AJPC: Rijad Hasani takes Main Event victory, Sorokin crushing side events

The AJPC festival in Korea has been providing players with chances at glory over the last week with a total of 14 events set to take place.

Most of those are now complete, including the all-important Main Event and High Roller, so allow us to bring you the latest results from Paradise City in Incheon.

KRW1,100,000 Main Event – Winner: Rijad Hasani

Main Event winner Rijad Hasani – Photo credit: AJPC

The Main Event began on October 12th with three day 1 starting flights gathering a total field of 80 players. Each player paid KRW1,100,000 (US$929) to enter, bringing the total prize pool up to KRW77,600,000 (US$65,538). Prizes were paid to the top 15 finishers.

By the time three players were left standing, the pay jumps were beginning to become steep, but no deal was struck, with Japan’s Taishi Ishibuchi exiting in 3rd place to bring the action heads up. Despite the efforts of Hong Kong’s Yam Chun Ho Edward, it was Kosovan, Rijad Hasani who took victory to seal the title and put his name on the trophy.

The final payouts are as follows:
1st – Rijad Hasani (Kosovo) – KRW22,115,000 (US$18,678)
2nd – Yam Chun Ho Edward (Hong Kong) KRW12,800,000
3rd – Taishi Ishibuchi (Japan) – KRW7,760,000
4th – Zhou Bing (China) – KRW6,205,000
5th – Kohei Kawai (Japan) – KRW 5,350,000
6th – Akihiro Konishi (Japan) – KRW4,580,000
7th – Kim Tae Kon (Canada) – KRW3,800,000
8th – Junya Kuba (Japan) – KRW2,640,000
9th – Takeshi Tamaoka (Japan) – KRW2,090,000

This runner up finish marks another great result in a fast-growing list of cashes for Edward Yam. He has already set a world record for the most live cashes in a single calendar year, and that was back in summer when he hit 68 for 2019. Now, he has 119 and counting.

Maxim Sorokin running good in side events

Warm-Up winner Maxim Sirokin – Photo credit AJPC

Russian pro Maxim Sorokin is having a great festival so far, having already picked up a side event victory in the Warm-Up event for KRW2,855,000 (US$2,384).

This is in addition to the 3rd place he took in the KRW550,000 KO Bounty event for KRW1,960,000 (US$1,656), and a 5th place in the KRW550,000 Deep Stack for KRW1,975,000 (US$1,657).

These may only be small cashes in relation to Sorokin’s lifetime cashes of over $638,000 but they represent a good run of form for a player who hadn’t posted a live cash for over two years prior to this series.

Side event results to date

Event 1 – KRW220,000 (US$186) Warm-Up
Entries: 46
Prize Pool: KRW8,924,000 (US$7,453)
Winner: Maxim Sorokin (Russia) – KRW2,855,000 (US$2,384)

Event 2 – KRW330,000 (US$279) NLH Opening Event
Entries: 74
Prize Pool: KRW21,534,000 (US$17,983)
Winner: Fu Huang (Taiwan) – KRW6,245,000 (US$5,215)

Event 3 – KRW330,000 (US$279) Monster Deep Turbo
Entries: 77
Prize Pool: KRW22,407,000 (US$18,794)
Winner: Masahiko Nasu (Japan) – KRW6,385,000 (US$5,355)

Event 4 – KRW550,000 (US$465) Deep Stack
Entries: 49
Prize Pool: KRW23,765,000 (US$20,070)
Winner: Ren Wang (Australia) – KRW7,605,000 (US$6,379)

Event 5 – KRW330,000 Crazy KO Bounty
Entries: 29
Prize Pool: KRW4,089,000 (US$3,430)
Winner: Kawata Yuji (Japan) – KRW1,510,000 (US$1,267)

Event 6 – KRW550,000 (US$465) KO Bounty
Entries: 34
Prize Pool: KRW13,090,000 (US$11,059)
Winner: Etsuko Kobayashi (Japan) KRW4,580,000 (US$3,869)

Event 8 – KRW550,000 (US$465) Samurai Deep

Entries: 111

Prize Pool: KRW53,835,000 (US$45,527)

Winner: Kai Shuto (Japan) – KRW15,075,000 (US$12,749)

Event 9 – KRW100,000 (US$84) NLH Flip Out

Entries: 90

Prize Pool: KRW7,857,000 (US$6,645)

Winner: Masato Nishida (Japan) – KRW2,750,000 (US$2,326)

Event 10 – KRW3,000,000 (US$2,534) High Roller Turbo

Entries: 7

Prize Pool: KRW18,672,500 (US$15,791)

Winner: Ro Roman (Russia) – KRW13,070,000 (US$11,053)

Event 11 – KRW440,000 (US$371) HKGC Crazy KO Bounty

Entries: 43

Prize Pool: KRW8,084,000 (US$6,836)

Winner: Katsushi Kuramochi (Japan) – KRW2,589,000 (US$2,189)

Event 12 – KRW770,000 (US$649) Final Monster

Entries: 37

Prize Pool: KRW25,123,000 (US$21,186)

Winner: Masahiko Nasu (Japan) – KRW8,795,000 (US$7,417)

Event 13 – KRW2,100,000 (US$1,771) High Roller Turbo

Entries: 11

Prize Pool: KRW19,419,400 (US$16,377)

Winner: Hideaki Manabe (Japan) – KRW9,710,000 (US$8,189)

Event 14 – KRW550,000 (US$464) Final Event

Entries: 41

Prize Pool: KRW19,885,000 (US$16,769)

Winner: Yam Chun Ho Edward (Hong Kong) – KRW6,365,000 (US$5,368)

Article by Craig Bradshaw