APT Online Series 2nd Edition: Pete Chen wins Championships Event & Player of the Series; Final stats and results

Land-based operator Asian Poker Tour wrapped up its second ever online series on Natural8 – GG Network and it was nothing short of a smasher. Running from June 14 to 28, the APT online Series 2nd Edition delivered on its eight figure promise, paying out a tour record $ 10.9 million across 234 events. With the help of a flourishing online scene, players from around the world joined the action resulting in many first time APT winners.

At the close, it was tour regular / Natural8 Team Hot Ambassador Yen Han Chen “TurboPete” who finished with the highest honors. Other big winners were Main Event champion “EL BEANjo” and Super HIgh Roller winner “brynkenneyAA”. Claiming the last featured events were Lester Edoc “mon$terDad” and Indonesia’s “Shining”. Regarding multi winners, a couple of players bagged three events while a whopping 18 players won two. We have plenty of stats and results shared below.

Festival numbers

Of the six highlighted events, the biggest guarantees were at the tour’s most celebrated tournaments, the Main Event and Championships Event, each one boasting of a $ 1M prize pool. Both events drew record turnouts; the $ 500 buy in Main Event was most popular at 1,985 entries whereas the $ 800 buy in Championships Event drew 1,352. Of the two, it was the latter that surged beyond the guarantee setting yet another record for this event. Tallying up all the games, the series paid out a grand prize pool of $ 10,907,771.40, to confidently declare it to be the richest APT festival in history.

Main Event: 1,985 entries
Championships Event: 1,352 entries
Largest event prize pool: Championships Event – $ 1,026,760
Single largest event payout: Main Event – $ 144,352.56

TurboPete wins Championships Event & APT Player of the Series

Prior to closing out one of the most coveted tournaments of the series, Pete Yen Han Chen “TurboPete”, was already a force to reckon with. The opening half of the series witnessed him reach 9 final tables which included four runner-up finishes and one victory at Event 86 High Roller Deep Stack. The second half was just as decorated with another 9 final table appearances including a major victory at the featured Championships Event.

CHAMPIONSHIPS EVENT – Pete Yen Han Chen “TurboPete” – $ 113,844.25

Pete Yen Han Chen “TurboPete”
Pete Yen Han Chen “TurboPete” – Photo APT

Over four days and 18 flights, the featured Championships Event collected 1,352 entries with 302 qualifying to the final day. After the bubble burst, a long list of notable players busted before reaching the final table. Among them were Vincent Kwun Nai Li “Peleus34” (21st), Chi Jen Chu “PetitFoxx” (43rd), Thai Ha (54th), Zhao Wei “Beishadezhu2” (55th), Ho Bao Qiang “Yummers19” (74th), Kristen Bicknell (102nd), and defending champion Michael Kim Falcon “DirtyDuck” (107th).

Once the final table was formed, TurboPete was one of only two Asians remaining. At the top was Canada’s SpicyChknSangy. After the fall of six players which included AiDzZz (4th), Japan’s last hope, a deal was struck to ensure each of the final three players a six figure payout. Player “SpicyChknSangy” was still way ahead in chips for the biggest cut.

When action resumed, TurboPete seesawed, first landing a monster double up off the leader with a straight over top pair then quickly stumbled on a lower two pair. TurboPete recovered by emptying out Donsky10 in 3rd place to face SpicyChknSangy for the title. The defining hand arrived when TurboPete held a dominating full house over SpicyChknSangy’s trips. From there, TurboPete went on to ship the rest.


Buy in: $ 800
Dates: June 25 to 28
Guarantee: $ 1,000,000
Total Entries: 1,352
Prize Pool: $ 1,026.760
Final Day qualifiers: 302
ITM: 188 places

Final table payouts

1st Yen Han Chen “TurboPete” – $ 113,844.25 (deal)
2nd SpicyChknSangy – $ 139,015.79 (deal)
3rd Donsky10 – $ 107,449.10 (deal)
4th AiDzZz – $ 60,740.27
5th Chainsaw – $ 44,079.08
6th BoldandBankrupt – $ 31,988.24
7th LiteProfit – $ 23,213.79
8th ToulliePuhao – $ 16,846.30
9th miguelangelbostero64 – $ 12,225.39

TurboPete is the only player to have won two major APT online events. At the inaugural series in May, he triumphed over the 1,299 entries of the $ 200 buy in Mini Main Event for a $ 40K payout.

For those unfamiliar with the APT, at every festival the tour awards the Player of the Series title. It was no surprise to see TurboPete win the race given his long list of deep runs. Ultimately he accrued 7,126.95 points to take home the mother lode of prizes: APT POS Ring, 2,400 Natural8 T$, and a ticket to APT Finale Championships Event. Finishing 2nd was China’s Zhao Wei “Beishadezhu2” with 5,059.53 points and in third was Japan’s “propofol-san” with 4,819.01 points. All three were Natural8 players.

MAIN EVENT – EL BEANjo – $ 144,352.56

Mid-way through the series brought on the featured $ 1,000,000 guaranteed Main Event. This wasn’t the first time a guarantee of this size was extended for an APT Main Event however it has been more than a decade since it has happened.

Over four days and 14 flights, the Main Event drew 1,985 entries with 463 qualifying to the final day. Entering the final table, four players represented the Asia-Pacific region – New Zealand’s Horologist and putipupu, Malaysia’s In$ight, and Singapore’s Mjfx – however all four were the first to fall leaving it up to a couple of Europeans M.Tsigalko and kidpoker82 up and Canadians EL BEANjo and Transurfing to battle for the title. EL BEANjo eventually came out victorious, pocketing $ 144,352.56 on a three way deal which turned out to be the single largest payout of the series.


