APT Online first half champions: Niklas Astedt, Yifan Wei, Bellator Deus, Wuyi Wang, X_ikss_X, jazavac98, Gracinda1965, barrakuuda4

The APT Online Series featuring a $10 Million guarantee across 17 events is well underway at Asia’s largest online platform Natural8. The games kicked off on February 12, 2023 and will run until March 7, 2023. If you haven’t joined the action, the time is now. Two big events will soon hit the virtual felt – the $1 Million guaranteed Mystery Bounty and the $2 Million guaranteed Main Event. The series has now reached its halfway mark. Here are the first eight winners.

APT 1: 2023 Bounty Kick-Off: X_IKSS_X – $27,276

Screenshot 20230222 022002

Kicking off the APT Online series was the 2023 Bounty Kick-Off with 1,613 hopping on the saddle to generate a prize pool of $320,987. The top 224 earned a cut with the largest portion going to Russian player nicknamed X_ikss_X of $27,276. Joining the GG Network this year, the win was X_ikss_X’s biggest takedown, nearly quadruple his previous high score.

X_ikss_X entered the final table running second from the bottom. He proceeded to pick up several double ups, then knocked out Michael Jozoff in 3rd place with 9d9c set easily beating Kd8h. To capture the win, X_ikss_X 6s6h denied FuuuuHaaoooo’s Qc3c flush draw on a board 7d5c7c3h9d.

Screenshot 20230222 022337

Buy in: $215
Guarantee: $202,300
Entries: 1,613
Prize pool: $320,987
ITM: 224 places

1 X_ikss_X Russia $14,109 $13,167 $27,276
2 FuuuuHaaoooo Austria $1,191 $13,134 $14,325
3 Michael Jozoff Canada $9,047 $9,901 $18,947
4 Pascal Vos “Apocalyps” Netherlands $2,625 $7,454 $10,079
5 bayaraa1001 Mongolia $3,359 $5,162 $8,522
6 David Tai Taiwan $697 $4,226 $4,923
7 Illia Kozhukar “Shandaru”” Ukraine $2,222 $3,182 $5,403
8 MeanN Taiwan $2,537 $2,395 $4,933
9 Lucky dog7 Hong Kong $1,397 $1,804 $3,200

APT 2: Superstar Challenge: NIKLAS ASTEDT – $131,564

Screenshot 20230222 124840

Some of the world’s elite made an appearance at the Superstar Challenge, an event popularized by the Vietnamese live circuit. The first online edition had a buy in of $2,500 and a $250K guarantee. With a substantial 270 signing up, the prize pool ballooned 2.5 times, resting at $641,250.

Among the attendees was China’s Wei Zhao, notorious for pouring a rain of re-entries. He did so again at this event with 7 buy ins. Zhao did recover a tiny bit of the money, finishing in 33rd place for $4,459. On the flip side, among those cashing in at a profit were Hong Kong’s Dicky Tsang “Floatinworld” (27th – $4,459) and WSOPC Online ring winner Wingkeat Chin “miya111” (8th – $17,544).

Screenshot 20230222 012942

Taking it to the limit was none other than online icon, Sweden’s Niklas Astedt, adding yet another victory and six figure payout to his incredibly long list of achievements. Astedt defeated Canada’s Michael Watson at heads up to seize the $131,564 champion’s prize. To date, Astedt has over $23 Million in online earnings.

Buy in: $2,500
Guarantee: $250,000
Entries: 270
Prize pool: $641,250
ITM: 39 places

Final table payouts

1 Niklas Astedt Sweden $131,564
2 Michael Watson Canada $98,658
3 Diego Coelho Brazil $73,983
4 Sebastian Mueller “flashlight99″” Thailand $55,480
5 Teun Mulder Netherlands $41,604
6 Macadelic Thailand $31,198
7 Felipe Boianovsky “LIsFlower Brazil $23,395
8 Wingkeat Chin miya111″” Malaysia $17,544
9 Philbort Brazil $13,156

APT 3: Phu Quoc Love Island: YIFAN WEI “VISENT” – ₫326,338,942 ($13,869)

Screenshot 20230222 021716

Off the western coast of Vietnam is the island of Phu Quoc. Last year, the APT was the first brand to stage an event in the coastal tourist destination and will be returning again this year from March 24 to April 2. For its third APT Online trophy event, the brand named it Phu Quoc Love Island with a guarantee of ₫2,000,000,000. With 2,689 taking interest, the prize pool rose to ₫2,721,268,000 (~$115,650). Out of the 431 earning a piece, China’s Yifan Wei “visent” emerged as champion for a payout of ₫326,338,942 (~$13,869) and his first APT title. 

