Check Out Your 2023 Zodiac Luck Forecast

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Life can sometimes be seen as one of those games of chance: as each day arrives, we have no real idea of what’s in store. According to Chinese beliefs, the year of our birth sees us being assigned a powerful animal. While there can be little dispute that luck plays a part in life, it’s said that our zodiac animal has a significant impact too.


In 2023, we welcome the year of the rabbit and look forward to a year of positivity. If you’ve made sacrifices over the last few years you can be sure that this is the year when you’ll be rewarded. For those who have been planning and sowing the seeds of success, this is the year when you’ll reap all that you’ve sown and there will be ample opportunity to celebrate.


For those who enjoy playing poker, and other casino games, 2023 is set to be a great year. That’s because the year of the Rabbit is a time when everyone is handed an added sprinkling of luck. While poker may well be a game of skill, a dose of luck can still go some way to help players win the hand. For those that prefer a game of luck, this is the year when you should be comfortable taking slightly more risk than usual.


Overall, the year of the Rabbit is the year of wealth, good luck and rewards. Learn more about your 2023 Zodiac Luck Forecast and let it guide you in the Year of the Rabbit.


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Wheel of Fortune

            • 22nd – 29th January 2023
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The Wheel of Fortune will have three stages: Play, Spin, and Redeem.


During the Play stage, you can earn a spin a day just by playing a minimum of $20 at your favourite Casino Games. In total, you can get up to 8 spins over the first 8 days of the Lunar New Year.


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The Redeem stage starts once you have collected all your red packets. This stage lasts until 31st Dec 2023, so you will have plenty of time to redeem them. 


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