Asia Poker League draws 1043 Main Event entries in Kunming

It was a frantic start for the Asia Poker League with notice that the APL Road Series Kunming festival in Yunnan Province, China had to be cancelled just before opening day. Instead of a crowd being welcomed in to Wilo intelligent Transportation Hall on March 8, doors were closed. However, two days later, the lights were on, the tables were set, dealers were ready, and doors opened. The festival was back on and it was game time.

APL Kunming - Photo APL
APL Kunming – Photo APL

To address the two-day postponement, the event dates were adjusted to March 10 to 21 with the order of games unchanged. That meant right from the get-go, it was Main Event time. For the next four days, players eagerly piled in creating long lines especially at Day 1D. In the aftermath, a force of 1043 entered for a prize pool of CNY 5,058,550 (~US$ 753,100).

Main Event overview

The Main Event has been running since March 10 and is set to conclude on March 16. Buy-in was at CNY 5,500 (~US$ 818). The first four days were dedicated to the starting days. These have already completed bringing in a record-breaking 1043 entries and a prize pool over US$750K. Here’s how it breaks down:

Day 1A: 182
Day 1B: 150
Day 1C: 296
Day 1D: 415

APL Kunming Main Event – Photo APL

Day 2 is currently underway with 266 players in action however they are still far from the money with 113 players due to earn a piece of the enormous pot. Day 2 ends once they reach 130 players. Some of the day’s entering front runners were of course the starting day chip leaders such as Yuan Ye (Day 1C) with 393,700 and Yang Peng (Day 1A) with 311,900. Also doing well in their respective heats were Ke Yong Xu (Day 1B chip leader) and Wang Hai Zhou (Day 1D chip leader).

Other Events

Deep Stack Turbo

Deep Stack Turbo – Photo APL

Several side events have already awarded a winner. The Deep Stack Turbo attracted a large field of 112 entries for a prize pool of CNY 217,280 (~US$ 32,300). It was an all Chinese lineup in the payouts list with Xing Long Huang on top to pocket the CNY 59,980 first prize.

Deep Stack Turbo – Payouts (In CNY)
1- Xing Long Huang: 59,980
2- Xiao Chen: 39,000
3- Chao Hu: 26,000
4- Jun Bao: 20,500
5- Jian Bin Zhang: 16,500
6- Xin Chen: 14,500
7- Long Lee: 12,000
8- Kai Wang: 10,000
9- Zhi Guang Xiao: 8,000
10- Li Pan: 6,000
11- Ryo Xin: 4,800


PLO – Photo APL

The Pot Limit Omaha event was no different with 80 players for a pot of CNY 155,200 (~US$ 23,000). This was shared amongst ten locals with Jian Tang earning the largest cut of CNY 42,500 for his victory.

PLO – Payouts (In CNY)
1- Jian Tang: 42,500
2- Hao Sun: 28,000
3- Yu Mo Zhang: 18,500
4- Chun Yu Lei: 15,000
5- Hong Yang: 12,500
6- Ming Wei: 10,500
7- Zhuo Nam: Xiao 9,500
8- Yang Du: 7,800
9- Hua Shu Ke: 6,300
10- Jian Huang: 4,600

Hyper Turbo 2

Hyper Turbo 2 – Photo APL

Another side event pulling in a big field was the Hyper Turbo 2 with 122 at the tables for a prize pool of CNY 177,510 (~US$ 26,400). Le Song Tang ruled the moment claiming the CNY 47,610 first prize.

Hyper Turbo 2 – Payouts (In CNY)
1- Li Song Tang: 47,610
2- Ye Chou: 31,000
3- Zhi Guang Xiao: 21,000
4- Hong Lin Jiang: 16,500
5- Bin Chen: 13,500
6- Long Lee: 11,500
7- Yuan Long Zhang: 9,500
8- Feng Liu: 8,000
9- Sin Yu Zhong: 6,500
10- Wei Lin Shang:P 4,800
11- Yu Xuan Zhang:P 4,000
12- Hui Xie:P 3,600

There are seven more days of games ahead including the Yunnan Pe Table (YNPT) Main Event which runs back to back with the Main Event. Somuchpoker will bring you the results as they come in so make sure to check back.

Article by Tricia David

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