APPT Open Manila: Henrik Tollefsen triumphs Main Event; Outstanding series for Japan’s Ken Okada; Lee, Inocentes, Edoc, and Miyamoto among winners; Festival results inside

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Photo Credit – PokerStars LIVE Asia

Live action is back and running in one of the most popular tournament poker stops throughout the region with PokerStars LIVE Asia having recently concluded its fourth event of the year in the Philippine capital. The Asia Pacific Poker Tour Manila Open ran from May 30 through June 5, 2022 at Okada Manila featuring a total of 18 events across the week-long schedule. The Php 12 million (~US$ 227K) guaranteed Main Event was the crowning jewel of the festival where Norway’s Henrik Tollefsen emerged victorious after three days of grueling play. International runners from South Korea and Japan likewise found their journey to the country a highly profitable one, having captured five PokerStars titles each. Scroll down for the festival results listed below.

APPT Open Manila Main Event: Henrik Tollefsen – Php 3,215,900 (~US$ 60,850)

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Photo Credit – PokerStars LIVE Asia

The highlighting APPT Main Event proved to be a smashing success having attracted 464 entrants across two starting flights to easily surpass the initial guarantee and generated a substantial Php 16,102,880 (~US$ 304,300) prize pool. Players representing 28 different countries battled it out for a spot on the final day but it was Italy’s Giuseppe Biasella who led the pack once the final table was set. Local stars Christoper Mateo, Czar Ian Marcos, and lone bracelet winner Mike Takayama were among the final contenders looking to win. The highly decorated final table also included Japan’s Ken Okada and John Matsuda, South Korea’s Bonil Koo, and Thomas Lee from Singapore. However after five levels of gameplay, it was Norwegian pro Henrik Tollefsen who emerged victorious to capture the Php 3,215,900 (~US$ 60,850) top prize and his fifth PokerStars title to date.

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APPT Open Manila Main Event Final Table, Photo Credit – PokerStars LIVE Asia

With a few short stacks to start the final day, it took less than ten minutes before the first casualty of the final table was seen. Thomas Lee, facing a raise from chip leader Biasella, jammed his 11 big blinds in with AhQs for a flip against the Italian’s 10d10s. Lee flopped top pair but was instantly drawing dead when the turn gave Biasella a straight, leaving Lee out in 9th place. It seemed pocket pairs were holding up pretty well when Matsuda exited shortly after in similar fashion. In early position, Matsuda open shoved his 11 big blind stack with AhQc only to be called by Koo on the button with 8d8s. The flop 8h7sQh was brutal for the Japanese and with no miracle on a runner runner, Matsuda finished in 8th. 

Over an hour in, seven players were left on the battlefield with Biasella and Tollefsen carrying the biggest stacks on the table while leaving the rest to wait each other out for a pay jump. While short-stacked Takayama managed to triple up his 1.5 big blind stack, it was Koo who was in a rough spot having engaged in an all-in battle against Tollefsen just two hands later. From the big blind, Koo decided to three-bet then five-bet shove his 30 big blind stack with AdQh, easily crushed by Tollefsen’s AhAc. The board ran 3sJs4d2cKs and Koo was left to settle for a 7th place finish, and Tollefsen with the chip lead of nearly a hundred big blinds. Not long after, Okada followed suit having ran Ad9h against Marcos’ premium KdKc in a big blind vs button battle. An Ace on the flop gave Okada the lead but the two-outered King on the river sent him to the rails in 6th place. 

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Giuseppe Biasella, Photo Credit – PokerStars LIVE Asia

Five-handed play lasted over another two hours with Marcos successfully getting a double up twice from Biasella with his hands fairly holding up. However on their third clash, Marcos found himself on the losing end of a terrible bad beat, costing him his tournament life. Aggressive Biasella on the button, open-jammed with Ad4c covering both Mateo and Marcos on the blinds. Peeling his cards, Marcos quickly found the call with KdKc and the board ran 2dAc5c4d10h, ending his chance at a trophy. 

By the second break, Tollefsen once again carried the lead having won a huge flip against Takayama right before the next level hit. His run would continue on to eliminate Biasella who re-jammed his 15 big blind stack against Tollefsen’s open with Ah7h. Dominated by the Norwegian’s AdJs and no help from the board, Biasella claimed the first seven-figure score of the day.

Ramping up the aggression even moreso, Tollefsen’s run good wouldn’t stop there as he picked up yet again pocket rockets. A limp from the small blind, Mateo checked his big blind and saw a flop of Ad2sJd. Tollefsen led out a one big blind bet and was raised by Mateo right behind. With a call, the turn revealed 4h and Tollefsen checked his action. Mateo fired a hefty bet and Tollefsen answered with an all-in. Having found a call with As8d, Mateo realized the trap and heartbreakingly exited in third. 

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Christopher Mateo, Photo Credit – PokerStars LIVE Asia

Holding a massive chip advantage by heads up play, Tollefsen quickly eliminated Takayama in a single-hand duel for the lion’s share of the prize pool and another triumphant run in the city of Manila. Philippine pro Takayama, who managed to climb five pay jumps, claimed Php 1,964,600 in winnings for his impressive runner-up finish.

