APL Vietnam Da Nang 2019 Main Event : Live Updates

6:55PM: Congratulations to Nguyen Minh Tuan – VND 2,026,500,000 (~US$ 87,400)

ENZ 5711

Nguyen Minh Tuan entered the final day as the lone Vietnamese player holding up the flag and after 6.5 hours, he closed it out to capture the inaugural APL Da Nang Main Event title and the VND 2,026,500,000 (~US$ 87,400) firs prize. Congratulations to the champion!

6:50PM: Liu Jian falls in 2nd place – VND 1,383,400,000 (~US$ 59,700)
Level 29: Blinds 40k – 80k ante 80k

ENZ 5684

On the eighth hand of heads up, Nguyen Minh Tuan shipped it all! He opened to 240k, Liu Jian three-bet to 850k, Nguyen called. On the flop Kd9c8d, Jian bet 650k, Nguyen called. On the turn 2h, Jian fired two stacks of blues amounting to 1M, and Nguyen called. On the river 10s, Jian slowed to a check, Nguyen shoved, Jian risked it. The thrilled Nguyen opened QcJc straight and knew he won it. Jian had Qs10s.

Jian pocketed VND 1,383,400,000 (~US$ 59,700) for his deep run.

6:45PM: Another pot for Nguyen Minh Tuan
Level 29: Blinds 40k – 80k ante 80k

Nguyen Minh Tuan shaved down more of Liu Jian’s stack. Jian raised to 160k, Nguyen called. At the flop 5c5dAd, Nguyen check-called 125k. On the 5s turn, Nguyen checked, Jian bet 275k, Nguyen raised to 700k, Jian folded.

6:40PM: Nguyen Minh Tuan back to a big lead
Level 29: Blinds 40k – 80k ante 80k

ENZ 5691

Nguyen Minh Tuan is back on top with nearly two-thirds of the chips in play. From the button, he raised to 240k,, LIu Jian three-bet to 880k, Nguyen called. On the flop 4s5d9s, Jian c-bet 650k, Nguyen riased to 1.650M, Jian called. On the turn Jd and river 10h, no bets landed. Jian had Qd4c and Nguyen won it with 9c6c higher pair. Jian down to 5.16M, Nguyen over 10.5M.

6:35PM: Liu Jian evens it up
Level 29: Blinds 40k – 80k ante 80k

On the third heads up hand, Liu Jian earned a big pot to even up. Jian opened to 180k, Nguyen Minh Tuan called. On the flop 5s3c5h, Nguyen check-called a 130k bet by Jian. On the turn 9c, Nguyen bet 450k, Jian called. No bets on the 10d river. Nguyen missed his draw 7d4c, Jian claimed it with AcJc.

6:25PM: Heads up! Liu Jian  vs Nguyen Minh Tuan
Level 29: Blinds 40k – 80k ante 80k

ENZ 5678

We are down to the final two players of the Main Event. They are battling for the inaugural crown and the VND 2,026,500,000 (~US$ 87,400) top prize. For runner-up, the prize money is just as lucrative at VND 1,383,400,000 (~US$ 59,700).

Nguyen Minh Tuan – Vietnam – 8,745,000
Liu Jian – China – 6,930,000

6:15PM: Anton Widjaya eliminated in 3rd place – VND 889,700,000 (~US$ 38,400)
Level 29: Blinds 40k – 80k ante 80k

ENZ 5667

Anton Widjaya has just been dealt his last hand here at the Main Event. He was all in with Kc10d and faced Liu Jian with a dominating Ah6h. When the board ran 4d5h5d3d2c, it was a straight for Jian and Widjaya third place for VND 889,700,000 (~US$ 38,400).

6:00PM: Tiger Lee Seok Young exits in 4th place – VND 622,300,000 (~US$ 26,800)
Level 29: Blinds 40k – 80k ante 80k

ENZ 5656

Tiger Lee Seok Young was put to the test by Liu Jian who three-bet shoved on a 250k raise by Lee. This sent Lee tanking then opted to call for his tournament life with 9c9d. Jian had KdQs for a flip. When the board ran Qc5h3hJdKc, Jian paired up both of his hole cards to send Lee out in 4th place. Lee earned VND 622,300,000 (~US$ 26,800) for his deep run.

With Lee’s fall, the last Korean has departed. The battle is now between Vietnam, Indonesia, and China.

5:40PM: Chip count update
Level 29: Blinds 40k – 80k ante 80k

4 players remaining
Average stack 3,937,500
Chips in play 15,675,000

Liu Jian 3,970,000
Anton Widjaya 1,225,000
Tiger Lee Seok Young 1,850,000
Nguyen Minh Tuan 8,600,000

5:30PM: Nguyen MInh Tuan with a huge double up through Jian
Level 28: Blinds 30k – 60k ante 60k

ENZ 5635

Massive takedown by Nguyen Minh Tuan to bring him to the leader’s chair. Action opened with Nguyen raising, Liu Jian three-=bet to 240k, Nguyen called. On the flop Jc7h6c, both checked. On the turn 7d Jian bet 210k, Nguyen called. On the river 5s, Jian bet 350k, Nguyen raised to 1M, Jian shoved, Nguyen tank-called. At that point Jian knew he was beat and showed Jh5d. He was right, Nguyen won it with 8s9c straight.

Nguyen zoomed to 8.6M, over half of the chips in play.

5:20PM: Tiger Lee doubles up again, rises to 1.8M
Level 28: Blinds 30k – 60k ante 60k

ENZ 5653

Button LIu Jian raised to 130k, blinds called. At the flop 3c9sJs, Widjaya bet 75k, Tiger Lee Seok Young shoved, Widjaya called. Lee with Jh9d two pair, Widjaya QdJd top pair. The turn 6s and river 5c kept Lee ahead to ship a double up. Lee also won the next hand on an uncalled shove to rise to 1.8M. Widjaya down to 1.1M.

5:10PM: Tiger Lee doubles up
Level 28: Blinds 30k – 60k ante 60k

Tiger Lee Seok Young three-bet shoved with Ad7d and initial raiser LIu Jian called with Qd9d. The board ran Jd3s7h4s3c. Lee up to 560k.

5:00PM: Family pot goes to Nguyen Minh Tuan
Level 28: Blinds 30k – 60k ante 60k

Utg Nguyen Minh Tuan raised to 160k, called by all three players. At the flop 10s8s2h, Nguyen c-bet 300k, only sb Anton Widjaya continued. On the turn 6s and river Ac, both checked. Nguyen won it with Kd10d pair to Widjaya’s Jc9c missed draw.

4:50PM Liu Jian rises to 8.6M
Level 28: Blinds 30k – 60k ante 60k

LIu Jian has over half of the chips in play after picking up two pots here at the final four felt. First pot saw utg Nguyen Minh Tuan limp in, button Jian raised to 180k, Anton Widjaya three-bet to 300k, Jian shoved. No call.

Next hand he raised to 130k from utg, button Widjaya called. Up to the turn saw no bets and the full board showed Qd2d9s6s8d. Jian bet 325k, Widjaya called, Jian showed AdJd nut flush.

4:35PM: Chip counts
Level 28: Blinds 30k – 60k ante 60k

4 players remaining
Average stack 3,937,500
Chips in play 15,675,000

Liu Jian 7,940,000
Anton Widjaya 3,990,000
Tiger Lee Seok YOung 895,000
Nguyen Minh Tuan 2,850,000

4:30PM: Sumit Sapra burned in 5th place – VND 477,900,000 (~US$ 20,600)
Level 28: Blinds 30k – 60k ante 60k

ENZ 5601

India will not be taking home the gold here today with Sumit Sapra eliminated by Liu Jian Action folded to small blind Sapra, he limped. Big blind Jian shoved. Sapra called. Sapra 10s10d, Jian Qs10c, the board was 9sAc4sQh9c for a higher pair spiked by Jian. Sapra took 5th place for VND 477,900,000 (~US$ 20,600).

4:20PM: Anton Widjaya with the better spread
Level 27: Blinds 25k – 50k ante 50k

ENZ 5587

Utg+1 Anton Widjaya raised to 110k then called sb Nguyen Minh Tuan’s three-bet of 310k. On the flop 7h4s2h, Nguyen c-bet 405k, Widjaya called. On the turn 2c and river 10c no bets landed. Nguyen opened Ac8c but Widjaya had better with AhJh to take the pot.

