WPT Prime Cambodia: Kiale Matthews and Konstantin Generalov rise to victory; Arun Sriram bags big at Main Event Day 1B; Rolands Norietis leads NLH Final 9


Plenty of  exciting stories at WPT Prime Cambodia Season XXI starting with the Main Event $500,000 guarantee breached at Day 1B. The headliner is currently at 529 entries (Day 1A – 218, Day 1B – 311) with one starting day yet to play out. How high the pot will go shall be determined at the end of Day 1C registration.

Another hot news is Australia’s Kiale Matthews who continues to run red hot. He reached his fourth final table at the Short Deck High Roller, the most by any player, and shipped it to maintain his lead in the Player of the Festival race. Russia’s Konstantin Generalov also bagged a win, rising from just 4 bb to champion. Day 9 closed with the final 9 players of the NLH 2-Day event led by Latvia’s Roland Norietis. 

We’ve got those results down below.

Main Event Day 1B chip leader – Arun Sriram (India)

India’s Arun Sriram topped the Day 1C survivors list with a huge 888,000 stack, that’s over 300K more than the Day 1A leader’s stack. Sriram is now the overall leader with one flight yet to play out. Also bagging a big one was Vitalii Borodin, just 3 bb behind Sriram.

WPT Prime Cambodia – MAIN EVENT – Chip Counts


End of Day 1B – Top 10 in chips

1 Arun Sriram 888,000
2 Vitalii Borodin 870,000
3 Dongyun Jo 752,000
4 Koen Breed 731,000
5 Gabriel Carter 600,000
6 Muhammed Ali Chandna 395,000
7 Jumpei Masatoshi 355,000
8 Kunal Patni 354,000
9 Victor Chong 338,000
10 Anton Michlmayr 313,000

Main Event update

Buy in: US$ 1,100
Guarantee: US$ 500,000
Day 1A: 218 entries / 28 ITM
Day 1B: 311 entries / 39 ITM

Cumulative entries: 529
Day 2 players: 67

Day 2 – Top 10 in chips

1 Arun Sriram 888,000
2 Vitalii Borodin 870,000
3 Dongyun Jo 752,000
4 Koen Breed 731,000
5 Gabriel Carter 600,000
6 Benjamin Mun 578,000
7 Frank Lillis 563,000
8 Shardul Parthasarathi 509,000
9 Alok Birewar 474,000
10 Anh Minh Nguyen 407,000

WPT Prime Cambodia – MAIN EVENT – Chip Counts

Kiale Matthews crushing the felt, bags Short Deck High Roller

Kiale Matthews has been a total beast! Entering the Short Deck High Roller with three final table cashes, he proceeded to close it out to capture his first WPT title and a career high payout of US$ 16,490.

Kiale Matthews

The event was a light one with only 17 entries at US$ 2,200 each for a prize pool of US$ 32,980. At bubble time, with only three players guaranteed pay, short stacks Brad Owen and Matthews tangled. Both players were all in on a flop Kd7dJc. Matthews with Kh7h two pair, Owen with Qs10c open ended, the turn As awarded Owen the straight but with the river 7s, Matthews jumped back out front with a boat to eliminate Owen.


Down to three players, chip leader Nobuaki Sasaki grinded down Lun Loon to clean him out and bring about heads up. Both were very deep, Sasaki had 116 bb, Matthews sitting on 54 bb. The first all in showdown was a double up for Matthews with AsKs dominating AdQh to even them up.

As the race continued, Matthews took the lead after exposing two of Sasaki’s bluff. The costlier was As10c calling a river bet on a board Ac8d9h8hKh, Sasaki had Jc10h missed draw.

This led to the final hand with Sasaki ahead AsKd, Matthews AcQh, the board AdQs7hQcKh for a crushing full house to Matthews. With this win, Matthews widened his lead in the Player of the Festival race. (POF leaderboard at the bottom of the page)

Buy in: US$ 2,200
Entries: 17
Prize pool: US$ 32,980
ITM: 3 places

1 Kiale Matthews Australia $16,490
2 Nobuaki Sasaki Japan $9,894
3 Lun Loon Malaysia $6,596

Comeback victory for Konstantin Generalov at PLO 800

Konstantin Generalov

The two-day PLO 800 event brought 47 enthusiasts to action, each one ponying up US$ 800 for a pot of US$ 32,825. Only the top six earned a cut with the largest determined at Day 2. On his second final table cash, Latvia’s Rolands Norietis was backed by an overwhelming stack, also in the final six lineup was India’s Deep Raina who was back for his third final table ITM.