Buy in: $ 500
Date: June 18 to 21
Guarantee: $ 1,000,000
Entries: 1,985
Prize pool: $ 1,000,000
Final Day qualifiers: 463
ITM: 278 places

Final table payouts

1st EL BEANjo – $ 144,352.56 (deal)
2nd M.Tsigalko – $ 106,238.41 (deal)
3rd kidpoker82 – $ 90,158.49 (deal)
4th Transurfing – $ 56,970.61
5th Alors Peut-Etre – $ 41,343.54
6th Mjfx – $ 30,002.93
7th putipupu – $ 21,773.08
8th In$ight – $ 15,800.69
9th Horologist – $ 11,466.57

Super High Roller – brynkenneyAA – $ 116,904.27


The featured Super High Roller also pulled in a record turnout for the APT with 108 ponying up the $ 5,000 buy in. This more than surpassed the $ 300K guarantee for a final pot amounting to $ 513,000. UK’s brynkenneyAA shipped it for $ 116,904.27, the only six figure payout of the tournament. brynkenney denied the hot running Asian, Zhao Wei “Beishadezhu2”, the title, killing his fire in 2nd place. Still, it was a huge payday for Beishadezhu2, pocketing $ 88,025.38, his largest at the series. A few recognizable famed players also reached the final table namely Sam Greenwood (3rd), Daniel Dvoress (4th), Almedin Imsirovic (7th), and Michal Watson (8th).

Buy in: $ 5,000
Date: June 21
Guarantee: $ 300,000
Entries: 108
Prize pool: $ 513,000
ITM: 15 places

Final table payouts

1st brynkenneyAA – $ 116,904.27
2nd Beishadezhu2 – $ 88,025.38
3rd Sam Greenwood – $ 66,280.49
4th Daniel Dvoress – $ 49,907.22
5th HansNeverLose – $ 37,578.63
6th CowBaby – $ 28,295.55
7th Almedin Imsirovic – $ 21,305.71
8th Michael Watson – $ 16,042.56
9th RiceCracker2020 – $ 14,150.43

Short Deck Championships – Lester Edoc “mon$terDad” – $ 11,089.38

Lester Edoc “mon$terDad”
Lester Edoc “mon$terDad”

We recently reported on Lester Edoc “mon$terDad” who had been tearing up the Natural8 online scene since the start of the pandemic. mon$terDad got close to a WSOPC ring finishing 4th at the BIG 500 for nearly $ 160K. Two weeks ago, he claimed his largest known career score at the Natural8’s High Roller MILLION$ for a take of $ 285.6K. This momentum carried on to the APT series where he bagged two events. The first one was at Event 59 High Roller Turbo for $ 11.3K then closed out the series with a win at the featured Short Deck Championships, overcoming 143 runners for $ 11,089.38.

Buy in: $ 400
Date: June 28
Guarantee: $ 30,000
Entries: 143
Prize pool: $ 53,768
ITM: 20 places

Final table payouts

1st Lester Edoc “mon$terDad” – $ 11,089.38
2nd BigBallsButcher – $ 8,451.43
3rd cnbmb – $ 6,441.03
4th DEJSKRABER – $ 4,908.86
5th propofol-san – $ 3,741.15
6th Thai Ha – $ 2,851.22
7th shorta222 – $ 2,172.98
8th shella0703 – $ 1,656.08
9th Paul Teoh “Dingzhu88” – $ 1,262.14

Pot Limit Omaha Championships – Shining – $ 16,102.16

Considerably the longest event of the series was the featured Pot Limit Omaha Championships running for nearly 11 hours. With 221 contributing the $ 400 buy in, it resulted in a much bulkier prize pool of $ 83,096 of which 31 earned a cut. Closing it out was Indonesian player “Shining” for $ 16,102.16.

Buy in: $ 400
Date: June 28
Guarantee: $ 40,000
Entries: 221
Prize pool: $ 83,096
ITM: 31 places

Final table payouts

1st Shining – $ 16,102.16
2nd kid1591 – $ 12,029.79
3rd shinerrr – $ 8,987.49
4th Fiddlesticks – $ 6,714.58
5th juanson – $ 5,016.49
6th Candylicious7 – $ 3,747.83
7th NocturnalSagitario – $ 2,800.01
8th mrs doka – $ 2,091.90
9th biebbwo – $ 1,562.86

Other results

In addition to the featured events were 228 side games with buy ins for as low as $ 10 to the largest of $ 1,000. Among these games, Event 1 Opening Event paid out the most with its $ 500K guarantee however it didn’t complete due to a system interruption. Players still got paid but no winner was crowned. The next richest side events were Event 80 and Event 187. Both were multi day Monster Stack events that guaranteed $ 250K. The bigger field was a record 412 entries with Japan’s FRD01 shipping it for $ 39,48.13.

Among the single day events, Event 115 High Roller Deep Stack built up the biggest pot of $ 125,400. Buy in was $ 500 seeing 264 entries. Estonia’s PidrPan eliminated China’s tigergold358 in 2nd place to deserve the $ 23,794.44 first prize. For the Progressive Bounty games, it was Event 227 drawing the largest pot of $ 55,800 with 279 paying the $ 210 buy in. Canada’s McDavid97 topped it for $ 15,941.99. And under the low buy in games, Event 32 Micro Daily Kick Off drew the largest single day field of 543 entries. GGPoker pro player ElBiastoPoker won it turning a $ 10 buy in into $ 880.90.

Another impressive statistic was the number of multi winners. 18 players won two events which included TurboPete, mon$terDad, and Beishadezhu2 while two players – Hong Kong’s “canbo” and Japan’s “propofol-san” won three events each.

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