4:15PM: Win some lose some for Liu Jian
Level 27: Blinds 25k – 50k ante 50k

ENZ 5547

Cutoff Liu Jian raised to 150k, bb Nguyen Minh Tuan called. When the board ran out 10d4d6s2d6c, Jian triple-barreled 250k, 400k, and 700k. Nguyen called each time. Jian won it with 8d7d flush. This brought him up to 7M while Nguyen dropped to 3.2M.

Next hand Jian raised to 110k Anton Widjaya three-bet to 180k, Jian answered with a four-bet to 500k, Widjaya five-bet to 1.4M, fast fold by Jian. Jian down to 6.6M, Widjaya up to 3.35M.

4:10PM: Anton Widjaya vs Nguyen Minh Tuan
Level 27: Blinds 25k – 50k ante 50k

Cutoff Nguyen Minh Tuan raised to 125k, button Sumit Sapra three-bet to 400k, bb Anton Widjaya four-bet to 1.1M, no callers.

4:00PM: Tiger Lee back over a million
Level 27: Blinds 25k – 50k ante 50k

ENZ 5570

Tiger Lee Seok Young earned a boost to bring him back over a million. Utg Anton Widjaya raised to 110k, Lee called. On the flop 4s3dQh, Widjaya c-bet 150k, Lee all in for 400k, Widjaya called. Lee KhKs, Widjaya AcKc, the turn 3s and river 7d kept Lee ahead.

3:55PM: Song Daewoong eliminated in 6th place – VND 397,200,000 (~US$ 17,100)
Level 27: Blinds 25k – 50k ante 50k

ENZ 5559

Song Daewoong was perpetually short stacked and despite a double up, he still couldn’t get to par. Liu Jian raised to 110k, Song shoved (390k), Jian felt it was his duty to call with his big stack.

Song 8d8h
Jian 10s8s

The board ran 7h9sQh6s7c for a straight to Jian and Song 6th place for VND 397,200,000 (~US$ 17,100).

3:50PM: Chip count update
Level 27: Blinds 25k – 50k ante 50k

6 players
Average 2,625,000
Chips in play 15,675,000

Sumit Sapra 2,140,000
Liu Jian 4,910,000
Anton Widjaya 2,600,000
Tiger Lee Sek Young 450,000
Song Daewoong 390,000
Nguyen Minh Tuan 4,950,000

3:45PM: Zhang Chi busts in 7th place – VND 329,500,000 (~US$ 14,200)
Level 27: Blinds 25k – 50k ante 50k

ENZ 5568

Zhang Chi shoved with AcQd but down the orbit Nguyen Minh Tuan had better with AdKh. The board came As8s10d6d7d to end Chi in 7th place. He earned VND 329,500,000 (~US$ 14,200) for his efforts.

We are down to 6 players.

3:40PM: Song Daewoong doubles up to 750k
Level 27: Blinds 25k – 50k ante 50k

After four hands, the fifth saw action fold to sb Song Daewoong who pushed his 350k short stack, bb Nguyen Minh Tuan snap-called. Song Kh8d, Nguyen 10h8c, the board ran Ks4hQc5d10c for a double up to Song to 750k.

3:15PM: Chip counts at the break 
Level 27: Blinds 25k – 50k ante 50k

Seat 1: Sumit Sapra – 2,375,000
Seat 2: Liu Jian – 3,755,000
Seat 3: Anton Widjaya – 2,910,000
Seat 4: Zhang Chi – 1,145,000
Seat 6: Tiger Lee Seok Young (KMGM) – 895,000
Seat 7: Song Daewoong (KMGM) – 450,000
Seat 8: Nguyen Minh Tuan – 4,095,000 (chip leader)

7 players remaining
Average stack 2,250,000

3:00PM: Sumit Sapra higher pair against Nguyen
Level 26: Blinds 20k – 40k ante 40k

Sumit Sapra denied the charging Nguyen Minh Tuan a pot. Sapra raised to 85k, called by cutoff Zhang Chi and bb Nguyen. On the flop 2h3d10h, Nguyen led for 125k, only Sapra called. On the turn 6c, Nguyen banged out 250k, called again by Sapra. No bets on the Qc river. Nguyen had Kd3h, Sapra won it with 7c7h.

2:50PM: Lee Jong Wook railed in 8th place – VND 262,800,000 (~US$ 11,300)
Level 26: Blinds 20k – 40k ante 40k

ENZ 5513

Next to fall was Lee Jong Wook at the hands of Nguyen Minh Tuan. From mid-position, Lee raised to 200k, button Nguyen called. At the flop Kc9sKh, Lee check-called a 50k bet by Nguyen. On the turn Kd, Lee switched up and jammed his 400k stack, Nguyen snap called.

Lee Ac6d
Nguyen AdAs

The river Jd was no help to Lee to send him out in 8th place for a VND 262,800,000 (~US$ 11,300) payday.

2:45PM: Nguyen Minh Tuan commands the table
Level 26: Blinds 20k – 40k ante 40k

ENZ 5380

Nguyen Minh Tuan continues to pick up pots here.  He raised to 80k from utg and was called by the blinds Tiger Lee Seok Young and Song Daewoong. On the flop 5cJs4s, Nguyen c-bet 100k and only Song continued with a check-call. On the turn Jd, Nguyen fired 250k, fold by Song.

2:40PM: Song Daewoong loses some to Nguyen Minh Tuan
Level 26: Blinds 20k – 40k ante 40k

Short stacked utg Song Daewoong raise to 90k and found one customer in Nguyen Minh Tuan. At the flop Qs6s7c, Song c-bet 125k, Nguyen called. On the turn Qc, Song check-called 200k. On the river 2s neither bet. Song showed 8d8s but Nguyen had better 10s10c to claim it. Song down to 780k.

2:35PM: Liu Jian gains off Nguyen Minh Tuan
Level 26: Blinds 20k – 40k ante 40k

Lo-jack Nguyen Minh Tuan raised to 90k, cutoff Liu Jian three-bet to 260k, Nguyen called it. On the flop 3sKs3h, Nguyen c-bet 350k, Jian called. On the turn Ac and river 7c, no bets landed. Nguyen showed Qd9d air, Jian won it with Kh10s pair. Nguyen dipped ot 2.8M, Jian up to 3.4M.

2:30PM: Sumit Sapra gets lucky; doubles up through Tiger Lee
Level 26: Blinds 20k – 40k ante 40k

ENZ 5507

Sumit Sapra got very lucky with a two-outer spiked to avoid the rail here. It began with heavy preflop bets initiated by Tiger Lee Seok Young to 85k, cutoff Sumit Sapra three-bet to 255k, Tiger four-bet to 505k, Sapra all in, snap-called by Tiger.

Tiger AdAh
Sapra KsKh

The board ran Kc4s2c6h3d for a set to Sapra and a double up to 2.115M. Tiger dropped to 1.050M.

2:20PM: Nguyen Minh Tuan vs Anton Widjaya
Level 26: Blinds 20k – 40k ante 40k

Cutoff Nguyen Minh Tuan raised preflop again to 85k, bb Anton Widjaya called. No bets at the flop Jh10h7h. On the turn 8s, Widjaya check-called a 125k be but on the river 6s Widjaya check-folded to a 300k bet.

2:15PM: Liu Jian takes down first two pots of final 8
Level 26: Blinds 20k – 40k ante 40k

Cards now in the air and quickly, Liu Jian claimed the first two pots to climb to 2.7M. The first pot he raised from utg to 85k, bb Sumit Sapra defended. On the flop 8c2hKd, Jian c-bet 75k, Sapra folded.

Next hand, db Nguyen Minh Tuan raised to 100k, bb Jian three-bet to 330k, Nguyen folded.

1:35PM: Setting up for final 8 stream and chip counts
Level 26: Blinds 20k – 40k ante 40k

Down to the final 8 players. We will stream the action live via the Vietnam Series of Poker (VSOP) Facebook page. Live updates continue right here.

