USOP Vietnam: Tobias Bui wins the Superstar Challenge for VN₫ 1,900,000,000 (~US$ 81,000)

Tobias Bui

Vietnam’s Tobias Bui raised his first ever live event trophy after overcoming fierce competition at the Superstack Challenge final table. For his triumph, Bui pocketed the coveted VN₫ 1,900,000,000 (~US$ 81,000) top prize. Congratulations to the champion!

You can relive the final table race via the Crown Poker Club YouTube channel or click the link provided. You can also scroll down for the winner’s recap.



Buy in: VN₫ 107,000,000 (~US$ 4,525)
Guarantee: VN₫ 1,500,000,000 (~US$ 63,970)
Entries: 64 (41 unique, 23 re-entry)
Prize pool: VN₫ 6,208,000,000 (~US$ 264,760)
ITM: 10 places

Place Player Payout in VN₫
1 Tobias Bui 1,900,000,000
2 Yeh Hung Wei 1,200,000,000
3 Victor Chong 800,000,000
4 Ang Yang Sang 539,000,000
5 Huu Dung Nguyen 420,000,000
6 Sebastien Mueller 350,000,000
7 Anton Lu 300,000,000
8 Chu Thai Thinh 260,000,000
9 Tan Ken Yong 232,000,000
10 William Jia 207,000,000

The eleven-day inaugural U Series of Poker Vietnam kicked off on April 14 at the Crown Poker Club, and on Day 3, the highly popular Superstar Challenge hit the felt. This was the priciest tournament of the series with buy in at VN₫ 107,000,000 (~US$ 4,525). For this edition, it featured a VN₫ 1.5 Billion guarantee.

Superstar Challenge final table

Throughout the 12 levels of registration, 41 signed up plus 23 re-entries to send the prize pool soaring over 4x, settling at VN₫ 6,208,000,000. Among the players that came out were Triton champions Devan Tang, Dao Minh Phu, 2023 PSPC runner up Max Menzel, Taiwan’s Nevan Chang, USOP founder Tse Ian Lee, Vietnam’s Minh Quang Nguyen, Huy Quang Nguyenand Sang Nguyen.

By the fourteenth hour of play, Huu Dung Nguyen finally delivered the bubble, then shortly after, William Jia fell in 10th place to mark the end of Day 1.

Sebastien Mueller

The final 9 players returned the following day led by Germany’s Sebastien Mueller with 43 BB and Tobias Bui running second with 40 BB. Mueller dominated the early action, winning pot after pot, while Bui saw his stack go on a downward spin. It wasn’t until five handed when Bui caught a lucky break to change his course completely.

Victor Chong

Down to 10 bb, Bui was all in with KcJc against Natural8′s Victor Chong‘s QdQc. A king came on the river 7s4s5s9sKd to save him. With renewed life, Bui went on to eliminate Huu Dung Nguyen in 5th place with pocket Fives surviving overcards. The rush continued, rising to over 70% of the chips in play after sending Ang Yang Sang packing in 4th place. The hand was AcKd over Ad9h.

Ang Yang Sang

At three-handed, Taiwan’s Yeh Hung Wei eliminated Chong with KdQc straight beating Ah4h on a board AcJd10c10h9d. This signaled the start of the heads up round with Tobias ahead 56 bb to Yeh’s 23 bb. Both players were now guaranteed a billion VND with the champion earning a substantial VN₫ 700M more. 


Wasting no time at all, they shoved on the first hand. Yeh had 9c9s, Tobias had KdQh, the board ran Ah9h4cQsJc for a fast double up to Yeh to quickly switch command.

But Yeh’s reign was short. After several small pots exchanged, Bui made the most stunning call of the series. On a board 4dJsAhKc5s, preflop raiser Yeh bet big at every stage with a jam on the river. Bui check-called. Yeh showed his Qh6s bluff, Bui shipped it with 4h3c bottom pair.

Yeh Hung Wei

Back up top with a strong 5:1 advantage, Bui still couldn’t close it out. Instead, Yeh grinded impressively to come close to par when the final hand arrived. Tobias limped, Yeh checked, the flop was 5c5h3h. Yeh check-raised, Tobias called. On the turn Jh, Yeh shoved with 6c3d two pair, Tobias snap-called with Qh5d trips, Yeh was drawing dead.

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