April Fool’s Day – Don’t Prank your friends, bluff at the table instead

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April Fool’s day is all about making friends feel a little humble by playing pranks or out right bluffing to them. Poker lovers, are no strangers to making someone feel ‘schooled’ by bluffing effectively. In 2022, UPoker is giving you a reason to bluff more than ever, in the UPoker mobile poker application.

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From 30th March onwards, UPoker players who have posted their ‘best-bluffs’ on social media will stand a chance to win a premium UPoker Signature Hoodie. The designers have made this particular merchandise the poker-gear of champions. 

How does one post their best bluff? Sharing your poker hands will never get easier than it does in UPoker. With three simple steps, players are able to get a video of the hand playback they’d like to share, put the video on Facebook and write a caption for the post.  (the picture below illustrates the three easy steps)

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So, you keep bluffing and sharing your hand-playback videos and you are sure to win a hoodie? Wait!  There’s a catch. The hoodies are precious that only a limited number of units are up for grab. The UPoker Signature Hoodie, that was just recently launched by UPoker Shop is of the highest quality cotton-polyester fusion that comes in stark-black. .The intricate design detailing and sporty thumb-hole sleeves helps anyone wearing it achieve a slim-sleek look.

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To participate, you’d need to be a UPoker player first and foremost. So, if you aren’t a UPoker player, get the game in your mobile device or PC today. The UPoker online mobile poker application is compatible with all devices from Androis, iOS, to Windows. You could even download the apk-file directly from UPoker’s official website if your device does not have Applestore or Google Playstore.

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We understand, it is often a risk to bluff. However, with what is at risk for April Fool’s Week in 2022, it is a risk not to bluff. Bluff more, share more and make sure you are one of the lucky few who are able to to adorn the best possible hoodie designed with you, the poker player in mind. Follow the #mypokerbluff hashtag on Facebook to keep yourself updated on the entries.


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