Final 8 players 

Seat 1: Sumit Sapra – 1,155,000
Seat 2: Lin Jian – 2,456,000
Seat 3: Anton Widjaya – 3,355,000
Seat 4: Zhang Chi – 1,430,000
Seat 5: Lee Jong Wook (KMGM) – 750,000
Seat 6: Tiger Lee Seok Young (KMGM) – 2,060,000
Seat 7: Song Daewoong (KMGM) – 1,155,000
Seat 8: Nguyen Minh Tuan – 3,320,000

Total chips in play: 15,675,000
Average stack: 1,959,812

1:30PM: Young Hwan Sung falls in 9th place – VND 197,400,000 (~US$ 8,500)
Level 25: Blinds 15k – 30k ante 30k 

ENZ 5415

On the seventh hand of the final table, the first casualty was delivered. Shortest stacked Young Hwan Sung  three-bet jammed (580k) and initial raiser Anton Widjaya called. Sung Ah10d, Widjaya QdQh, the board ran 9h2s8s3dKd. Sung earned VND 197,400,000 (~US$ 8,500) for his deep finish. Widjaya regains the chip lead with over 3.3M.

We will pause for Final 8 live stream set up.

1:25PM: Nguyen Minh Tuan claims a hefty pot against Widjaya
Level 25: Blinds 15k – 30k ante 30k 

ENZ 5380

Utg Nguyen Min Tuan lim-called, lo-jack Anton Widjaya’s 120k raise to see the flop 7c8hKs. Both players checked. The turn 7h, Widjaya fired 80k, Nguyen check-raised to 280k, Widjaya called. On the river 3d, Nguyen c-bet 425k, Widjaya called. Nguyen showed 10s7s trips to claim the pot and rise to 3.320M. Widjaya dropped to 2.675M.

1:20PM: Liu Jian with the big raise
Level 25: Blinds 15k – 30k ante 30k 

ENZ 5375

Utg+1 Nguyen Minh Tuan raised to 75km lo-jack Liu Jian  and bb Tiger Lee Seok Young called. At the flop 5s6s9d, Nguyen c-bet 125k, Jian raised to 350k, no callers.

1:15PM: Zhang Chi takes down the next 
Level 25: Blinds 15k – 30k ante 30k 

ENZ 5387

Second hand of the day, utg Young Hwan Sun raised to 60k, called by the blinds Anton Widjaya and Zhang Chi. No bets on the flop 8dJdQs. On the turn Jc Widjaya bet 60k, only Chi called. On the Js river, Widjaya checked, Chi bet 60k, Widjaya folded.

1:13PM: First pot goes to APL Ambassador Sumit Sapra
Level 25: Blinds 15k – 30k ante 30k 

ENZ 5373

First hand of the day saw utg Zhang Chi open to 70k, called by button Sumit Sapra and bb Anton Widjaya. At the flop AsKdJh, action was checked to Sapra who bet 90k, no callers to claim the first pot of the final table.

1:10PM: Race to the crown begins! 
Level 25: Blinds 15k – 30k ante 30k 

ENZ 5398

Cards in the air! Once they lose a player, the final 8 will stream live. We will have that link for you once it has been provided.

Welcome to the Final Day of the APL Da Nang Main Event!

The Final 9 players are about to take their seats. The first-ever APL Da Nang Main Event champion will be crowned today. We will keep you updated on all the action via live posts. Good luck to all!

Final 9 players by seat

Seat 1: Sumit Sapra – 970,000
Seat 2: Lin Jian – 2,145,000
Seat 3: Anton Widjaya – 3,545,000 (chip leader)
Seat 4: Zhang Chi – 1,465,000
Seat 5: Young Hwan Sung (KMGM) – 685,000
Seat 6: Lee Jong Wook (KMGM) – 825,000
Seat 7: Tiger Lee Seok Young (KMGM) – 2,180,000
Seat 8: Song Daewoong (KMGM) – 1,160,000
Seat 9: Nguyen Minh Tuan – 2,700,000

Final 9 players by rank 

Anton Widjaya – Indonesia – 3,545,000
Nguyen Minh Tuan – Vietnam – 2,700,000
Tiger Lee Seok Young (KMGM) – Korea – 2,180,000
Liu Jian – China – 2,145,000
Zhang Chi – China – 1,465,000
Song Daewoong (KMGM) – Korea – 1,160,000
Sumit Sapra – India – 970,000
Lee Jong Wook (KMGM) – Korea – 825,000
Young Hwan Sung (KMGM) – Korea – 685,000

Total chips in play: 15,675,000
Average stack: 1,742,055
Final Day opening blinds: 15k – 30k ante 30k
Clock: countdown from 19:14
Start time: 1pm

Final 9 payouts

1st VND 2,026,500,000 (~US$ 87,400)
2nd VND 1,383,400,000 (~US$ 59,700)
3rd VND 889,700,000 (~US$ 38,400)
4th VND 622,300,000 (~US$ 26,800)
5th VND 477,900,000 (~US$ 20,600)
6th VND 397,200,000 (~US$ 17,100)
7th VND 329,500,000 (~US$ 14,200)
8th VND 262,800,000 (~US$ 11,300)
9th VND 197,400,000 (~US$ 8,500)

6:25PM: Day 3 ends! Final 9 formed with Anton Widjaya leading

That’s it! Day 3 is over! The final 9 players has been determined.

ENZ 5238

Seat 1: Sumit Sapra – 970,000
Seat 2: Liu Jian – 2,145,000
Seat 3: Anton Widjaya – 3,545,000 (chip leader)
Seat 4: Zhang Chi – 1,465,000
Seat 5: Young Hwan Sung (KMGM) – 685,000
Seat 6: Lee Jong Wook (KMGM) – 825,000
Seat 7: Tiger Lee Seok Young (KMGM) – 2,180,000
Seat 8: Song Daewoong (KMGM) – 1,160,000
Seat 9: Nguyen Minh Tuan – 2,700,000

Average; 1,742,055
Total chips in play: 15,678,500
Final Day opening blinds: 15k – 30k ante 30k
Clock: countdown from 19:14
Start time: 1pm

6:20PM: Tae Joon Cho packs up in 10th place – VND 164,000,000
Level 25: Blinds 15k – 30k ante 30k

ENZ 5200

It didn’t take long for the unofficial final table to knock one out and end the day. After a few hands, Tae Joon Cho put it all in (365K) holding 5h5c. Players folded to the big blind Liu Jian who looked down at JsJd and snap-called. The board ran 10h4h9h giving Cho a flush draw, but the turn Ac and 2s river were not the outs he needed to stay in the game. Cho packed up on 10th place for VND 164,000,000.

6:10PM: Final 10 players
Level 25: Blinds 15k – 30k ante 30k

Seat 1: Sumit Sapra – 1.045M
Seat 2: Liu Jian – 1.795M
Seat 3: Anton Widjaya – 3.48M
Seat 4: Tae Joon Cho –  365K
Seat 5: Zhang Chi – 1.46M
Seat 6: Young Hwan Sung – 680k
Seat 7: Lee Jong Wook – 825K
Seat 8: Tiger Lee Seok Young – 2.1M
Seat 9: Song Daewoong – 1.145M
Seat 10: Nguyen Minh Tuan – 2.7M

6:05PM: Dang Duy Thanh busts in 11th place – VND 164,000,000
Level 25: Blinds 15k – 30k ante 30k

ENZ 5212

Dang Duy Thanh three-bet shoved with 8d9s and initial raiser Anton Widjaya snap-called with Ac5h. The board ran Qd4c5c6s4d. Dang busted in 11th place for VND 164,000,000. Widjaya up to 3.48M.

We are down to the unofficial final table of 10 players. One more bust out and Day 3 ends.

5:55PM: You gotta bet it to win it
Level 25: Blinds 15k – 30k ante 30k

ENZ 5174
Anton Widjaya

A 200k pot was already in the middle, two players were at the turn 10h10sAsAh. Cutoff Anton Widjaya checked, button Nguyen Minh Tuan bet 85k, Widjaya called. On the river 3h, Widjaya fired 225k, quick fold from Nguyen. Widjaya kindly showed his 8-8, Nguyen laughed and opened his 7-7.

5:50PM: No call for Liu Jian
Level 25: Blinds 15k – 30k ante 30k

On a board Ah6h9h8d, bb Young Hwan Sung bet 90k onto a 280k pot, two spots over Liu Jian replied with a raise to 250k. Sun tank-folded.

5:45PM: Song Daewoong gets some for quads
Level 25: Blinds 15k – 30k ante 30k

Catching the action only as Song Daewoong was getting paid. He had JcJh quads on a board Js10s10c4sJd. Nguyen showed 10d full house.

