Asia Poker League Da Nang: Catching up with the side events

Now that the Main Event is in the books, it’s time to give some due attention to the inaugural APL Da Nang side events. At this time, the High Rollers is on its final day. We will have a recap once it concludes along with the closing festival winners. For now, here’s look at the latest APL champions.

No Limit Hold’em Turbo 2: QIAN XUBO – VND 146,600,000  (~US$ 6,300)

ENZ 4907
Qian Xubo

60 ante’d up the very affordable VND 7,700,000 (~US$ 330) entry fee for a seat at the No Limit Hold’em Turbo 2. This brought about a prize pool of VND 407,400,000 (~US$ 17,500) spread among the top 8 places. Just before the bubble burst, Duy Ho doubled up through Edgar Kim with pocket nines winning the flip however, Duy could not get past Qian Xubo on his next shove with AhKs top pair falling to 8s8h set on a board 8d9dAs10d7s.

From there, Xubo railed short stacked Yuwen Pan in 8th place with pocket jacks holding against A-K. Xubo proceeded to bring his big stack to heads up where he faced Edgar Kim. The last hand saw Xubo shove with 10s6h, Kim with AcQc,  the board ran 2h9s9h5h6s.

1st Qian Xubo – China – VND 146,600,000
2nd Edgar Kim Eui Woong – Korea – VND 86,200,000
3rd Oliver Helm – New Zealand – VND 54,000,000
4th Nguyen Tuan Anh – Vietnam – VND 36,700,000
5th Sun Jianpeng – China – VND 28,500,000
6th Chinnarut Tanprateep – Thailand – VND 22,400,000
7th Nasin Taweewattanakitborvon – Thailand – VND 18,300,000
8th Yuwen Pan – China – VND 14,700,000

KO Bounty 2: NAM PHONG – VND 293,400,000 (~US$ 12,600)

ENZ 5122
Nam Phong

The KO Bounty 2 ran until dusk with Vietnam’s Nam Phong outlasting the competition to lift the APL title. 135 signed up at VND 11,000,000 (~US$ 475) for a cash pot worth VND 1,039,500,000 (~US$ 44,800). Additionally, for every player eliminated, the winner was awarded an instant VND 2,000,000.

The top 17 places started dipping into the money jar when Nguyen Ngoc Anh delivered the bubble. From the big blind, he called a short stack’s shove and landed two pair with 10s6s against KcJh top pair on a board Js5s10hAc6c. Nguyen went on to cash in 5th place while fellow countryman Nam Phong took it to the finish line defeating Hong Woo Suk at heads up.

1st Nam Phong – Vietnam – VND 293,400,000
2nd Hong Woo Suk – Korea – VND 185,800,000
3rd Raiden Kan Yew Fatt – Hong Kong – VND 110,200,000
4th Ceesvin Abdulla – Singapore – VND 67,600,000
5th Nguyen Ngoc Anh – Vietnam – VND 51,500,000
6th Pham Hoang Quan – Vietnam – VND 43,700,000
7th Trinh Anh Dung – Vietnam – VND 37,900,000
8th Kim Ji Young – Korea – VND 33,300,000
9th Bazgar Marl Du Darius – Germany – VND 29,400,000
10th Pham Quyet Tien – Vietnam – VND 26,000,000
11th Dyb Kjell Ove – Norway – VND 26,000,000
12th Lee Jun Woo – Korea – VND 26,000,000
13th Nguyen Huu Manh – Vietnam – VND 22,900,000
14th Kajornnut Prirungrueng – Thailand – VND 22,900,000
15th Vu Duc Trung – Vietnam – VND 22,900,000
16th Choi Inkyu – Korea – VND 20,000,000
17th Nguyen Dam Lam Hong – Vietnam – VND 20,000,000

Pot Limit Omaha: DINH MANH HUNG – VND 108,600,000 (~US$ 4,700)ENZ 5543

ENZ 5543
Dinh Manh Hung

The lone Pot Limit Omaha event attracted 41 runners at VND 7,700,000 (~US$ 33) buy-in to build a decent pot worth VND 278,400,000 (~US$ 12,000). Only 6 players earned a cut. At heads up, Dinh Manh Hung defeated Anthony Abram, one of the most decorated PLO players in the Asian circuit, to claim his first-ever live tournament title and VND 108,600,000 (~US$ 4,700).

1st Dinh Manh Hung – Vietnam – VND 108,600,000
2nd Anthony Abram – Australia – VND 64,000,000
3rd Tae Joon Cho – Korea – VND 39,000,000
4th Lu Zheng Hao – Singapore – VND 27,800,000
5th Ku Yeong Seon – Korea – VND 22,300,000
6th Jaegwang Kim – Korea – VND 16,700,000

Freezeout: NGUYEN HUU DUC – VND 335,200,000 (~US$ 14,400)

ENZ 6039
Nguyen Huu Duc

Fast action at the lone VND 16,500,000 (!US$ 710) buy-in Freezeout event. 64 players battled for the gold and the lion’s share of the VND 931,200,000 (~US$ 40,100) prize pool. 8 players got paid with Vietnam’s Nguyen Huu Duc shipping it for a pocketful VND 335,200,000 (~US$ 14,400).

1st Nguyen Huu Duc – Vietnam – VND 335,200,000 (~US$ 14,400)
2nd Song Daewoong – Korea – VND 196,900,000
3rd Lee Seung Jin – Korea – VND 123,400,000
4th Chang Hokeun – Korea – VND 83,800,000
5th Pham Thanh Hai – Vietnam – VND 65,200,000
6th Choi Inkyu – Vietnam – VND 51,200,000
7th Thanapipat – Thailand – VND 41,900,000
8th Lee Deok-Yeong- Korea – VND 33,600,000

Charity Event: LEE JONG WOOK – VND 39,600,000 (~US$ 1,700)

ENZ 6027
Lee Jong Wook

The Charity Event was for the benefit of the Da Nang Hospital for Women and Children. 30 percent of the pot and all the add-ons were donated totaling VND 47,300,000 (~US$ 2,040). The remaining money VND 110,200,000 (~US$ 4,700) was divvied among the top 8 of the 63 entries. Korea’s Lee Jong Wook went on to victory for VND 39,600,000 (~US$ 1,700).

1st Lee Jong Wook – Korea – VND 39,600,000
2nd Vu Vanh Manh – Vietnam – VND 23,300,000
3rd Duy Ho – Vietnam – VND 14,600,000
4th Jack Liew – Singapore – VND 9,900,000
5th Linh Nguyen Duu Phuong – Vietnam – VND 7,700,000
6th Tony Khoang – Netherlands – VND 6,100,000
7th Tien Quyet Pham – Vietnam – VND 5,000,000
8th Nguyen Thi Linh – Vietnam – VND 4,000,000

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