APT Korea Incheon: Tsang Hang ships the Main Event; Pete Chen & Hung Sheng Lin among early winners

Several events ran simultaneously in Asia early this month. In Korea was the Asian Poker Tour’s seventh festival of the season dubbed as APT Korea Incheon 2019. The event is still ongoing at Paradise City Casino located within the Incheon International Airport complex. It has been running since August 3 and is scheduled to conclude on August 14. This is the tour’s third annual visit to Incheon.

Last night the Main Event wrapped up with Tsang Dicky Siu Hang shipping his career first-ever live tournament title. We’ve got that recap for you below along with early side event results.

Featured: KRW 1,320,000 Main Event Tsang Dicky Siu Hang

Tsang Dicky Siu Hang
Tsang Dicky Siu Hang

The most sought after tournament was none other than the Main Event which ran from August 4 to 8. A healthy 236 entered for a guarantee smashing prize pool worth KRW 274,704,000 (~US$ 226,300). This became the largest APT Main Event produced in Incheon with the previous years attracting 192 (2018) and 185 (2017).

Bringing home the coveted title was Hong Kong’s Tsang Dicky Siu Hang. Tsang has only been posting live circuit achievements since late last year, making this a very special win. This was his first-ever major live title and also his largest live score of KRW 59,485,000 (~US$ 49,300).

The event paid out 24 places however due to a double bust at the bubble round, two players split the 24th place cash – Xixiang Luo and Diana Koszegi. Favored to win the event was Japanese player Haruta Koichi who topped both Day 2 and Day 3 to hail in the final 8 round with an overwhelming chip lead. Haruta drove his stack to heads up and faced Tsang who at that point had the larger stack. Tsang Hung on to his advantage to capture the win.

In addition, Tsang also won the Dafabet APT Survivor promo for becoming the last man standing wearing the Dafabet patch. He was awarded a Main Event seat to APT Philippines 2019 taking place in September.

Final 8 payouts

1st Tsand Dicky Siu Hang – Hong Kong – KRW 59,485,000 (deal made)
2nd Haruta Koichi – Japan – KRW 52,420,000 (deal made)
3rd Eduard Pak – Russia – KRW 31,118,000
4th Akira Hashimoto – Japan – KRW 22,476,000
5th Tsai Du Ming – Taiwan – KRW 16,809,000
6th Graeme Siow – Singapore – KRW 12,973,000
7th Ryo Daicho – Japan – KRW 10,302,000
8th Kunimaro Kojo – Japan – KRW 8,393,000

Event #8: Super High Rollers – Pete Yen Han Chen

Pete Yen Han Chen
Pete Yen Han Chen – Photo APT

The festival offered a KRW 5,300,000 (~USD 4,400) buy-in Super High Rollers event. This was significantly lower than last year’s KRW 16M buy-in. It attracted a powerhouse pool of 21 entries that included APT decorated champions Guo Dong and Chen Dong. In the end it was Taiwan’s Pete Yen Han Chen who went the distance defeating Hong Kong’s Vincent Li at heads up. Chen banked the lion’s share KRW 49,818,000 (~USD 41,200) out of the KRW 101,850,000 (~USD 84,300) prize pool.


1st Pete Yen Han Chen – Taiwan – KRW 49,818,000
2nd Vincent Li – Hong Kong – KRW 26,722,000
3rd Nozomu Shimizu – Japan – KRW 15,529,000
4th Kengo Sakurai – Japan – KRW 9,781,000

Event #1: KRW 550,000 Monster Stack 1 – Hung Sheng Lin

Hung Sheng Lin
Hung Sheng Lin – Photo APT

The series opened with one of their most popular events, the Monster Stack tournament. This was the first of two scheduled. 79 players signed up for a prize pool of KRW 38,315,000 (~US$ 31,600) prize pool. 14 places shaved a respective cut. Among them were APT decorated champions Tetsuya Tsuchikawa and Na Young Kim however it was Taiwanese pro Hung Sheng Lin who shipped the big kahuna KRW 10,407,000 (~US$ 8,600) for his victory.