5:35PM: Estimated chip counts
Level 25: Blinds 15k – 30k ante 30k

11 players remaining
Average stack 1,431,818

Table 1
Anton Widjaya 4.1M
Nguyen Minh Tuan 3.2M
Sumit Sapra 1.4M
Dang Duy Thanh 360k
Song Daewoong 1.015M

Table 2
Young Hwan Sung 950k
Tae Joon cho 650K
LIu Jian 1.64M
Lee Jong Wook 860k
Tiger Lee 1.7M
Zhang Chi 1.2M

5:30PM: Huy Pham ends in 12th place – VND 164,000,000
Level 24: Blinds 15k – 25k ante 25k

ENZ 4943

Huy Pham followed out in 12th place with KhJc unable to keep him in the game. He ran into Sumit Sapra’s AcAs  with a final board running 7d7s6d7c6s. Pham earned VND 164,000,000 while Sapra shipped it and is up to 1.275M.

5:25PM: Quang Nguyen eliminated in 13th place – VND 131,000,000
Level 24: Blinds 15k – 25k ante 25k

ENZ 5201

Quang Nguyen was seen shoving numerous times and finding no callers. However, on his latest shove, Tiger Lee tank-called. Nguyen Ah9h, Lee 8d8c, the board 4h8h3c4dJd, for a dominating full house to Lee to rise to 1.7M. Nguyen packed up in 13th place for VND 131,000,000.

5:15PM: Nguyen Minh Tuan claims it
Level 24: Blinds 15k – 25k ante 25k

ENZ 5193

Utg Sumit Sapra raised to 55k, button Song Daewoong and bb Nguyen MinhTuan called. On the flop 3c2d3h, Sapra c-bet 65k, called by both players. On the turn 8s, action was checked to Song, he slid out 150k, Nguyen check-raised to 350k, both players folded. Nguyen up to 3.2M.

5:05PM: Young Hwan Sung vs Tae Joon Cho 
Level 24: Blinds 15k – 25k ante 25k

Action folded to sb Young Hwan Sung who raised to 80k, called by Tae Joon Cho on the big blind. On the flop AsKh4d, Sung c-bet 80k, called by Cho. Same action on the 3c turn, Sung fired 100k and Cho called. On the 8c river, both checked. Sung showed Ac10c, Cho mucked.

5:00PM: Shingo Endo dries out in 14th place – VND 131,000,000
Level 24: Blinds 15k – 25k ante 25k

ENZ 4940

Short stacked Shingo Endo went all in with Ah7h but couldn’t get past Sumit Sapra’s JcJs to empty out in 14th place. He earned VND 131,000,000. Sapra climbed to 1.180M

4:55PM: Chip count update
Level 24: Blinds 15k – 25k ante 25k

Estimate count
14 players
Average stack 1,125,000

Table 1
Anton Widjaya 2.5M
Nguyen Minh Tuan 2.6M
Sumit Sapra 905k
Huy Pham 260k
Dang Duy Thanh 525k
Shingo Endo 200k
Song Daewoong 1.53M

Table 2
Young Hwan Sung 700k
Tae Joon Cho 900k
Quang Nguyen 350k
LIu Jian 1.2M
Lee Jong Wook 620k
Tiger Lee 1.2M
Zhang Chi 1.25M

4:40PM: Hojin Kim exits in 15th place – VND 131,000,000
Level 24: Blinds 15k – 25k ante 25k

ENZ 5182

Hojin Kim all in with 6h6d and faced Liu Jian with AhQc. The flip went Liu’s way when a lady showed up on the flop and held… Qh7h2d3c9d. Kim exits in 15th place for VND 131,000,000.

4:25PM: Dao Minh Phu out in 16th place – VND 109,800,000
Level 24: Blinds 15k – 25k ante 25k

ENZ 5045

After a swinging day, Dao Minh Phu has been dealt his last hand. He called all in for his tournament life on a board 3s2c8h5d with Ac9h which was behind Anton Widjaya’s 5c4c pair. The river 10s completed the board. Dao out in 16th place for VND 109,800,000. Widjaya uo to 2.45M.

4:20PM: Huy Pham doubles up to 350k
Level 23: Blinds 10k – 20k ante 20k

ENZ 5166

Huy Pham three-bet jammed with AsKs and was put at risk by chip leader Nguyen Minh Tuan with Kh10h. The board spread 9c4cQdKd2h for a double up to Pham to 350k. Nguyen dipped to 2.635M.

4:15PM: Song Daewoong zooms to 1.5M
Level 23: Blinds 10k – 20k ante 20k

Song Daewoong called for his tournament life with QcQs and got full pay from Dao Minh Phu who pushed with As6c. The board was 2h8h4c10s6h. Song up to 1.5M, Dao down to 450k.

4:00PM: Sumit Sapra with the nuts straight
Level 23: Blinds 10k – 20k ante 20k

ENZ 5101

Sumit Sapra doubled up again and now sits with 950k. His 8-9 landed the nuts straight on a board Q-4-5-6-7 to best Dao Minh Phu’s 10-8 straight.

3:50PM: Queens double up Song Daewoong 
Level 23: Blinds 10k – 20k ante 20k

After losing a chunk of his stack to Dao Minh Phu, Song Daewoong recovered with a double up through Dang Duy Thanh. Song had QhQs, Dang with 8d8h, the board ran Ks10cAsJs4s. Song up to 750k, Dang down to 300k.

3:45PM: Yong Deok Kim out in 17th place – VND 109,800,000
Level 23: Blinds 10k – 20k ante 20k

ENZ 4942

Yong Deok Kim all in with K-Q but ran into Lee Jong Wook’s K-K. Both players improved on the board with Kim pairing both hole cards but Lee had better with a commanding set. Kim earned VND 109,800,000 for his 17th place finish.

3:30PM: Dao Minh Phu claims one to rise to 1.7M
Level 23: Blinds 10k – 20k ante 20k

Raised pot preflop with three players headed to a flop QcJc10s. Action was checked to button Dao Minh Phu, he bet 30k. Bb Song Daewoong answered with a check-raise to 155k, Sapra check-folded, Phu called. On the turn 9d, no bets landed. On the river 2h, Song checked, Dao bet 255k, Song tank-folded Q-10 two pair. Dao kindly showed his A-K straight on the flop. Song down to 345k, Dao rose to 1.7M.

3:25PM: Sumit Sapra doubles up 
Level 23: Blinds 10k – 20k ante 20k

Sumit Sapra all in with 10h10s called by Shingo Endo with AsQc, the board came Kd4s10d7h8h for a commanding set to Sapra for a double up to 600k. Endo down to around 600k as well.

3:10PM: Eliminations
Level 22: Blinds 8k – 16k ante 16k

18th Frederick Lee – USA – VND 109,800,000 (~US$ 4,700)

19th Ok Dong Yoon – Korea – VND 92,700,000 (~US$ 4,000)
20th Zhou Jiaping – China – VND 92,700,000

21st Dhanesh Chainani – Singapore – VND 77,500,000 (~US$ 3,300)
22nd Nguyen Huu Duc – Vietnam – VND 77,500,000
23rd Song Byunghwa – Korea – VND 77,500,000
24th Lin Yu Sheng – Taiwan – VND 77,500,000

25th Im Hee Soo – Korea – VND 66,600,000 (~US$ 2,800)
26th Luong Anh Tuan – Vietnam – VND 66,600,000
27th Woo Sung Kang – Korea – VND 66,600,000

28th Hieu Ngo – Vietnam – VND 56,700,000 (~US$ 2,400)
29th Nguyen Trung Kien – Vietnam – VND 56,700,000
30th Nam Yunho – Korea – VND 56,700,000
31st Tran Trung Hieu – Vietnam – VND 56,700,000
32nd Dang Thi Hue – Vietnam – VND 56,700,000
33rd Nguyen Quang Minh – Vietnam – VND 56,700,000

3:00PM: Chip count update 
Level 22: Blinds 8k – 16k ante 16k

21 remaining
Average stack 787,500

Estimated chip counts below:

Table 1
Dang Duy Thanh 800k
Huy Pham 450k
Sumit Sapra 150k
Liu Jian 1.32M
Anton Widjaya 1.43M
Frederick Lee 340k

Table 2
Yongdeok Kim 310k
Zhang Chi 800k
Lee Jong Wook 330k
Nguyen Minh Tuan 2.45M
Zhou Jiaping 310k
Hojin Kim 180k
Shingo Endo 915k
Song Daewoong 370k

Table 3
Ok Dong Yoon 60k
Dao Minh Phu 1.5M
Lee Seok Young (Tiger) 1.040M
Tae Joon Cho 980k
Young Hwan Sung 730k
Quang Nguyen 840k

2:40PM: Nguyen Minh Tuan ships a monster, Song Byunghwa eliminated
Level 22: Blinds 8k – 16k ante 16k

ENZ 5058

Song Byunghwa all in preflop with over 500k, called by two players – Yongdeok Kim and Nguyen Minh Tuan. At the flop Kc2c7c, Kim checked, Nguyen shoved, Kim tanked then folded. Song QdQh, Nguyen AhKh, the turn 10d and river 5h kept Nguyen ahead to send Song packing. Nguyen up to 2.1M.

