APL Ho Chi Minh City: Do Thanh Duy, Abhishek Paul and Christopher Mateo win events

Another three side event trophies have been awarded here at the APL Ho Chi Minh City Road Series Vol.3 at Pro Poker Club. The latest winners were Do Thanh Duy, Abhishek Paul, and Christopher Mateo. At the time of writing, all three players have joined the Day 1C of the Main Event.

No Limit Hold’em 1 – BB Ante event

Do Thanh Duy

There are six BB Ante events offered at the festival, this event was one of them. The event brought in 63 entries. With each one putting in the VNDS 5.5M buy-in, the prize pool came to VND 305,550,000 (US$13,000). 8 players got paid with Vietnam’s Do Thanh Duy claiming the biggest share.

1st Do Thanh Duy – VND 110,000,000
2nd Le – VND 64,620,000
3rd Xu Guo – VND 40,490,000
4th I Cheng Chuan – VND 27,500,000
5th Dhanesh Chainani – VND 21,390,000
6th James Morrison – VND 16,810,000
7th Jin Ho Park – VND 13,750,000
8th Cong Chi Nguyen – VND 11,000,000

The event ran for two days with Duy delivering the bubble with kings over queens to end the first day. Returning on the final day, Duy entered with the chip lead and held it all the way to heads up where he faced Le with a 2:1 chip advantage.

Unlike Duy, Le had an uphill climb throughout the day. Prior to reaching this stage, he was down to just 3 bbs at six-handed. At heads up, he managed to swing the count to his favor but Duy claimed it right back and eventually shut the door on him. The final hand Le shoved with Qd3d, Duy snap-called with 7s7d. The final board ran 7cJdQhQs8d for full house over trips. With this win, Duy gives Vietnam its second trophy of the series. Duy earned the VND 110,000,000 (US$4,700) first prize.  

Deepstack Hyper Turbo

Christopher Mateo

55 entered the Deepstack Hyper Turbo event and with each one paying up the VND 5.5M buy-in, this generated a prize pool of VND 266,700,000 (US$11,435). Closing it out was Filipino player Christopher Mateo, putting the Philippines on the board with its first trophy of the series.

Mateo entered the final table leading in chips but fell to mid-rank at six-handed. Taking his place at the top was Huy Nguyen who amassed a very big stack after railing Dung (Pro) in 5th place. It wasn’t until three-handed  when Mateo made his comeback. He doubled up through the leader twice; the first one was with QsQc winning over Ac6d, the second one was the game-changer.

Retelling the hand, Huy raised from the button, Mateo three-bet from big blind, and Huy called. At the flop 2hJhQs, both checked. On the 9h turn, Mateo checked, Huy all in, Mateo snap-called. Mateo held a dominating KdKc, Huy had 2c7c bluff and was drawing dead.

Several hands after, Huy was eliminated and Mateo faced Hansol Choi at heads up. Mateo was up 5:1. Choi couldn’t catch up. The final hand Choi moved all in on a flop Qc6h2h and Mateo snap-called. Mateo AhKh, Choi 9h8h, the turn 10d and river Ad completed it for a victory to Mateo. He shipped the VND 98,700,000 (US$4,231) first prize.

1st Christopher Mateo – VND 98,700,000
2nd Hansol Choi – VND 58,690,000
3rd Huy Nguyen – VND 36,010,000
4th Nguyen Hiep Tien – VND 25,340,000
5th Dung (Pro) – VND 20,010,000
6th Hoang Truong – VND 16,010,000
7th Nam Nguyen – VND 12,000,000

You can watch the final table of the NLH BB Ante event and Deepstack Turbo event in the Pro Poker Club YouTube channel. Other events have also been uploaded for your viewing enjoyment.

Hyper Turbo 1

CLO07596 1
Abhishek Paul

The Hyper Turbo 1 had a light turnout of 18 entries for a prize pool of VND 180,000,000. The game sped off in rapid pace reaching the money in no time. Abhishek Paul proceeded to rule the felt. He railed Japan’s Azusa Maeda with QdQh over 9c9s on a dry board.

Entering heads up with a massive stack, Abhishek grinded down Pasi Heinanen. Heinanen tried to take a stand with Qs7h but ran right into Abhishek’s AhKd. The board was dry once again and Abhishek won the event. He claimed the VND 34,920,000 first prize along with his first-ever APL trophy. That’s one for India at the series!

1st Abhishek Paul – VND 34,920,000
2nd Pasi Heinanen – VND 20,950,000
3rd Azusa Maeda – VND 13,970,000

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