Bobby’s Room: Gus Hansen cashes out for seven figures; Antonius down $500K

The tournament tables may have been packed up and Hossein Ensan’s celebratory confetti swept away over at the Rio, but despite the WSOP lights being switched off for now, poker doesn’t sleep in Las Vegas. In Bobby’s Room, the action has remained red-hot, with thousands of dollars being shovelled around the cash tables in recent days.

Antonius shares his feelings after $500K loss

It had all been going very smoothly for Patrik Antonius in Vegas this summer. He had been posting consistent profits over the last few weeks, but shortly after, it all started to turn sour. First, he reported feeling unwell with a suspected case of food poisoning, then after recovering somewhat, he decided to jump back into the game. With an eye-watering $5,000/$10,000 Limit Omaha hi/lo game running, the potential for someone to lose big was ever-present.

Antonius had done well in his first day playing in the game, but after returning once his food poisoning had abated, Antonius was soon sliding. Over the next two days he would dump half a million dollars into the game, busting his entire Vegas bankroll that he had brought with him.

Posting a video on Instagram, the Finnish star spoke about his anger at losing so much saying,

“At those kinds of stakes, it always hurts to lose that kind of money”. He went on say, “It is the biggest anti-adrenaline feeling…. To me at least, it really puts you down and that’s when you test how strong you are mentally and how fast you can recover”.

He went on to finish on a high note however, when he added, “Winners bounce back. This is the life I have chosen. I am strong enough for all this bullshit. I’ll be fine”.

Gus Hansen cashes out for seven figures before facing off against Cates

Gus Hansen’s fortunes have been in stark contrast to Antonius’ lately, with the Dane managing to accumulate a seven-figure stack, which he went on to cash out. It seems very likely that a portion of those winnings came from Antonius with the two players both having been busy in Bobby’s Room lately.

Hansen posted an Instagram video of his enormous rack of chips, saying “When you’re cashing out and it’s seven figures, and you bought in for six figures, you know it’s gonna be a great summer”.

Despite his confident statement, it appears that Hansen may have spoken too soon, having then tangled with Daniel “jungleman12” Cates heads-up just two days later. In a second Instagram post, Hansen says that Cates is “as usual, beating me up – but it’s still gonna be a great summer”.

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The HU battle continues Gus Hansen vs. @junglemandanpoker

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Given Hansen’s online results in the past when dicing with players like Cates, it’s fair to say he may be tempting fate with his statements. We do not have any conclusive info on the final figures for this game which Hansen reported on three days ago.

Perhaps the two are even still playing, but Cates’ ominous Instagram post at the start of the WSOP in which he said he was “coming for” Hansen at the cash tables may yet prove prophetic.

Article by Craig Bradshaw