2:30PM: Queens win the race, Hieu Ngo railed by Zhang Chi
Level 22: Blinds 8k – 16k ante 16k

Another player was sent tumbling out This time it was Hieu Ngo with AhKd up against Zhang Chi’s QhQc. Ngo missed the board Jd6s7c5h7d.

2:25PM: Song Daewoong banks a double off Luong
Level 22: Blinds 8k – 16k ante 16k

ENZ 5050
Song Daewoong

Sb Song Daewoong three-bet jammed his remaining 272k with KdQh to battle with. He was tank- called by Luong Anh Tuan with As8d. A king fell on the flop and a queen on the turn to ensure the double up for Song. He is at 570k.

2:20PM: Dao Minh Phu back on top
Level 22: Blinds 8k – 16k ante 16k

ENZ 5048
Dao Minh Phu

After losing half his starting chips at the previous level, Dao Minh Phu went on a killing spree to bring his stack over 1.3M. In the process, he also railed two players. The first big pot was the elimination of Nguyen Trung Kien who was all in with QdQc. Dao had 10d10c. The cards ran 2h10s2c2sJd full house to Dao. Next one saw Woo Sung Kang and Dao all in on the turn board 6d9d6sAh. Kang with AsJd, Dao with 8c6c trips, the river was 4d, Kang eliminated.

2:10PM Nguyen Hun Duc ships a double
Level 22: Blinds 8k – 16k ante 16k

Nguyen Hun Duc four-bet jammed his last 199k holding AsQd, Young Hwan Sung tank-called with Ks8s. The board ran Qs2c3h6sAd for a double up to Nguyen to 430k.

2:00PM: Frederick Lee doubles up through Dang
Level 22: Blinds 8k – 16k ante 16k

ENZ 5020
Frederick Lee

Frederick Lee raised all in on a board 9c2d9sQdQd. Dang Duy Thanh tanked then called with AcKh top pair. Lee had better AhAs full house for a double up to over 500k.

1:50PM: Tae Joon Cho rails Nam Yunho
Level 21 Blinds 6k – 12k ante 12k

Nam Yunho all in with 4-4 but couldn’t bet past Tae Joon Cho’s 7-7. Cho shipped it and climbed to 970k. Nam eliminated.

1:40PM: Anton Widjaya over 800k
Level 21: Blinds 6k – 12k ante 12k

Anton Widjaya returned to action with the same aggression as in Day 2. He quickly picked up a fat pot against Song Daewoong with A-J trips. Widjaya now over 800k

1:30PM: Shingo Endo ousts Tran Trung Hieu
Level 21: Blinds 6k – 12k ante 12k

All in preflop, Shingo Endo with AhKh, at risk player Tran Trung Hieu KdQs, the board ran Jd5cKc4c7c. No clubs for the players. Endo’s higher spread sent Tran out of the running. Endo up to 923k.

1:10PM; Dao Minh Phu takes three hits
Level 21: Blinds 6k – 12k ante 12k

Entering chip leader, Dao Minh Phu, dropped down from a massive 1,123,000 to just just over 500k. The shakedown happened in three consecutive losing hands. The first one was a big pot claimed by Nguyen Minh Tuan with A-K top pair (king). Next two were double ups to short stacks Ok Dong Yoon and Nguyen Trung Kien. For Yoon, his Ac5c improved to a straight 2d4s3d3h6c against KdJs. Against, Kien, it was KsJc pairing the king to survive Dao’s Ac10h.

1:05PM: Dang Duy Thanh rivers one-outer to eliminate Mr Ngo 
Level 21: Blinds 6k – 12k ante 12k

ENZ 4923
Dang Duy Thanh

Bad turn for Mr Ngo (Nguyen Quang Minh). He was all in against Dang Duy Thanh on a board 3h6d9s5h holding 9d9h higher set over Dang’s 6c6s set. However, the poker gods had plans for Dang granting him a one-outer 6h on the river to improve to quads and rail Mr Ngo. Dang over 620k.

1:00PM: Cards in the air for Day 3!
Level 21: Blinds 6k- 12k ante 12k

ENZ 4916

Here we go! Day 3 of the inaugural APL Da Nanag Main Event is underway here at the Risemount Premier Resort! All 33 players are hunting down a final day seat of which only 9 will qualify.

Total chips in play: 15,678,500
Average stack: 475,106
Opening blinds: 6k – 12k ante 12k

Chip leader: Dao Minh Phu – 1,123,000 (93.5 bbs)

Everyone is guaranteed a minimum payout of VND 56,700,000 (~US$ 2,400). We will have live updates running throughout until the final 9 is formed. Good luck to all!

The Main Event drew 525 entries at VND 22,000,000 (~US$ 950) each for a prize pool of VND 10,185,000 (~US$ 439,600). The money flowed at Day 2 starting at 66th place.


7:30PM: Day 2 ends with 33 remaining

ENZ 4648 1

Quick day at the Main Event with 6 rounds completed. Only 33 remained at bagging time. Dao Minh Phu earned the leader’s status with 1,123,000. We will have the chip counts for you shortly. Live updates will resume tomorrow at 1pm.

Chips in play 15,678,500
Average stack 475,106

7:20PM: Sumit Sapra muscles Im Hee Soo
Level 20: Blinds 5000 – 10000 ante 10000

On a flop 2d6c9h, Sumit Sapra bet 27k, Im Hee Soo raised to 60k, Sapra moved all in, Soo folded.

7:15PM: Dao Minh Phu wins off Zhang 
Level 20: Blinds 5000 – 10000 ante 10000

Dao Minh Phu limped in, sb joined Zhang Chi and bb Lin Yu Sheng checked to see the flop Ad6sJc. Zhang led for 15k, Lin folded, Dao raised to 30k, Zhang called. No bets on the turn 5d and river Qh. Zhang showed his queen for top pair but Dao quickly opened pocket kings to claim the pot.

7:00PM: Dang Duy Thanh recovers and boots Park Dong Hun 
Level 20: Blinds 5000 – 10000 ante 10000

ENZ 4768
Dang Duy Thanh

On a flop 7hJh6s, sb Park Dong Hun bet 80k, Dang Duy Thanh shoved, Park tank-called for all his chips. Dang KsKh overpair, Park KdJd top pair, the turn 3h and river Ad sent Park tumbling and Dang up to 450k.

6:55PM: Dao Minh Phu eliminates Li Jin
Level 20: Blinds 5000 – 10000 ante 10000

ENZ 4741
Dao Minh Phu

Utg Dao Minh Phu raised to 23k, short stacked Li Jin all in for just 30k with 5s8s, easy call for big stacked Dao with As9c. The flop ran 4c4h8h improving Jin, but the 10d and 9h runout gave Dao a beter pair to oust Jin.

6:50PM: Dhanesh Chainani rails Choi Seung Guen
Level 20: Blinds 5000 – 10000 ante 10000

Action folded to sb dhanesh Chainani, he shoved. Big blind Choi Seung Guen tank-called for his tournament life. Chainani Ac2c, Choi As9h, the board ran 10h9cKcQc5d for a commanding nut flush to Chainani and Choi 42nd place. Chainani up to 320k.

6:45PM: Nguyen Minh Tuan takes another from Dang
Level 20: Blinds 5000 – 10000 ante 10000

Nguyen Minh Tuan and Dang Duy Thanh faced off again and still Nguyen won the bout. On a board 9h3cKc5s10s, Dang check-called Nguyen’s 130k bet. Nguyen showed KsKh trips, Dang mucked. Nguyen up to 870k.