Dates: June 2-5, 2022
Buy in: Php 40,000 (~US$ 756)
Guarantee: Php 12,000,000 (~US$ 227,060)
Entries: 464
Prize pool: Php 16,102,880 (~US$ 304,300)
ITM: 63 places

Final Table Results
1st: Henrik Tollefsen (Norway) – ₱3,215,900 
2nd: Mike Takayama (Philippines) – ₱1,964,600 
3rd: Christopher Mateo (Philippines) – ₱1,409,000 
4th: Giuseppe Biasella (Italy) – ₱1,119,200 
5th: Czarian Ian Marcos (Philippines) – ₱877,600 
6th: Ken Okada (Japan) – ₱687,600 
7th: Bonil Koo (South Korea) – ₱516,880 
8th: John Matsuda (Japan) – ₱367,000 
9th: Thomas Lee (Canada) – ₱293,000

Outstanding series for Japan’s Ken Okada

Ken Okada, Photo Credit – PokerStars LIVE Asia

Among the five players hailing from Japan who managed to capture PokerStars titles in this series, it was Ken Okada’s performance throughout the festival that deserves some recognition. Making four final table appearances including a sixth place finish in the Main Event, Okada finally clinched a trophy on his third try. The ₱15,000 NLH Hyper Turbo awarded Okada the Php 156,800 (~US$ 2,967) top payout after defeating fellow Japanese Hironori Yamada in heads up play.

Dates: June 2, 2022
Buy in: Php 15,000 (~US$ 283)
Entries: 36
Prize pool: Php 460,944 (~US$ 8,721)
ITM: 6 places
Winner: Ken Okada (Japan) – ₱156,800 

For his week’s run, Okada bagged a combined Php 1,250,200 (~US 23,655) in prizes and a second PokerStars title under his belt.

₱10K NLH Turbo: 4th – ₱26,100 
APPT Open National: 27th – ₱51,400
High Roller One Day: 3rd – ₱328,300
₱15K NLH Hyper Turbo: 1st – ₱156,800
APPT Open Main Event: 6th – ₱687,600

Other Winners

APPT Open Manila Kickoff: Jungkyu Lee – Php 707,000 (~US$ 13,377)

Jungkyu Lee, Photo Credit – PokerStars LIVE Asia

Dates: May 30-31, 2022
Buy in: Php 15,000 (~US$ 283)
Guarantee: Php 2,000,000 (~US$ 37,843)
Entries: 280
Prize pool: Php 3,585,120 (~US$ 67,836)
ITM: 41 places

Final Table Results
1st: Jungkyu Lee (South Korea) – ₱707,000 
2nd: John Matsuda (Japan) – ₱467,000 
3rd: Oleg Mordassov (Switzerland) – ₱345,000 
4th: Kim Michael Enriquez (Philippines – ₱277,000 
5th: Kenji Hata (Japan) – ₱218,000 
6th: Takumi Okayasu (Japan) – ₱165,000 
7th: Darren Yu (Philippines) – ₱122,000 
8th: Vincent Sin (Singapore) – ₱89,000 
9th: Ola Danilo (Philippines) – ₱73,120

APPT Open Manila National NLH: Alvir Inocentes – Php 1,260,000 (~$23,990)

Alvir Inocentes, Photo Credit – PokerStars LIVE Asia

Dates: May 31 – June 2, 2022
Buy in: Php 20,000 (~US$ 378)
Guarantee: Php 3,000,000 (~US$ 56,765)
Entries: 372
Prize pool: Php 6,696,000 (~US$ 126,700)
ITM: 55 places

Final Table Results
1st: Alvir Inocentes (Philippines) – ₱1,260,000
2nd: Kiril Gelev (Canada) – ₱798,000
3rd: Masakazu Miyamoto (Japan) – ₱577,000
4th: Bruno Mata (Brazil) – ₱467,000
5th: Federick Cruz (Philippines) – ₱369,000
6th: Ivan Tabucal (Philippines) – ₱284,000
7th Terry Gonzaga (Philippines) – ₱211,000
8th: Florencio Campomanes (Philippines) – ₱153,000
9th: Takayoshi Machida (Japan) – ₱124,220

APPT Open Manila High Roller NLH: Lester Edoc – Php 807,600 (~US$ 15,281)

Lester Edoc, Photo Credit – PokerStars LIVE Asia

Dates: June 2-3, 2022
Buy in: Php 150,000 (~US$ 2,838)
Entries: 12
Prize pool: Php 1,615,050 (~US$ 30,560)
ITM: 3 places

Full Payouts
1st: Lester Edoc (Philippines) – ₱807,600
2nd: Motoyoshi Okamura (Japan) – ₱484,450
3rd: Florencio Campomanes (Philippines) – ₱323,000

APPT Open Manila Mini Main Event: Masakazu Miyamoto – Php 370,000 (~US$ 7,001)

Masakazu Miyamoto, Photo Credit – PokerStars LIVE Asia

Dates: June 4, 2022
Buy in: Php 10,000 (~US$ 189)
Entries: 205
Prize pool: Php 1,749,880 (~US$ 33,060)
ITM: 31 places

Final Table Results
1st: Masakazu Miyamoto (Japan) – ₱370,000 
2nd: Joseroy Jeremias Jr (Philippines) – ₱249,000 
3rd: Jangmi Shin (South Korea) – ₱175,000 
4th David Jansen Erquiaga (Philippines) – ₱142,500 
5th Hiroaki Yamada (Japan) – ₱112,700 
6th: John Philip Baider (Philippines) – ₱85,600 
7th: Nao Yoshida (Japan) – ₱62,500 
8th: Jimmy Valle Philippines – ₱45,700 
9th: Kentaro Hayashi (Japan) – ₱37,880

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