Screenshot 20230222 021818

Buy in: ₫2,000,000(~$85)
Guarantee: ₫2,000,000,000 (~$85,000)
Entries: 2,689
Prize pool: ₫2,721,268,000 (~$115,650)
ITM: 431 places

Final table payouts

1 Yifan Wei “visent” China ₫326,338,942 $13,869
2 NOS4A2 Russia ₫244,719,543 $10,400
3 YinalHaolam Israel ₫185,513,935 $7,800
4 Felix Ahlers “mcaflix Germany ₫137,615,820 $5,848
5 DuckDuckGG Poland ₫103,197,379 $4,385
6 Imthenut New Zealand ₫77,387,136 $3,290
7 QQ520520 Taiwan ₫58,032,229 $2,465
8 Roman Serko “SuchAniceGuy” Ukraine ₫43,518,079 $1,850
9 Luckycat810 Vietnam ₫32,633,821 $1,385

APT 4: Da Nang River’s Bounty: BELLATOR DEUS – ₫374,404,940 (~$15,900)

Another new destination for APT in 2022 was Da Nang, located on the eastern coast of Vietnam. This is one of the country’s most popular local hotspots with tourism fast on the rise. APT Online’s fourth trophy event is named after this beach destination. Dutch player Bellator Deus outlasted the 2,141 entries, needing only one bullet to keep his head high. Deus earned ₫190,253,568 and ₫184,151,372 in bounties to collect a GG net high score of ₫374,404,940 (~$15,900).

Screenshot 20230224 014849

Buy in: ₫2,200,000(~$95)
Guarantee: ₫2,500,000,000 (~$106,250)
Entries: 2,141
Prize pool: ₫4,474,690,000 (~$190,170)
ITM: 296 places

Final table payouts

Rank Player Flag Bounty Payout Total
1 Bellator Deus Netherlands ₫184,151,372 ₫190,253,568 ₫374,404,940
2 Stcccc Taiwan ₫57,437,502 ₫189,789,038 ₫247,226,540
3 TexasBully Israel ₫61,679,687 ₫140,522,939 ₫202,202,626
4 Ngoc Anh Tran “AndyPokerV” Vietnam ₫48,315,430 ₫103,918,591 ₫152,234,021
5 mrbt2511 Vietnam ₫42,390,623 ₫76,849,160 ₫119,239,783
6 Ioannis Oikonomidis “DaxTodgerrr” Greece ₫31,945,311 ₫56,831,013 ₫88,776,324
7 Bangdc Sweden ₫16,130,859 ₫42,027,196 ₫58,158,055
8 Polo806 Hong Kong ₫19,296,875 ₫31,079,561 ₫50,376,436
9 WelcomeToChaos Brazil ₫18,218,750 ₫22,983,833 ₫41,202,583

APT 5: Hanoi Enter the Dragon [Bounty 6-Max]: JAZAVAC98 – ₫474,063,689 ($20,147)

Screenshot 20230222 021332

Hanoi Enter the Dragon, a fitting header for one of APT’s most favored Vietnam destinations. Last year, the brand held two events in capital city Hanoi, both events drawing massive crowds. This year, the APT opened its calendar season at the VSOP Hanoi, paying out its largest yet in the country of over $2.6 Million.

The APT Online Hanoi Enter the Dragon was the fifth trophy event. 1,434 hit the virtual felt for a sizable pot of ₫4,495,590,000 (~$191,000). Montenegro’s “jazavac98” shipped it for a ₫474,063,689 (~$20,147) payday. This was the champion’s biggest win on the GG network. The following day, jazavac98 nearly claimed another heavy fielded tournament, though not APT Online, finishing 4th out of 1,122 entries.

Brazil’s “llllllllllllllll” finished fourth but due to the large amount of bounties collected, the total payout was higher than third place finisher Australia’s Malcolm TraynerHappyWhale“. Other notables, Thailand’s Thanisorn Saelor (8th) and Taiwan’s Nevan Yu Chung Chang (9th) just missed the final table. Singapore’s Jack Liew “SharksDonk” ran a deep 19th place to make five stakers happy.

Screenshot 20230222 021603

Buy in: ₫3,300,000 (~$140)
Entries: 1,434
Prize pool: ₫4,495,590,000 (~$191,000)
ITM: 150 places

Final table payouts

Rank Player Flag Bounty Payout Total
1 jazavac98 Montenegro ₫255,622,114 ₫218,441,575 ₫474,063,689
2 wuynhziem Vietnam ₫66,076,172 ₫217,974,932 ₫284,051,104
3 Malcolm Trayner “HappyWhale” New Zealand ₫30,140,624 ₫156,890,674 ₫187,031,298
4 llllllllllllllll Brazil ₫84,070,312 ₫112,803,453 ₫196,873,765
5 Fog and Rain Kazakhstan ₫49,839,844 ₫81,105,155 ₫130,944,999
6 TripleSeven7 Vietnam ₫19,640,625 ₫58,314,211 ₫77,954,836
7 frndlycreature Finland 12,375,000 41,297,686 ₫53,672,686

APT 6: Ho Chi Minh City Cup: GRACINDA1965 – ₫756,955,126 (~$32,170)

The Ho Chi Minh City Cup pays tribute to the many APT visits in the past years. The brand was the first to stage an international series in Ho Chi Minh City formerly known as Saigon that drew a thunderous 664 Main Event entries. It continues to be one of the APT’s annual stops. The next one is on June 2 to 11 , 2023.