6:40PM: Mr Ngo doubles up
Level 20: Blinds 5000 – 10000 ante 10000

ENZ 4734
Mr Ngo

Cutoff Soo Jo Kim raised to 24k, button Woosung Kang called, bb Mr Ngo (Nguyen Quang Minh) shoved 148k, Kim folded but Kang called to put Mr Ngo at risk. Kang 9c9s, Mr Ngo QcJc, the board spread Qh3c5c4hQs for a winning trips to Mr Ngo and a double up.

6:30PM: Nguyen Minh Tuan takes two 
Level 19: Blinds 4000 – 8000 ante 8000

ENZ 4756
Nguyen Minh Tuan

Nguyen Minh Tuan brought his stack to 600k after claiming two pots. The first one saw Dang Duy Thanh raise to 18k, called by Nguyen, cutoff, and big blind. On the flop 4s4d7d, bb led for 20k, Dang folded, Nguyen raised to 55k, no callers.

A few hands after blinds were up 5k-10k ante 10k, Nguyen re-raised to 45k, Dang four-bet to 70k, Nguyen five-bet to 170k, Dang folded. Nguyen flashed AcAs.

6:10PM: Song Byunghwa dominates Tran
Level 19: Blinds 4000 – 8000 ante 8000

ENZ 4729
Song Byunghwa

Heavy preflop action began with song Byunghwa min-raising to 16k, button called, sb Tran Huy Hoang shoved, Song pushed with more, button tanked then folded AcKs. Song JcJh, Tran 9d9c, board came 7h4h3sKd5d. Tran out. Song up to 680k.

5:50PM: Luong Anh Tuan cracks aces 
Level 19: Blinds 4000 – 8000 ante 8000

ENZ 4724

Luong Anh Tuan was looking bad when he shoved with Ax9x and was faced with a player with AxAx, however, when the board ran 8h5h6c3c7c, he improved to a straight to ship it and boot one out. Tuan now at 440k.

5:45PM: Eliminations 55th to 61st – VND 35,000,000 
Level 19: Blinds 4000 – 8000 ante 8000

55th Qian Xubo – Hong Kong
56th Phan Dinh Nam – Vietnam
57th Tobias Peters – Netherlands
58th En Ching Wu – Taiwan
59th Joe Zhang – China
60th Kim Jae Hyun – Korea
61st Edgar Kim Eui Woong – Singapore

5:35PM: Linh Tran mucks out  to Zhang Chi
Level 19: Blinds 4000 – 8000 ante 8000

ENZ 4713

On a board 10h2h4s6s, Zhang Chi raised all in and Linh Tran called for his tournament life. When Zhang showed AsAd, Tran mucked  and all his chips were sent to Zhang without the river felted.

5:30PM: Big stack update
Level 19: Blinds 4000 – 8000 ante 8000

52 remaining
Average stack 302,885

1-3 Young Hwan – 450k
1-6 Lin Yu Sheng – 480k
2-5 Zhou Jiaping – 500k
2-7 Shingo Endo – 445k
2-8 Song Byunghwa – 440k
3-1 Tae Joon Cho – 473k
3-7 Dang Duy Thanh – 620k
4-4 Anton Widjaja – 1M
4-5 Lin Jian – 665k
4-8 Sumit Sapra – 475k
5-1 Quang Nguyen – 650k
5-3 Yong Deok Kim – 640k
5-6 Zhang Chi – 480k
6-1 Dao Minh Phu – 500k
6-4 Nguyen Minh Tuan – 465k
6-8 Song Daewoong – 412k

5:00PM: Anton Widjaya gets full pay for his boat
Level 18: Blinds 3000 – 6000 ante 6000

ENZ 4696

Huge pot claimed by Anton Widjaya off Woosung Kang. Catching the action on a flop 5hKsKh, button Widjaya slid out a 116k bet, bb Kang made it 236k, Widjaya tank-shoved, Kang called. Widjaya was very happy with the call showing his Kd5d full house. Kang had AhQs. The turn 2c and river Qd completed the board. Widjaya doubled up to 860k, Kang plummeted to 175k.

4:20PM: Woosung Kang calls out Edgar Kim’s bluff
Level 18: Blinds 3000 – 6000 ante 6000

ENZ 4684
Woosung Kang

Edgar Kim was sporting quite a hefty stack until this hand came along. From utg, Hieu Ngo opened, called by sb Kim and bb Woosung Kang (KSOP). On the flop 8d5d3x with two diamonds showing, Kim led for 15k, Kang called, Ngo folded. On the Qc turn, Kim bet 40k, Kang raised to 80k, Kim three-bet to 150k, Kang called. On the river 7d, Kim jammed, Kang tanked then found the courage to call for his tournament life. Kim Jh10h bluff, Kang shipped a huge double up to 560k. Kim dropped to 150k.

4:15PM: Eliminations 62nd – 66th
Level 17: Blinds 3000 – 5000 ante 5000 

62nd Fu Bang Huang – Taiwan – VND 35,000,000
63rd Cao Ngoc Anh – Vietnam – VND 35,000,000
64th Jeon Seung Soo – Korea – VND 28,900,000
65th Jang Jong Bea – Korea – VND 28,900,000
66th Kong Seong Su – Korea – VND 28,900,000

4:10PM: Kong Seung Su rivered by Endo
Level 17: Blinds 3000 – 5000 ante 5000 

ENZ 4721
Shingo Endo

Celebration was heard at table 2 with Kong Seung Su 7-7 set on the turn 6-J-10-7 but when a king came on the river, Shingo Endo’s K-K overtook. Kong fell in 66th place. Endo climbed to 460k.

3:50PM: Kang Feng Lien bubbles
Level 17: Blinds 3000 – 5000 ante 5000 

ENZ 4660
Kang Feng Lien

It didn’t take long for the money to be reached. Taking the fall one from the money was Kang Feng Lien. On a flop 10dAhQs four players were in. Bb Dang Duy Thanh check-folded, lp Tae Joon Cho bet 18k, called by hijack and cutoff Lien. On the turn 3c, Cho bet 36k, hj folded, Lien shoved, snap-call by Cho. Lien AcKd, Cho AsQc two pair, the river 5d finished Lien.

3:45PM: Dao Minh Phu boots one to enter bubble round
Level 17: Blinds 3000 – 5000 ante 5000 

ENZ 4648
Dao Minh Phu

Current chip leader, Dao Minh Phu, with 1M in chips claimed himself a pot to rise to 1.1M. His latest victim was a Korean player who just doubled up with A-K trips over 10-10. The happy double up was quickly quashed by Dao. Korean player had QdQs, Dao Ac5d, the board 9s7cJhAh2s.

We are down to 67 players. It’s bubble time!

3:40PM: Terry Nguyen vs Zhou Jiaping
Level 17: Blinds 3000 – 5000 ante 5000 

With the bubble close at hand, an intense hand went down at table 2 between Terry Nguyen and Zhou Jiaping. From utg+1, Zhou opened to 12k, Nguyen three-bet to 37k on the big blind. Zhou called. When the board ran 6s7d5hAh5c, Zhou triple barreled 23k, 34k, and all in. Nguyen tanked on the river shove then folded. Nguyen down to 120k, Zhou up to 460k.

3:35PM: Lin Jian burns the set
Level 17: Blinds 3000 – 5000 ante 5000 

We just witnessed Lin Jian get full pay for his Ad5d flush against Anton Widjaya with JcJs set on a board Jh6d2s7d3d. Lin sits with around 420k.

3:30PM: Sumit Sapra pushes 
Level 17: Blinds 3000 – 5000 ante 5000 

ENZ 4485
Sumit Sapra

Catching the action on a board 6c5c9cKd10c and 130k in the pot, Sumit Sapra pushed his big stack, Kim Jae Hyuk tanked then opted to hold on to his short stack by folding. Sapra up to 500k.

3:20PM: Quang Nguyen up to 600k
Level 17: Blinds 3000 – 5000 ante 5000 

ENZ 4569
Quang Nguyen

On a flop 10h4c3s, utg bet 16k, cutoff called, button Quang Nguyen raised to 51k, sb Duy Ho folded, utg shoved, only Quang called. Utg 9c9h, Quang 10s10d, the turn 6d and river 4s sent utg packing. Quang shipped it and climbed to 600k.

