Black Friday at UPoker: Top Deals and Unbelievable Discounts

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UPoker has put together a promotional event like you’ve never witnessed before for this upcoming 2021 Black Friday. From 24th November 2021 to 1st December 2021, there is a one-week window for you to grab all the bigger better Black Friday goodness. Beginning the list of exciting discount events and explosive bubble chat emoji blast, your UPoker experience is about to be elevated to astronomical heights.

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Super Sale

VIP CARD SALES – UPoker’s ultimate Super Sale begins with 50% cuts on prices of all VIP cards. Yes, that’s true. Get any 30 days or 90 days VIP card for half the price. Save-up and level-up your UPoker experience by becoming a VIP card holder. This is the best time to do it.

TABLE THEME SALES – The Super Sale continues with 50% discounts on table themes too. Get the exclusively designed artistically rendered table themes for half the price. Visually enhance your game-play with with a vibrant fresh skin for your UPoker table that comes along with matching thematic dealer buttons and card designs. Transport yourself to an entirely new backdrop and have an immersive experience with the astonishing table theme.

LOBBY GOLD COINS SALE – Grab the golden opportunity to top-up your lobby coins. UPoker lobby gold coins are on sale too with a 50% discount on all lobby gold coin purchase. With a variety of lobby game-modes available lobby game enthusiasts would definitely have a great time this Black Friday season.

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Black Friday MTT Series

With a total accumulated GTD of 25 Million, 2021 UPoker’s Black Friday MTT series will undoubtedly be the biggest poker series in the lobby. The MTT series will take place over eight momentous days with big rewards to be won every single day. Put your skills to the test with UPoker’s global poker community and stand a chance to win bigger better poker rewards.

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Bubble Chat Blast

In addition to the highly expressive emojis, UPoker is launching the brand new bubble chat emoji feature. Give life to your chat box through 16 unique animated bubble chat text. Each of the bubble chat emoji has been carefully crafted to enable players to have a dynamic chatting experience while playing poker with their friends. Try them out from 24th November 2021 onwards.

How to enjoy the UPoker’s Black Friday Sale?

If you don’t already have a UPoker account, all you need to do is download UPoker and become a UPoker user in-time to enjoy the site’s Black Friday Sale. Download UPoker to have an ultimate poker experience with a bigger better Black Friday. UPoker is a tailored poker universe with a global poker community. This ultimate poker application made with a player-first mindset is compatible with all iOS, Android and Windows devices. Get playing and start saving, only on UPoker.   

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