Short stacks dropped quite fast to trim the field and boost Norietis to nearly 70 percent of the chips in play, however Russia’s Konstantin Generalov was a difficult one to crack. Generalov was down to 4 bb when he doubled up not once, but four times through Norietis to switch positions. On the fifth clash, Norietis crashed in 3rd place with 5d8s8dAd two pair losing to Generalov’s JcAh5c8h trips.


With a towering lead at heads up, Generalov went on to eliminate India’s Sanjay Kandampully with AdAcKs3d over 9s8hKcKh on a board Qc5c3s2d10d. Generalov became the second player from Russia to win a trophy at the series, it was also his second WPT title having won one a side event in 2021 WPT Russia. In cash, Generalov walked away US$ 12,803 richer.

Buy in: US$ 800
Entries: 47
Prize pool: US$ 32,825
ITM: 6 places

1 Konstantin Generalov Russia $12,803
2 Sanjay Kandampully India $7,550
3 Rolands Norietis Latvia $4,595
4 Deep Raina India $3,282
5 Philippe Clerc Switzerland $2,626
6 Kamran Suriya Pakistan $1,969

Event 20: NLH 2-Day – Final 9 players

The NLH 2-Day event picked up 155 entries for a prize pool of US$ 54,126. The bubble was delivered in brutal fashion with Shardul Parthasarathis AdAh cracked by Kittipong Charoenvijitchai‘s AsQs on a board JsQc9cKhQh.


From there, the 20 remaining players raced for a spot at Day 2’s final 9. Rolands Norietis eliminated a player in 11th place with AcQh pairing the Queen to overtake pocket Tens. He closed the day eliminating another player with As10d over Ad7s on a board QsQh3c8hAc.

Buy in: 400
Entries: 155
Prize pool: US$ 54,126
ITM: 20 places

*Payouts 10th – 20th to be posted

Seat Player Flag Stack BB
1 Chua Yong Kwee Singapore 133,000 11
2 Baek Sun Wook Korea 179,000 15
3 Somashekar KM India 359,000 30
4 Matt Henry Bevin Australia 178,000 15
5 Harsh Bubna India 97,000 8
6 Rolands Norietis Latvia 600,000 50
7 Jasven Saigal India 108,000 9
8 Kittipong Charoenvijitchai Thailand 366,000 31
9 Anton Widjaya Indonesia 305,000 25

Player of the Festival – update after 18 events


Kiale Matthews

After 18 completed events, Australia’s Kiale Matthews has widened his lead in the Player of the Festival race from 800 points to 1100 points after winning the Short Deck High Roller. It will be tough to catch him however there are several players rising fast. Deep Raina reached three final tables to move up to 5th rank and Rolands Norietis entered the top 16 in 8th place with two final tables. Norietis is currently leading the NLH 2-Day event.

Still plenty of events to conquer and earn points including the Main Event which is underway. The player with the most points at the end of the festival will win a WPT Passport worth $5,000 to any WPT Main Tour of Season XXI.

Top 10 in POF points

1 Kiale Matthews 1100
2 Micheal Oneill 675
3 Richard Marquez 650
4 Joshua Mccully 650
5 Deep Raina 575
6 Chien-Chih Weng 550
7 Duc Thanh Nguyen 525
8 Rolands Norietis 525
9 Bien Mai 500
10 Tien Loon Ling 475
11 Tyler Suansrakaew 450
12 Fung Kong 450
13 Vikaash Shah 425
14 Huyen Duc Luu 400
15 Brad Owen 400
16 Leo Soma 400

Season XXI WPT Prime Cambodia

WPT Prime Cambodia, in partnership with Connaissance Management, runs from March 9 to 21 at NagaWorld Integrated Resorts in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. A total of 30 tournaments are scheduled and US$ 1 Million in guarantees. To date, eighteen players have walked away victorious. Only 12 trophies left.

The Main Event $500,000 guaranteed is underway. With Day 1A and Day 1B completed, which means only one starting day left to join the race. Day 1C takes place on Saturday, March 18. Buy in is US$ 1,100. By the looks of it, it will easily breach one thousand entries with the potential to surpass its previous turnout.

WPT Prime Cambodia – Player Guide
Breakdown of WPT Prime Cambodia schedule
WPT Prime Cambodia – Festival Payouts
WPT Prime Cambodia – Main Event Chip Counts

For added enjoyment, there are ample cash games running daily and the Cash Game Bonanza.


Stay tuned to Somuchpoker as we bring you updates of WPT Prime Cambodia from start to finish

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