3:15PM: Big stack update
Level 17: Blinds 3000 – 5000 ante 5000 

6-1 Dao Minh Phu  800k (massive chip leader)
8-5 Ly Tran Tien 480k
3-1 Tae Joon Cho 450k
7-1 Sumit Sapra 430k
3-7 Dang Duy Thanh 400k

3:00PM: Break time 
Level 16: Blinds 2000 – 4000 ante 4000

First break of the day. All 500 chips to be removed. 80 players remaining. Average 196,875. Bubble time approaches. Money begins at 66th place.

2:55PM: Edgar Kim tanks one 
Level 16: Blinds 2000 – 4000 ante 4000

ENZ 4612
Edgar Kim

Two big stacks went at it preflop. Catching the action with 22k in the middle, button player Anton Widjaya fired 30k, sb Edgar Kim went above with 91k, Widjaya tanked until time was called. Widjaya folded, Kim won it and climbed to 340k.

2:45PM: Nam Yunho doubles up through Ly Tran Tien
Level 16: Blinds 2000 – 4000 ante 4000

ENZ 4547

Ly Tran Tien wasn’t happy a the turnout of this hand. On a board 10sKc5s2cJc, Nam Yunho won a double up with Kd5d two pair at the flop, Tien paid with KsQs top pair missed draw. Tien dipped to 490k and is still one of the leaders. Nam up to 460k.

2:40PM: Quang Nguyen on the grind
Level 16: Blinds 2000 – 4000 ante 4000

Utg+1 opened then called button Quang Ngiuyen’s 25k three-bet. At the flop 6h2d7h, Quang c-bet 27k, got no action to take the pot.

2:30PM: Lin Yu Sheng rails one
Level 16: Blinds 2000 – 4000 ante 4000

Taiwanese player Lin Yu Sheng had 10h10s, at risk was Doan Tieu Thanh with 7c7s, no help arrived for Doan to end his run at the hands of Lin.

2:20PM: Dinh Khanh Pham saved by the river
Level 16: Blinds 2000 – 4000 ante 4000

ENZ 4545
Dinh Khanh Pham

Two Vietnamese players banged heads at the flop 3hKs4d. Dinh Khanh Pham was ahead with AcAs behind Tran Trung Hieu’s Kd4h two pair. No help for Dinh on the turn 7d, but on the river 3c, the board paired for Dinh to overtake and double up to over 300k.

2:15PM: Kim Ho Jin burns the aggressor 
Level 16: Blinds 2000 – 4000 ante 4000

ENZ 4535
Kim Ho Jin

Action folded around to cutoff Kim Ho Jin who raised to 9k. Small blind three-bet to 26k, Kim tank-called. On the flop Ks6s10h, sb jammed Kc3c and Kim snap-called with Kd10c. The turn 5h and river Qh ensured the win for Kim to ship all of sb’s chips.

2:00PM: Lee Jong Wook badbeats Melvin Loon
Level 16: Blinds 2000 – 4000 ante 4000

ENZ 4543
Lee Jong Wook

Nasty fall for one of the day’s big stacks, Melvin Tay Yao Loon. A preflop raise war against Lee Jong Wook led to both with their chips out front. Loon had the edge with AsAc, Lee needed luck with QhQc. When the board ran AcKc5h, Loon further improved to a set, but the turn and river 10d and Js sent Lee way ahead with a straight to crack aces and eliminate Loon. The shocked Lee climbed to 330k.

1:30PM: Big stacks
Level 15: Blinds 1500 – 3000 ante 3000

ENZ 4483
Ly Tran Tien

115 players left
Average 136,957

1-5 – Li  Jin 230k
1-8 – Luong Anh Tuan – 220k
3-1 – Tae Joon Cho – 222k
4-1 – Im Hee Soo – 310k
5-1 – Quang Nguyen – 350k
5-7 – Ryan Revai – 230k
6-4 – Nguyen Minh Tuan – 280k
6-6 – Erzincanli – 240k
7-1 – Sumit Sapra – 285k
7-3 – Song Byunghwa – 235k
8-5 – Ly Tran Tien – 485k
9-3 – Melvin Tay Yao Loon – 230k
9-7 – Phan Dinh Nam – 420k
10-7 – Dhanesh Chainani – 295k
11-6 – Dang Duy Thanh – 300k
11-7 – Kim Gun Young – 250k
12-9 – Woo Sung Kang – 230k
13-1 – Dao Minh Phu – 400k

1:00PM: Cards in the air! 
Level 15: Blinds 1500 – 3000 ante 3000

ENZ 4478

And they’re off! Cards are in the air for Day 2 of the APL Main Event Da Nang! Good luck! PWe will track some of the action right here so stick with us. Seen at the felt are APL Ambassadors Sumit Sapra, Jack Wu, and Ricky Cheung. Also in action are pro and players Tobias Peters, Linh Tran, Cao Ngoc Anh, and Quang Nguyen.

Welcome to Day 2 of the inaugural APL Da Nang MAIN EVENT!

The past three days has been a build up of action at the Risemount Premier Resort with the star attraction amassing a combined 525 entries. This more than eclipsed the advertised guarantee to settle at VND 10,185,000,000 (~US$ 438,600).  Here’s a look at the numbers and what players will be gunning for:

Day 1A: 71 entries – 16 qualifiers
Day 1B: 126 entries – 23 qualifiers
Day 1C: 231 entries – 59 qualifiers
Day 1D: 97 entries – 36 qualifiers

Total entries: 525
Day 2 qualifiers: 133 (one double qualifier)
Total chips in play: 15,678,500 (71,500 removed from play)
Average stack: 117,833
Opening blinds: 1500 – 3000 ante 3000
Game time: 1pm

Buy-in: VND 22,000,000 (~US$ 950)
Prize pool: VND 10,185,000,000 (~US$ 438,600)
ITM: 66
1st prize: VND 2,026,500,000 (~US$ 87,400)

