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All-In Or Fold (AOF) is a unique and popular poker variant that you’ll find on Natural8 – Asia’s largest online poker site. This fast and furious poker format comes in both Hold’em and Omaha variants.

Within All-In or Fold itself, there are three different side games that makes the game even more interesting. Read on to find out more!

1) Bet on Flop


Bet on Flop is a side bet option for action junkies. As the name implies, it allows you to place bets on the texture of the flop and win extra money while playing at your favourite All-In Or Fold tables.

Your options for flop-based action are as follows:

All-In Or Fold

The Bet On Flop layout looks similar to that of a craps or roulette table, and functions very much in the same way. You can stake up to 100BB or as little as 1BB. 

The most lucrative AOF Bet On Flop selection has a payout that is at a massive 170x your bet. To win this, you need to see either a three-card straight flush or a three-of-a-kind hit the flop.

2) AOF Bingo

All-In Or Fold

All-In Or Fold Bingo helps to create even more action in what is already a fast-paced form of poker. This side game does not need to be activated as your bingo card will automatically appear on the bottom-left of the screen when you take your seat. 

The rules are just like a traditional game of bingo. To win a prize, you have to complete a horizontal, diagonal, or vertical line in the 4×4 grid of playing cards. You will have 50 hands in which to block out a row. 

Every time one of the cards in your bingo grid appears in your AOF hand, the game will notify you by highlighting the card pink. If you shove and win the pot at showdown, that card will be crossed off your AOF Bingo sheet. If both cards in your hand are featured in your grid, then you will get two for the price of one! 

3) All-In Or Fold Jackpot

All-In Or Fold

The All-In Or Fold Jackpot is the third and final side game, and you can win this simply by playing your usual AOF Hold’em or Omaha games.

To take down the jackpot, you will need to make the best possible straight flush by using both of your Hold’em hole cards. For Omaha, you’ll need to make a Royal Flush with any two of your four hole cards.

If you haven’t already, make sure you try All-In or Fold plus these 3 awesome side games!

About Natural8

Natural8 is Asia’s largest online poker room and geared towards recreational players. A skin on the reputable GGPoker Network, Natural8 is fully licensed and authorised. Anyone can join for free, and there are no hidden fees. On top of the $120 million guaranteed prize pool for tournaments every month, Natural8 also offers players extra incentives in the form of monthly promotions and cashback programs.

There are plenty of promotions available for players new to Natural8, including the $8 Instant Deposit Bonus (with a minimum deposit of $10) as well as the First Deposit Bonus – where players can choose between a 200% match bonus (up to $1,000) or $100 in instant rewards. New user specials on Natural8 amount to a total of $1,608 – easily one of the best in the online poker scene.

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