Best of APL reloaded Beijing: Our 10 favourite Instagram pics

#1 The Main Event Winner

In every festival, you have the side stories and you have the Main Event. The APL Main Event was won by a teacher and poker enthusiast who always said to his students that poker is game of skill and even encouraged them to play. He qualified through an online satellite and won around US$116,226

Teacher tops 911 strong field to claim US$116,162 APL Main Event 1st prize

#2 The Japanese Pop Idol

GACKT’s achievements are not limited to the music field where he holds the male soloist record for most top ten consecutive singles in Japanese music history. He has also recently found a passion for poker which brought him to the APL. He managed to place 2nd with his team members in the festival team event.

#3 A simple moment of happiness

Some people can give a very complicated explanation when ask why they love playing poker. But the feeling of happiness and relief when winning a crucial hand is something hard to describe in any way other than a picture.

#4 Power team

The elite of the Beijing poker scene attended the festival. The Beijing Poker Club and its CEO Zhang Yangchun were happy to see the participation of Team PKC Sixiao Li, who made the money in the Main Event.

#5 Somuchpoker awarded

Our team made the trip to cover the whole festival, but didn’t come back empty handed. Somuchpoker co-founder Denis Pham came back home with one trophy thanks to a last minute victory in the very last event of the festival.

#6 Bagging chips

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There is no feeling quite like playing a poker tournament, writing your name on a bag full of chips at the end of the day and dreaming of what the next day might bring.

#7 International flavor

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Live poker is about bringing people together. The festival saw James Kim (From Korea) integrating Team India and helping them to take their seat in the team event.

#8 Poker Princess (part 1)

When poker coaches say “be careful of your image at the poker table” they didn’t have in mind asking the photographer “how I am looking?” ….

#9) Poker Princess (part 2)

Final result: What good control of your photograph can bring

#10 Backstage

You never see them in the reports or in pictures – but they travel the circuit with the same passion for the game: the Media

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