Asia Poker League Online final results; “Nisiti” clinches Main Event; Daniyar Aubakirov scores back to back titles; Qibing Wang, Tapa De Tres among big winners

The Asia Poker League concluded another lucrative online series at Natural8 – GGNet with nonstop games running from June 3 to June 19. Over the seventeen days, the festival generated  a whopping US$ 4.8+ Million across 20 trophy events and another US$ 10M+ collected at the side events. Emerging as the biggest winner was an anonymous player from Israel nicknamed “Nisiti”, who clinched the featured Main Event for over US$ 200K. Other players going the distance were Kazakhstan’s Daniyar Aubakirov with an incredible back to back victory at the Macau Grand Prix, China’s Qibing Wang “degenkaliu” who conquered the Beijing Capital Cup, and Brazil’s Tapa De Tres who survived the Summer Championship heat. Here are the final highlights and other festival champions. 

Festival update

Event 1 – 20 prize pool: CN¥ 32,535,864 (~US$ 4,863,503)
Entries: 57,043
Main Event pot: CN¥ 11,733,164 (~US$ 1,753,888)
Biggest event winner: Nisiti (Israel) – CN¥ 1,398,566 (~US$ 209,060)
Back to back champion: Daniyar Aubakirov – Macau Grand Prix (Series 4 and Series 5)

Festival recap Events 1- 5 

Main Event: “NISITI” – CN¥ 1,398,566 (~US$ 209,060)


With a massive CN¥ 10 Million guarantee advertised for the featured Main Event, 6,755 took to the flights to try to secure a seat into the final day. This huge turnout resulted in a richer CN¥ 11,733,164 (~US$ 1,753,888) prize pool. 947 players advanced with the money starting at 700th place.

After 7 hours of play, Israel’s “Nisiti” emerged victorious to capture the title, the CN¥ 1,398,566 (~US$ 209,060) first prize, and a special APL Jade Trophy to forever commemorate the achievement. Not much is known of the champion other than Nisiti held the chip lead for a majority of the final table. In addition to the champion, runner up G0rgeous and third placer Campeon[79] all pocketed six figures. For all three, it was a personal network high payout. Notables that reached the top 50 were Yongseok Kim “HUmandent” (13th), David Vinayagamoorthy “Alw4ysinduc3” (22nd), Daniyar Aubakirov (32nd), Feng Zhao “dynastyzhao” (38th), and Chris Rudolph (43rd).

Buy in: CN¥ 1,888 (~US$ 280)
Guarantee: CN¥ 10,000,000 (~US$ 1,494,810)
Entries: 6,755
Prize pool: CN¥ 11,733,164 (~US$ 1,753,888)
ITM: 700 places

Final table payouts

1st Nisiti Israel US$ 209,060 CN¥ 1,398,566
2nd G0rgeous Brazil 156,771 1,048,772
3rd Campeon[79] Netherlands 117,562 786,468
4th Sharon Akirav “benbenbigalo” Israel 88,159 589,768
5th Thales Koppe Brazil 66,110 442,263
6th fifty-five Japan 49,575 331,651
7th lucky428 UAE 37,176 248,703
8th jeffmusk Netherlands 27,878 186,501
9th JuiceBoi Malta 20,905 139,855

Event 11: Macau Grand Prix – DANIYAR AUBAKIROV – CN¥ 432,203 (~US$ 64,606)


Another impressive win for Kazakhstan’s Daniyar Aubakirov who successfully defended his Macau Grand Prix title for a stunning back victory. Back in February, Aubakirov topped a field of 1,053 entries to lift his first ever APL title in this event. Returning to action in June, Aubakirov once again outlasted the competition, emerging victorious over the 980 field to secure his second title along with a thick wad worth CN¥ 432,203 (~US$ 64,606). To capture the win, Aubakirov exerted heavy pressure at the final table, pushing his overwhelming big stack. He never relinquished the lead and finished off Russia’s “Premove” with 8d8h over Jc10c that missed the board.

This was just one of many network achievements Aubakirov has tacked under his belt. His largest known network score was at the 2020 WSOP Online [International] $10K Super MILLON$ where he collected a massive US$ 1,041,414, for runner up. To date, Aubakirov has over US$ 2.45 Million in tournament earnings on the GGNet though it is very likely that the figure is much higher. 


