APL Manila: South Korea’s Kang Myeonghwa leads APL Tip Off survivors into Final Day; Kwon Taekwon and Terry Gonzaga claim first two trophies


The first event on schedule for the APL Manila series currently running at 2Ace Poker, Pasay city, has set the tone for the rest of the festival. One of only three tournaments with a listed guarantee, APL Tip Off has smashed its PHP 2,000,000 (~USD 36,090) advertised pot and proudly reached the PHP 3,000,000 (~USD 57,470) mark following today’s turnout. The weeklong affair will continue on through Sunday, December 3rd and will complete twelve trophy events, headlined by the PHP 20,000,000 (~USD 361,280) guaranteed Main Event.

Aside from the opener, the first two festival trophies were lifted by South Korea’s Kwon Taekwon and PhilippinesTerry Gonzaga after outlasting the much smaller side event fields. Kwon takes home  PHP 105,765 (~USD 1,910) in winnings for topping Event #2: Single Day NLH, and Gonzaga, a healthier PHP 261,500 (~USD 4,720) for dominating Event #3: Pot Limit Omaha Hi.

APL Tip Off Recap

APL Manila TipOff Day1C chipleader 2
Kang Myeonghwa

A total of 328 entries were recorded across three starting flights, more than half of which were collected in today’s concluding rounds. With 15% of the field surviving through the Final Day, 25 qualifiers from Flight C joined the 23 players from yesterday’s games. South Korea’s Kang Myeonghwa leads the pack with a 356,000 chip stack, followed closely by Flight A chip leader Juanito Ibarra having bagged 349,000.

Two local runners busted right on bubble time with Renniel Galvez being the shorter stack of the two. Action firstly on him, Galvez pushed his chips in with Ah10h and was called by Cho Taejoo a seat after with a better AsJs. Dominated and at risk, Galvez quickly headed for the rails following a jack high flop rolled on the board. Looking at the other tables, Jeffrey Calonge likewise found himself in trouble after running his AdKd against John Clyde Tan’s AsAh for the former’s timely exit.

APL Manila TipOff bubble time 2

The day wrapped up with a total of 48 qualifiers set to return to the felt tomorrow for the Final Day. All survivors are now guaranteed a minimum payout of PHP 15,600 (~USD 280) with the top prize listed at PHP 649,000 (~USD 11,720). Action resumes on Wednesday, November 29th, 2:00 p.m. following a schedule change. 

Top 10 Chip Counts

Player Chip Count Table – Seat
Kang Myeonghwa 356,000 6-1
Juanito Ibarra 349,000 1-3
Lee Dongho 341,500 2-8
Jayvon Carreon 319,500 6-5
Norbert Kho 318,000 3-2
Moses Saquing  316,000 5-1
Youngwook Jang 300,000 6-4
Belljohn Perez 295,000 6-8
John Clyde Tan 287,000 4-1
Michael Bueza 262,000 2-1

APL Tip Off Chip Counts & Seat Draw

APL Tip Off Review

Date/s: November 27-29, 2023
Buy-in: PHP 10,500 (~USD 190)
Guarantee: PHP 2,000,000 (~USD 36,090)
Prize pool: PHP 3,181,600 (~USD 57,470)
Entries: 328
ITM: 49 players

Flight A – 49 entries, 7 qualified
Flight B – 105 entries, 16 qualified
Flight C – 174 entries, 26 qualified

Event #2: Single Day NLH: Kwon Taekwon – PHP 105,765 (~USD 1,910)

apl manila 2023 single day nlh
Kwon Taekwon

Date/s: November 28, 2023
Buy-in: PHP 10,000 (~USD 180)
Prize pool: PHP 285,665 (~USD 5,160)
Entries: 31
ITM: 5 players

Event #2: Single Day NLH Full Payouts

Rank Player Flag Prize (PHP)
1st Kwon Taekwon South Korea ₱105,765
2nd Jeurg Mangalindan Philippines ₱72,800
3rd Niroshan Loganathan Canada ₱46,400
4th Kim Younghun South Korea ₱33,600
5th Tony Khoang Netherlands ₱27,100

Event #3: Pot Limit Omaha Hi: Terry Gonzaga – PHP 301,500 (~USD 5,440)

apl manila 2023 pot limit omaha winner 2
Terry Gonzaga

Date/s: November 28, 2023
Buy-in: PHP 40,000 (~USD 720)
Prize pool: PHP 717,800 (~USD 12,960)
Entries: 20
ITM: 4 players

Event #3: Pot Limit Omaha Hi Full Payouts

Rank Player Flag Prize (PHP)
1st Terry Gonzaga Philippines ₱261,500*
2nd Eduardo Ligon Philippines ₱241,000*
3rd Jung Hwanki South Korea ₱129,200
4th Jie Chang Yong South Korea ₱86,100

*Denotes deal was made

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