Czar Ian Marcos Philippines ₱321,944 $5,496

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Pokerstars Live Manila Super Series 20

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