APT Philippines II 2019: Yohn Paredes wins the Main Event; Kota Nakano bags two titles & early results

APT Philippines II 2019 has been underway at Resorts World Manila since September 11 and is scheduled to conclude on September 22. For the first time, the event was held at the new Grand Wing of RWM. As promised, more tournament tables and cash tables were provided with both sections filled up nearly everyday. The festival is now well past the halfway mark. The Main Event (PHP 10M guarantee) was captured by Peru’s Yohn Paredes for his first-ever major live victory. 11 side events have also completed. We’ve got all those results for you below.

Main Event – Yohn Paredes (Peru) – PHP 4,369,000 (~US$ 83,700)

Yohn Paredes
Yohn Paredes – Photo APT

Record-breaking numbers at the PHP 55,000 buy-in Main Event with 515 entries. That set a new country record for the series. The prize pool was also one to drool over as it settled at PHP 24,977,500 (~US$ 780,000) to easily crush the guarantee. 52 players earned a piece. Shipping his first-ever major career title was APT regular, Peru’s Yohn Paredes, for a huge payday worth PHP 4,369,000. In the APT news, Paredes expressed,

“I can now retire from poker. I accomplished my poker goal. It’s what I’ve been working towards. I started playing around 5-6 years ago and I’ve done well even if my record isn’t that long. I’ve always felt I could win a big tournament. I’m a completely different player today than I was back then. Back then I was just playing hands and feeling I was getting unlucky but it’s a game, stacks, people, positions, it’s everything that you can think of and it’s always a dynamic that’s changing. I feel fantastic! It’s nuts! It’s been a long journey and I guess bottom line is if I can win, anyone can win.”

Main Event Final 8 recap

After four days of competition, it came down to the final 8 players. For eventual champion Paredes, he brought in the shortest stack of just 17 bbs as compared to the leader Arvhin Malinab with 135 bbs. As the day wore on, Paredes chipped up enough to rail Hubert Spiess (6th). Spiess was the first of four heads Paredes claimed on his road to the summit.

His next victim was Japan’s Tetsuya Enoki (5th), the day’s entering second chip leader. Enoki opened the final table firing aggressive bets however he met his end on a very controversial hand against Paredes. On a completed board Kc6c[8s}10h6d with heavy bets prior, Enoki bet out the river, Paredes jammed, called by Enoki. When the cards were tabled, Paredes showed AdAh and Enoki KsQc.

After the fall of Kosuke Tajima (4th), Paredes proceeded to rail Malinab (3rd) with his nut flush draw improving to top pair on the turn. Despite having claimed three heads, he was still behind Sim Jae Kyung at heads up. The final duel lasted 28 hands. Once Paredes claimed the lead, he closed it out with a higher two pair holding KhJc over Qh8c on a board of Jh8h3h6h}6s with the shoves seen at the flop.

Final 8 payouts
1st Yohn Paredes (Peru) – PHP 4,369,000 (deal made)
2nd Sim Jae Kyung (Korea) – PHP 4,270,000 (deal made)
3rd Arvhin Malinab (Canada) – PHP 2,403,200
4th Kosuke Tajima (Japan) – PHP 1,735,800
5th Tetsuya Enoki (Japan) – PHP 1,298,100
6th Hubert Spiess (France) – PHP 1,001,900
7th Tou Ta Wei (Chinese Taipei) – PHP 795,600
8th Khoo Kah Hock (Malaysia) – PHP 648,200

Notables in the money

Among the notable players in the money were: David Erquiaga 23rd, Lim Yo Hwan (26th), Masato Yokosawa (31st), Thomas Ward (33rd), En Ching Wu (35th), William Ysmael (40th),and Andre Lettau (41st). Two-time APT Philippines 2018 Main Event champion Lester Edoc reached the unofficial final table falling in an impressive 10th place.

Event #5: High Rollers Single Day 1 – Masato Yokosawa – PHP 1,178,900 (~US$ 27,500)

Masato Yokosawa2
Masato Yokosawa – Photo APT

For a buy-in of PHP 86,000 (~US$ 1,600), the High Rollers Single Day 1 event pumped in a powerhouse field of 50 runners. This generated a prize pool worth PHP 3,880,000 (~US$ 74,600) of which only 9 players grabbed a share. The battle for the title came down between India’s Akshay Nasa and Japan’s Masato Yokosawa. Nasa had the edge for nearly the entire final table but was unable to nail it shut. Yokosawa seized the lead and held it with AsJs over Ad10c on a brick board. The final hand arrived immediately after with Yokosawa fully dominating with Ad9d over Nasa’s Kd9c that missed the board.

