APT Game of Champions: An exclusive battle of APT 2017 title-holders

Every December, the Asian Poker Tour offers big rewards recognizing the top players in its circuit for the calendar year. The most popular avenue they’ve done this is through the APT Player of the Year race.

This year, in addition to the APT POY, another exciting player incentive program was introduced, the APT Game of Champions. This upcoming event is an exclusive tournament that may well be the APT’s most generous offering to its players with US$10,000 added to the prize pool.


APT’s Executive Tournament Director, Lloyd Fontillas expressed,

“What better way to award US$10,000? Every year we always think of innovative ways to give back to our players for supporting the APT.  So, the APT Game of Champions is the last piece to our player incentive program to complete 2017. This event is made to bring together the best of the best of 2017. I am pretty sure that everyone that has qualified is pretty excited to take part in this prestigious event and the player that wins this title will bragging about it for many years to come!”

APT Game of Champions mechanics

The APT GOC is an invitational freezeout tournament exclusively for all the trophy winners of the 2017 calendar year. The list was immediately activated with a qualifying berth given to the APT POY 2016 champion and all of the APT Regional POY 2016 winners.

As the year progressed, the list of qualifiers grew with every APT trophy winner added in, including the runner-ups of all APT Main Events and APT Championships. Also qualifying were the top three winners of each APT Player of Series race. The APT POS is another player reward system added to the mix of perks this year.

After 10 APT events held this year, there are now 151 players that have qualified into the APT Game of Champions.

More trophies equals a bigger stack

More Trophies = bigger stack
More Trophies = bigger stack

One major element that makes the APT GOC very unique is the distribution of the starting chips. Every qualifier / trophy winner will receive a 25,000 starting stack however for those that have qualified more than once will receive an additional 5,000 chips for each of those extra qualifying berths.

APT GOC entry and added prize distribution

Buy-in to enter the APT GOC is HK$4,400 with one optional add-on of HK$1,500 giving players an extra 25,000 chip boost. While the prize pool is reflective of the number of entries, the US$10,000 added cash will only be awarded to the top three finishers, distributed as 50%, 30%, and 20%.

The APT Game of Champions will open the APT Finale Macau Championships festivities on November 29, 2017 at the Macau Billionaire Poker in the Babylon Casino.