Final 8 payouts

1st Hung Sheng Lin – Taiwan – KRW 10,407,000
2nd Takahisa Watanabe – Japan – KRW 6,938,000
3rd Ryuki Tazaki – Japan – KRW 4,823,000
4th Tetsuya Tsuchikawa – Japan – KRW 3,484,000
5th Eun Yul Yee – Germany – KRW 2,605,000
6th Na Young Kim – Korea – KRW 2,011,000
7th Joseph Cona – New Caledonia – KRW 1,597,000
8th Edward Yam Chun Ho – Hong Kong – KRW 1,301,000

Event #2: KRW 3,200,000 High Rollers #1 – Haruta Koichi

Koichi Haruta
Haruta Koichi – Photo APT

Another event shared the opening day space, the High Rollers #1 attracting one table of 8 players. The event prize pool came to KRW 23,280,000 (~US$ 19,200) split between the top two spots. Haruta Koichi overcame the tough competition at heads up, defeating seasoned pro Iori Yogo. Haruta earned the larger piece of the pie worth KRW 16,296,000 (~US$ 13,400) while Yogo pocketed double his buy-in of KRW 6,984,000 (US$ 5,800). This was Haruta’s first APT victory. He is running hot at the series adding a Main Event runner-up finish to his winnings.

Other events

Event #3: KRW 550,000 Dafabet Head Hunter – Miki Kobayashi
Entries: 74
Prize pool: KRW 28,490,000 (~US$ 23,500)
Winner: Miki Kobayashi (Japan) – KRW 3,000,000 (~US$ 2,500)

Event #4: KRW 330,000 Pot Limit Omaha Hi 1 – Joseph Cona
Entries: 23
Prize pool: KRW 6,693,000 (~US$ 5,500)
Winner: Joseph Cona (New Caledonia) – KRW 3,274,000 (~US$ 2,700)

Event #5: KRW 2,150,000 High Rollers Single Day 1 – Roman Ro
Entries: 21
Prize pool: KRW 40,740,000 (~US$ 33,700)
Winner: Roman Ro (Russia) – KRW 19,928,000 (~US$ 16,500)

Event #6: KRW 440,000 NLH Single Day 1 – Tam Hoi Wai
Entries: 54
Prize pool: KRW 20,952,000 (~US$ 17,300)
Winner: Tam Hoi Wai (Hong Kong) – KRW 6,366,000 (~US$ 5,200)

Event #7: KRW 550,000 – No Limit Hold’em 1 – Chung Ming Sang
Entries: 75
Prize pool: KRW 36,375,000 (~US$ 30,000)
Winner: Chung Ming Sang (Hong Kong) – KRW 10,077,000 (~US$ 8,900)

Event #9: KRW 440,000 – Short Deck – Hirotsugu Ueno
Entries: 61
Prize pool: KRW 23,668,000 (~USD 19,600)
Winner: Hirotsugu Ueno (Japan) – KRW 6,831,000 (~USD 5,600)

Event #11: KRW 2,150,000 Short Deck High Rollers Single Day – Xiaoyin He
Entries: 6
Prize pool: KRW 11,640,000 (~USD 9,600)
Winner: Xiaoyin He (China) – KRW 11,640,000 (~USD 9,600)

APT events extended another two years in Korea

Dom Choi and Lloyd Fontillas

During the Main Event, the Asian Poker Tour and Geutebruck Korea Inc. announced an extension in their partnership that would see another two years of APT events in Korea. Geutebruck Korea Inc runs the poker rooms at Paradise City Casino in Incheon and Paradise Casino Walkerhill in Seoul. The APT has been hosting events in Incheon for the past two years. The ongoing festival is their third installment. Last year, the tour added Seoul to their list with the second installment having concluded in early June this year.

Somuchpoker will continue to track the action in Incheon and bring you all the results as soon as it becomes available. The second featured event – the Championships Event – kicked off on Friday, August 9. The event comes with a KRW 200,000,000 (~US$ 170.000) guarantee. Buy-in is KRW 1,980,000 (~US$ 1,700).

There are two starting days to enter with late registration open until the first hour of Day 2.

For all the information, just head to the link below.

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