Day 2 players by rank

1 LIN JIAN 484,500 CHINA 4 5
4 DAO MINH PHU 333,500 VIETNAM 13 1
5 LY TRAN TIEN 333,000 VIETNAM 8 5
10 WOO SUNG KANG 252,000 KOREA 12 9
11 TAE JOON CHO 247,500 KOREA 3 1
12 RYAN REVAI 246,500 CANADA 5 7
13 DANG DUY THANH 239,500 VIETNAM 11 6
14 ZHOU JIA PING 234,500 CHINA 2 5
15 SUMIT SAPRA 231,500 INDIA 7 1
17 IM HEE SOO 215,000 KOREA 4 1
18 LI JIN 208,500 CHINA 15 8
19 FUBANG HUANG 207,500 TAIWAN 1 7
20 KIM GUN YOUNG 196,000 KOREA 11 7
21 EDGAR EVI KIM 189,500 CANADA 13 3
22 YONGDEOK KIM 183,500 KOREA 13 4
23 LEE SEOK YOUNG 176,500 KOREA 1 9
24 ZHANG CHI 174,500 CHINA 5 6
27 TRAN HUY HOANG 170,500 VIETNAM 11 9
28 SIOW KIM FOH 164,500 MALAYSIA 10 4
29 PHAM HUY 162,500 VIETNAM 10 2
30 TRINH HAI DOAN 161,000 VIETNAM 10 8
31 NGOC ANH 157,500 VIETNAM 3 7
32 KIM JUN HAN 150,000 KOREA 7 2
33 KIM HAK DO 148,000 KOREA 2 7
34 CAO NGOC ANH 147,000 VIETNAM 10 6
36 QIAN XUBO 144,000 HONG KONG 5 9
39 KIEN KS 132,000 VIETNAM 12 4
40 KJELL OVE DYB 131,500 NORWAY 4 6
41 CHI CHUNG HO 128,000 HONGKONG 13 7
42 NAM YUNHO 127,500 KOREA 8 2
44 KWON HYUK JIN 123,500 KOREA 6 1
45 HOANG VAN MANH 123,000 VIETNAM 14 9
48 KONG SEONG SU 121,500 KOREA 2 6
49 QUY BANG 119,500 VIETNAM 14 5
50 TANG XIN 119,500 CHINA 6 2
51 DUY HO 118,500 USA 12 3
52 HOJIN KIM 118,000 KOREA 15 2
53 SUN HAO 118,000 CHINA 10 9
54 KIM JAE HWAN 117,000 KOREA 9 9
55 YEONGSEON KU 116,000 KOREA 14 4
57 LINH TRAN 113,500 VIETNAM 12 7
58 FELIX HOANG 113,000 VIETNAM 5 8
59 TERRY NGUYEN 113,000 VIETNAM 12 5
64 PAN YUMEN 103,500 CHINA 3 4
65 DANG THI HUE 102,500 VIETNAM 15 3
66 HIEU NGO 102,500 VIETNAM 4 9
67 MIKE HOANG 102,500 VIETNAM 9 2
68 QI PEILUN 101,500 CHINA 6 3
69 ZHAOXIN 97,000 CHINA 2 4
71 FREDERICK LEE 96,000 USA 2 3
73 LIN YU SHENG 94,500 TAIWAN 1 6
74 KAJORNUT 92,500 THAILAND 10 3
75 PHAM BAO 90,000 VIETNAM 15 5
76 NRAK 89,500 THAILAND 10 5
78 SOO JO KIM 86,500 KOREA 9 6
81 OLEG 83,500 KAZAKHSTAN 7 9
82 JI IN HWOI 82,000 KOREA 14 6
83 JIANFENG SUN 82,000 CHINA 13 8
84 PARK DONG HUN 82,000 KOREA 3 3
85 KANG EENG LIEN 79,500 TAIWAN 15 4
86 CHINNARUT T. 78,000 VIETNAM 4 3
88 LEE JONG WOOK 77,000 KOREA 9 5
89 KANG MIN JI 76,500 KOREA 11 8
90 KIM MIN HYUK 76,000 KOREA 14 1
92 EN CHING WU 75,000 TAIWAN 7 4
93 VU DUC TRUNG 74,500 VIETNAM 11 5
95 KIM JAE HYUK 72,500 KOREA 7 8
96 SANG JONGBEU 71,500 KOREA 1 4
97 JAE GWANG KIM 70,500 KOREA 4 8
98 OH SEUNG KWAN 70,500 KOREA 7 7
101 PARK JU IL 67,000 KOREA 3 8
104 JEON SEUNG SOO 55,500 KOREA 2 2
105 BUI ANH TUAN 53,500 VIETNAM 13 2
106 KIM KYUNG HUN 53,000 KOREA 14 3
107 WEI HSUN CHEN 50,000 TAIWAN 12 1
108 SAHNI VIKAS 48,000 INDIAN 8 9
109 YOUNG HWAN SUNG 48,000 KOREA 14 7
111 BIN ZHANG 46,500 CHINA 3 6
112 INKYU CHOI 44,000 KOREA 5 3
113 JUNG KI 44,000 KOREA 2 1
114 ORI HASSON 44,000 ISRAEL 12 8
115 JOE ZHANG 43,000 CHINA 15 7
116 SONG DAEWOONG 43,000 KOREA 14 2
119 HAN SE NOON 39,000 KOREA 7 5
120 KIM DONG KYU 39,000 KOREA 6 7
121 SHINGO ENDO 36,500 JAPAN 13 9
123 NAM PHONG 35,000 VIETNAM 8 8
124 HAJING SATO 33,000 JAPAN 12 2
125 LIN SHIH HUNG 27,500 TAIWAN 10 1
126 GE YING RUI 27,000 CHINA 9 8
127 OK DONG YOON 27,000 KOREA 3 2
128 XUBO 25,000 CHINA 9 4
129 ZHAO TAO TAO 24,500 CHINA 1 5
130 HE XIAOYIN 22,000 CHINA 7 6
131 LEE JANG HEE 16,500 KOREA 11 3
132 KANG JAE HOON 11,500 KOREA 4 2
133 MS NO WAY 6,000 VIETNAM 13 5



1 - Anton Widjaya – 3,545,000 - INDONESIA
2 - Nguyen Minh Tuan – 2,700,000 - VIETNAM
3 - Tiger Lee Seok Young (KMGM) – 2,180,000 - KOREA
4 - Liu Jian – 2,145,000 - CHINA
5 - Zhang Chi – 1,465,000 - CHINA
6 - Song Daewoong (KMGM) – 1,160,000 - KOREA
7 - Sumit Sapra – 970,000 - INDIA
8 - Lee Jong Wook (KMGM) – 825,000 - KOREA
9 - Young Hwan Sun (KMGM) – 685,000 - KOREA

1 - DAO MINH PHU - 1,123,000 - VIETNAM
2 - LIN JIAN - 865,000 - CHINA
3 - YONGDEOK KIM - 860,000 - KOREA
5 - QUANG NGUYEN - 845,000 - VIETNAM
7 - TAE JOON CHO - 711,000 - KOREA
8 - YOUNG HWAN SUN - 707,000 - KOREA
9 - ZHOU JIA PING - 595,000 - CHINA
10 - LEE SEOK YOUNG - 591,000 - KOREA
11 - SONG BYUNGHWA - 528,000 - KOREA
12 - WOO SUNG KANG - 515,000 - KOREA
13 - PHAM HUY - 509,000 - VIETNAM
14 - FREDERICK LEE - 487,000 - USA
15 - SHINGO ENDO - 466,000 - JAPAN
16 - LUONG ANH TRAN - 464,000 - VIETNAM
17 - IM HEE SOO - 461,000 - KOREA
18 - LIN YU SHENG - 450,000 - TAIWAN
19 - ZHANG CHI - 418,000 - CHINA
20 - SONG DAEWOONG - 416,000 - KOREA
21 - NGUYEN HUN DUC - 393,000 - VIETNAM
22 - SUMIT SAPRA - 378,000 - INDIA
24 - DANG DUY THANH - 343,000 - VIETNAM
25 - TRAN TRUNG HIEU - 328,000 - VIETNAM
26 - LEE JONG WOOK - 280,000 - KOREA
28 - DANG THUI HUE - 153,000 - VIETNAM
29 - HOJIN KIM - 150,000 - KOREA
30 - NAM YUNHO - 149,000 - KOREA
31 - HIEU NGO - 119,000 - VIETNAM
32 - KIEN KS - 98,000 - VIETNAM
33 - OK DONG YOON - 56,000 - KOREA

1st - 2,026,500,000
2nd - 1,350,800,000
3rd - 869,300,000
4th - 622,300,000
5th - 477,900,000
6th - 397,200,000
7th - 329,500,000
8th - 262,800,000
9th - 197,400,000
10th - 164,000,000
11th - 164,000,000
12th - 164,000,000
13th - 131,000,000
14th - 131,000,000
15th - 131,000,000
16th - 109,800,000
17th - 109,800,000
18th - 109,800,000
19th - 92,700,000
20th - 92,700,000
21st - 92,700,000
22nd - 77,500,000
23rd - 77,500,000
24th - 77,500,000
25th - 66,600,000
26th - 66,600,000
27th - 66,600,000
28th - 56,700,000
29th - 56,700,000
30th - 56,700,000
31st - 56,700,000
32nd - 56,700,000
33rd - 56,700,000
34th - 56,700,000
35th - 56,700,000
36th - 56,700,000
37th - 49,000,000
38th - 49,000,000
39th - 49,000,000
40th - 49,000,000
41st - 49,000,000
42nd - 49,000,000
43rd - 49,000,000
44th - 49,000,000
45th - 49,000,000
46th - 41,500,000
47th - 41,500,000
48th - 41,500,000
49th - 41,500,000
50th - 41,500,000
51st - 41,500,000
52nd - 41,500,000
53rd - 41,500,000
54th - 41,500,000
55th - 35,000,000
56th - 35,000,000
57th - 35,000,000
58th - 35,000,000
59th - 35,000,000
60th - 35,000,000
61st - 35,000,000
62nd - 35,000,000
63rd - 35,000,000
64th - 28,900,000
65th - 28,900,000
66th - 28,900,000

Overall poker festival dates are:

Thursday, December 12 - Saturday, December 21, 2019

APL Da Nang 2019 Main Event dates are:

Saturday, December 14 - Thursday, December 19, 2019

Main Event Schedule

Day 1A - Saturday, December 14 at 12:30 pm

Day 1B - Sunday, December 15 at 12:30 pm

Day 1C - Monday, December 16 at 12:30 pm

Day 1D - Monday, December 16 at 5:30 pm

Day 2 - Tuesday, December 17 at 1:00 pm

Day 3 - Wednesday, December 18 at 1:00 pm

Final Day - Thursday, December 19 at 1:00 pm

Buy In

VND 20,000,000

Prize Pool

8 Billions guaranteed

Event News & info - Schedule