Buy in: CN¥ 3,300 (~US$ 493)
Guarantee: CN¥ 2,500,000 (~US$ 373,703)
Entries: 980
Prize pool: CN¥ 3,072,300 (~US$ 459,250)
ITM: 161 places

Final table payouts

1st Daniyar Aubakirov Kazakhstan US$ 64,606 CN¥ 432,203
2nd Premove Russia 48,421 324,106
3rd Hai Yang “whatevers” China 36,310 243,045
4th Jiahao Song “Songjiahao” China 27,229 182,258
5th Mr_Flind Ukraine 20,419 136,674
6th Yrel is Life Austria 15,312 102,491
7th Tynn_Suppe Norway 11,482 76,857
8th DoorDeWarLoper Netherlands 8,610 57,635
9th payplz India 6,457 43,220

Event 12: Summer Championship – TAPA DE TRES – CN¥ 591,567 (~US$ 88,428)


“Tapa De Tres” was one of three players from Brazil to bring home an exclusive APL Jade Trophy. The Brazilian was the last player standing at the sizzling Summer Championship that drew a total of 5,972 entries across multiple starting flights. 821 players advanced to the final day, taking eight hours to complete. For the achievement, Tapa De Tres shipped a personal network high CN¥ 591,567 (~US$ 88,428) payout. Among the players that reached the final table were Bruno Medalha “PISTOLEIRO” in 6th place and Ramon Cserei “ramondemon77” in 7th place.

Buy in: CN¥ 880 (~US$ 130)
Guarantee: CN¥ 3,880,000 (~US$ 580,000)
Entries: 5,972
Prize pool: CN¥ 4,834,931  (~US$ 722,730)
ITM: 600 places

Final table payouts

1st Tapa de Tres Brazil US$ 88,428 CN¥ 591,697
2nd Askellad Montenegro 66,290 443,708
3rd Tianyuang Tang “TTTTYYYY888” China 49,710 332,734
4th Tiredandtilted Estonia 37,277 249,515
5th LaPataDonald Andorra 28,043 187,110
6th Bruno Medalha “PISTOLEIRO” Brazil 20,962 140,312
7th Ramon Cserei “ramondemon77” Romania 15,720 105,219
8th RAYTJ China 11,788 78,903
9th LRS2020 China 8,840 59,169

Event 19: Beijing Capital Cup – QIBING WANG “degenkaliu” – CN¥ 378,436 (~US$ 56,569)


Back in August 2021, China’s Qibing Wang “degenkaliu” emerged from obscurity after he placed 2nd at the WSOP Online GG Masters High Roller Freezeout. Although he missed the coveted bracelet, he still pocketed a large score of US$ 205.8K. Since then, Wang has been raking in big scores including a victory at the APL Online Series. At the Beijing Capital Cup, Wang bested the 1,396 field to seize CN¥ 378,436 (~US$ 56,569). To date, Wang has accrued over US$ 897.2K in N8 tournament earnings. Among the players that reached the final table were WSOP decorated players Lucio Lima “WizardOfAz” and Toby Joynce “shinerrr”. Also running deep was Karolis Sereika “Internecik” in 7th place.  

Buy in: CN¥ 2,200 (~US$ 330)
Guarantee: CN¥ 2,000,000 (~US$ 298,963)
Entries: 1,396
Prize pool: CN¥ 2,856,216 (~US$ 426,950)
ITM: 233 places

Final table payouts

1st Qibing Wang “degenkailu” China US$ 56,569 CN¥ 378,436
2nd 0LiNiWiN Austria 42,420 283,786
3rd Lucio Lima “WizardOfAz” Brazil 31,810 212,809
4th BananenBencb789 Austria 23,854 159,584
5th ScottC Hong Kong 17,888 119,671
6th aaahtop Netherlands 13,414 89,741
7th Karolis Sereika “Internecik” Austria 10,060 67,296
8th Sheldon200 Hong Kong 7,543 50,465
9th Toby Joyce “shinerrr” Ireland 5,657 37,843

Other APL Jade Trophy champions

Event 18: Shanghai Masters of Poker 

Buy in: CN¥ 1,100 (~US$ 165)
Guarantee: CN¥ 1,000,000 (~US$ 149,480)
Entries: 1,358
Prize pool: CN¥ 1,374,296 (~US$ 205,430)
ITM: 233 places
Winner: 1ROLEX1 – Poland – CN¥ 182,089 (~US$ 27,220)

Event 17: Kunming Mountain Monster Stack 


Buy in: CN¥ 550 (~US$ 82)
Guarantee: CN¥ 800,000 (~US$ 119,585)
Entries: 1,816
Prize pool: CN¥ 918,896 (~US$ 137,357)
ITM: 305 places
Winner: LAOPK – China – CN¥ 116,550 (~US$ 17,422)