Screenshot 20230224 032651

At three handed, the players struck a deal. Belarusian “IAMGROOOT” was awarded ₫854,593,972 for the largest stack, Canada’s Aaron Barone “TennEggGuy” earning ₫799,527,277 for second in chips, and Malta’s “Gracinda1965″ a payout of ₫756,955,126 (~$32,170) for the shortest stack. Gracinda1965 went on to win the trophy. Among the notables running deep was Australian superstar Michael Addamo in 13th place.

Buy in: ₫5,500,000 (~$235)
Entries: 1,592
Prize pool: ₫8,055,520,000 (~$342,350)
ITM: 269 places

Final table payouts

1 Gracinda1965 Malta ₫756,955,126*
2 TennEggGuy Canada ₫799,527,277*
3 IAMGROOOT Belarus ₫854,593,972*
4 Hyeongseok Mun Japan ₫439,722,610
5 Jakovljevic Pudla “Marolo” Brazil ₫329,745,469
6 BeginAgain New Zealand ₫247,274,235
7 WienerBlut2022 Austria ₫185,429,426
8 Zorro11 Russia ₫139,052,432
9 God W China ₫104,274,296

APT 7: Mini Main Event: BARRAKUUDA4 – $70,176

Screenshot 20230222 021045

The Mini Main Event drew 8,505 entries across multiple Day 1 stages with each one stopping at ITM. This saw 919 players advance to the Final Day all of them guaranteed a piece of the $688,564 prize pool. Pulling through was Estonia’s “barrakuuda4” for $70,176. While this win was the champ’s largest GG network score, it pales in comparison to the million dollar payout won at a rival site.

Brief rundown of the final table action, at four-handed barrakuuda4 got lucky with 10c10d spiking the two-outer to avoid elimination against Brazil’s Eder Campana’s JsJc. Barrakuuda4 went on to send Tal Noach to the rails with pocket Jacks dominating pocket Sevens. To close it out, barrakuuda4 out-kicked China’s “974zzzzz” with Ace-Eight over Ace-Seven (pictured above).

Buy in: $88
Guarantee: $500,000
Entries: 8,505
Prize pool: $688,564
ITM: 919 players

Final table payouts

1 barrakuuda4 Estonia $70,176
2 974zzzzz China $52,587
3 Tal Noach UK $39,439
4 Eder Campana Brazil $29,579
5 sarany52 Austria $22,185
6 velaz1 UK $16,641
7 gdosaurus Croatia $12,483
8 Poker trip Belarus $9,365
9 riokhiemton! Vietnam $7,027

APT 8: Metro Manila Million: WUYI WANG “Loris51” – ₱621,854 (~$11,290)

Screenshot 20230224 042212

Metro Manila, Philippines has been the APT’s hub since its inception in 2008 with games held in various locations around the country. Year after year, it is one of the brand’s most popular stops.

For the APT Online’s eighth trophy, it was coined the Metro Manila Million featuring a ₱4 Million guarantee. With a cheap buy in of just ₱2,200 (~$40), it drew 2,562 entries for a richer prize pool of ₱5,185,488 (~$94,135).  

Entering heads up, Saul G0odman was up 38 BB to 15 BB and was interested in a deal however was turned down by China’s Wuyi Wang “Loris51”. The first all in ended on a split pot, the second doubled up Wang with Qh10s spiking the ten to beat KcQs This switched the ranks and a third called shove came down. Saul G0odman won it with pocket Threes sruviving overcards.

The fourth and fifth clashes went to Wang with the fifth one seeing Jd4s land two pair to deny Jh10h (pictured above). This sent Saul G0odman plunging and was out on the next hand. The win was redemption for Wang missing out on a trophy in 2020 at the APT Online Championships Event, where he fell one spot short.

Buy in: ₱2,200 (~$40)
Guarantee: ₱4,000,000 (~$72,610)
Entries: 2,562
Prize pool: ₱5,185,488 (~$94,135)
ITM: 431 places

Final table payouts

1 Wuyi Wang “Loris51” China 621,854
2 Saul G0odman Thailand 466,323
3 CTing1111 Taiwan 349,693
4 glii China 262,232
5 heihei04 China 196,646
6 BB8BB8BB Malaysia 147,464
7 ccbone China 110,582
8 victorylights China 82,925
9 LaProv Russia 62,185


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