1st Masato Yokosawa (Japan) – PHP 1,178,900
2nd Akshay Nasa (India) – PHP 786,000
3rd Jae Wook Shin (Korea) – PHP 546,400
4th Lester Edoc (Philippines) – PHP 394,700
5th Phachara Wongwichit (Thailand) – PHP 295,100
6th Charlton Hawes (New Zealand) – PHP 227,800
7th Gab Young Kim (Korea) – PHP 180,900
8th Nobuhito Ogo (Japan) – PHP 147,400
9th Martin Stausholm – PHP 122,800

Event #4 & #10: Kota Nakano wins two PLO titles

Kota Nakano 2
Kota Nakano – Photo APT

Crushing the only two Pot Limit Omaha events was Japan’s Kota Nakano for a combined PHP 516,500 (~US$ 9,800) in winnings. At the PLO Hi-Lo Split, 23 entries signed up at PHP 16,500 (~US$ 320) each for a prize pool of PHP 334,600 (~US$ 6,400). The event paid out 4 places with Nakano shipping PHP 163,700 (~US$ 3,100).

1st Kota Nakano – Japan – PHP 163,700
2nd Takami Kunishima – Japan – PHP 87,800
3rd Ryota Horikoshi – Japan – PHP 51,000
4th Sidney Gilpatrick – USA – PHP 32,100

Six days later, Nakano pocketed a healthier PH P352,800 (~US$ 6,700) after overcoming the 63 entries. Buy-in was PHP 22,000 (US$ 420) for a prize pool worth PHP 1,222,200 (~US$ 23,400). The top 11 places got paid. Nakano was the only player to claim two titles at the series. He also placed 16th at the NLH Single Day 1 event for another PHP 26,100 (~US$ 500) in cash.

1st Kota Nakano (Japan) – PHP 352,800
2nd Xixiang Luo (China) – PHP 235,200
3rd Xiaosheng Zheng (China) – PHP 163,500
4th Jae Chang (Korea) – PHP 118,100
5th Jun Yoshida (Japan) – PHP 88,300
6th Yik “Ray” Yin Chiu (Hong Kong) – PHP 68,200
7th Chen Chih Yen (China) – PHP 54,100
8th Wang Bing (China) – PHP 44,100
9th Andrew Cosico (USA) – PHP 36,700
10th Gerard Bringley (Japan) – PHP 30,600
11th Charles Esteban (Philippines) – PHP 30,600

Event #1: Monster Stack 1 – Jinho Hong (Korea) – PHP 753,400 (~US$ 14,500)

Jinho Hong
Jinho Hong – Photo APT

The festival opener was the two-day Monster Stack 1 event. It was the first event boasting a guarantee worth PHP 2,000,000 (~US$ 38,000). With 176 runners turning up at PHP 27,500 (~US$ 530) each it more than doubled the prize pool to PHP 4,268,000 (~US$ 82,000). Capturing his first-ever live victory was Korea’s Jinho Hong for a pocketful PHP 753,400.

Final 8 payouts
1st Jinho Hong (Korea) – PHP 753,400 (ICM deal)
2nd Richard Nakila (Philippines) – PHP 675,300 (ICM deal)
3rd Yuta Izumi (Japan) – PHP 619,500 (ICM deal)
4th Won Hee Lee (Korea) – PHP 321,900
5th Yoo Gyeong Tae (Korea) – PHP 240,800
6th Thomas Lee (Canada) – PHP 185,800
7th Roozbeh Namvarasi (Iran) – PHP 147,600
8th Tou Ta Wei (Chinese Taipei) – PHP 120,200

Other Events

Event #3: Head Hunter – Chi Chung Ho (Hong Kong SAR) – PHP 385,500 (~US$ 7,400)

Buy-in: PHP 19,800 (~US$ 380)
Entries: 137
Prize pool: PHP 1,844,000 (~US$ 35,400)
ITM: 23 places

Event #6: NLH Single Day Event 1 – Linh Nguyen Dieu Phuong (Vietnam) – PHP 432,00 (~US$ 8,300)

Buy-in: PHP 16,500 (~US$ 320)
Entries: 121
Prize pool: PHP 1,760,500 (~US$ 33,800)
ITM: 21 places

Event #7: No Limit Hold’em 1 – Dilip Menon (India) – PHP 616,000 (~US$ 11,800)

Buy-in: PHP 19,800 (~US$ 380)
Entries: 150
Prize pool: PHP 2,619,000 (~US$ 50,000)
ITM: 25 places

Event #8: High Rollers 2 – Yin Momo (China) – PHP 2,081,400 (~US$ 33,500)

Buy-in: PHP 107,500 (~US$ 2,100)
Entries: 79
Prize pool: PHP 7,663,000 (~US$ 147,000)
ITM: 14 places

Event #9: Short Deck – Seongsu Kong (Korea) – PHP 263,100 (~US$ 5,000)

Buy-in: PHP 19,800 (~US$ 380)
Entries: 48
Prize pool: PHP 838,100
ITM: 8 places

Event #11: High Rollers Single Day 2 – Martin Stausholm (Denmark) – PHP 1,259,400 (~US$ 24,100)

Buy-in: PHP 86,100 (~US$ 1,700)
Entries: 67
Prize pool: PHP 5,199,200 (!US$ 99,600)
ITM: 12 places

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