Event 16: Xi’an Silk Road Bounty 


Buy in: CN¥ 840 (~US$ 125)
Guarantee: CN¥ 1,000,000 (~US$ 149,480)
Entries: 1,635
Prize pool: CN¥ 1,308,000 (~US$ 195,520)
ITM: 224 places
Winner: PEDRO REIS “zaguinha” – Brazil – CN¥ 127,138 (~US$ 19,005)

*WSOP decorated Chinese pro Wei Guo Liang placed 7th, Taiwan‘s Yu Chung Chang “Nevan” placed 5th, and Hong Kong’s Hyunseung Lee “joggijoggi” just missed the final table in 9th place. Other deep finishers were India‘s Manas Roy “Ramanujan” (11th) and China‘s Tianyu Liu “Bangshifu” (12th).

Event 15: Sanya Bay Shooting Star


Buy in: CN¥ 1,100 (~US$ 165)
Guarantee: CN¥ 1,000,000 (~US$ 149,480)
Entries: 1,196
Prize pool: CN¥ 1,210,352 (~US$ 180,925)
ITM: 197 places
Winner: YIBO SONG “Danaibang” – China – CN¥ 164,789 (~US$ 24,633)

Event 14: Kunshan King of the Hill 6-Max


Buy in: CN¥ 660 (~US$ 100)
Guarantee: CN¥ 800,000 (~US$ 119,585) 
Entries: 1,529
Prize pool: CN¥ 928,103 (~US$ 138,734)
ITM: 224 places
Winner: GAMEBRED001 – Saudi Arabia – CN¥ 129,705 (~US$ 19,388)

Event 13: Taipei Bounty Hunter 


Buy in: NT$ 2,100 (~US$ 71)
Guarantee: NT$ 3,000,000 (~US$ 100,975)
Entries: 2,160
Prize pool: NT$ 4,320,000 (~US$ 145,403)
ITM: 314 places
Winner: SUPERTUTUVietnam – NT$ 365,066 (~US$ 12,287)

Event 10: Seoul Starleague Bounty


Buy in: KR₩ 210,000 (~US$ 163)
Guarantee: KR₩ 200,000,000 (~US$ 155,124)
Entries: 1,530
Prize pool: KR₩ 306,000,000 (~US$ 237,340)
ITM: 224 places
Winner: HUETHONG89Vietnam – KR₩ 32,735,791 (~US$ 25,390)
2nd: “limetrevi” – Japan – KR₩ 17,538,255 (fired 7 bullets)

Event 9: Jeju Jade Dragon

Buy in: KR₩ 110,000 (~US$ 85)
Guarantee: KR₩ 100,000,000 (~US$ 77,562)
Entries: 1,879
Prize pool: KR₩ 190,154,800 (~US$ 147,488)
ITM: 305 places
Winner: GABI K – Vietnam – KR₩ 24,118,636 (~US$ 18,707)
*Running deep were China’s Bian Haiyong “meer888” (10th), Sumit Sapra “rung00se” (13th), and Korea’s Chihoon Shin “GOD24” (14th). 

Event 8: Tokyo Poker Open 

Buy in: JP¥ 5,000 (~US$ 37)
Guarantee: JP¥ 10,000,000 (~US$ 73,970)
Entries: 3,454
Prize pool: JP¥ 15,888,400 (~US$ 117,530)
ITM: 575 places
Winner: CONPEPITAS – Netherlands – JP¥ 1,617,167* (~US$ 11,96)
2nd ThePoisonBaby – Montenegro – JP¥ 1,565,205* (~US$ 11,578)
*Heads up ICM deal 

Event 7: Manila Metro Million

Buy in: PH₱ 1,100 (~US$ 20)
Guarantee: PH₱ 2,500,000 (~US$ 45,540)
Entries: 3,447
Prize pool: PH₱ 3,448,364 (~US$ 62,815)
ITM: 575 places
Winner: VEELOVEE – Russia – PH₱ 399,234 (~US$ 7,272)

Event 6: Dragon Boat Bounty Celebration


Buy in: CN¥ 525 (~US$ 78)
Guarantee: CN¥ 888,000 (~US$ 132,740)
Entries: 2,345
Prize pool: CN¥ 1,172,500 (~US$ 175,265)
ITM: 332 places
Winner: TELENCE T DARBY – China – CN¥ 103,222 (~US$ 15,430)

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