Awesome Things You Can Do With PokerCraft

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If you’ve played online poker, you’ll know that some of its biggest benefits are the unique tools available that can help improve your poker game. One such tool is Natural8’s PokerCraft – a fully integrated and purpose-built statistics tracker.

Reputable online poker sites normally disallow the use of third-party tracking tools or HUDs, but here on Natural8, you can use PokerCraft to record every single poker hand you’ve played. All of the data can then be viewed in your browser or exported for further analysis.

So, what are some of the interesting things you can do with PokerCraft?

View Session History Details
PokerCraft records every hand you play on the site, both for tournaments and cash games. The data is also split up into sessions to facilitate easy analysis. Simply click on a game format to pull up your overall records. You will see a summary that includes your overall Win/Loss amount, number of hands played, and total playing time.

Data for each game type is also combined into an overall snapshot at the top of the page. Amongst others, you’ll be able to see your strongest and weakest playing positions, as well as an assessment of how lucky you’ve been!

Assess Performance by Position
PokerCraft also provides a basic assessment of your positional performance per game. At the top of each page, you’ll see a table map with a green thumbs-up sign and a red thumbs-down. If you want to drill down into specifics, you can also highlight individual sessions by choosing a date range and stakes. The data can be downloaded if you wish.

Look for the button marked “Position”. Here you’ll find a detailed breakdown of what you got up to from each individual seat at the poker table. Among the various stats on display are the frequencies with which you saw a flop and a showdown. This is a brilliantly simple way to understand whether or not you need to tighten or loosen up your ranges.

Examine Results Against Opponents
From the same section of PokerCraft, you can also see a detailed breakdown of your opponents. There is an in-game HUD that you can use to take notes on each player, if you are serious about studying your opponents. You can then review these thoughts, along with various other snippets of information. Just look for the “Player Stats and Notes” tab.

Review Your EV
A favourite element of many players is the EV Graph. It plots your all-in EV (Expected Value) against your actual returns. This is mainly how PokerCraft determines whether or not you’ve been lucky on the overall summary page. From here, you can visualise it on a session-by-session basis properly.

See Specific Hand Performance
As well as searching for a specific hand vs hand match up, you can also view every single time you were dealt a specific holding. This feature allows you to relive the glory of cracking aces with 7-2 offsuit, as well as letting you bemoan those times when it happened to you!

Analyse Your Hole Card Matrix
On a similar note, you can also call up a hand analysis matrix. Although it’s not available for every game type, you can view this feature to break down your results in Hold’em cash games.

Every hand combination is presented in a grid, with a simple visual representation of whether or not the hand is profitable for you. The overall win or loss amount is also displayed. If you click on each holding, the total number of times you were dealt that hand will be shown. This makes it easy to quickly deduce the source of your success and failure. Naturally, when you can easily spot a hole in your game, there’s a chance to work on it.

Give PokerCraft a try by utilising these 6 awesome elements and see how it could improve your own game!

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