APC Da Nang MAIN EVENT ₫8 Billion guaranteed underway! Day 1A closes at 530pm; Dong Ho Park, Dongwook Gwon win trophies


Ready or not, the first ever Asia Poker Championship Da Nang MAIN EVENT is here! At 11am today, the ₫8 Billion guaranteed flagship tournament kicked off Day 1A at the Dragon Poker Club, the first overseas poker room owned and operated by poker organizer Korea Mind Game Members (KMGM). This marks the first of four entry days on schedule. Buy in is ₫22,000,000 (~$930). Come on over and join the action and claim the first APC title in in Vietnam! 

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To start, players are given a 40,000 stack which is a deep 200 times the opening big blind. The blinds increase every 40 minutes. For players just making their way, registration closes at 5:30pm, at the start of Level 10. If you happen to bust early, no fret as this is an unlimited re-entry tournament. Last minute sign ups still have a threatening stack of 20 BB. Day 1A ends once ITM is reached of 12.5% of the field.

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Today’s heat is followed by Day 1B (Thursday, March 2) and Day 1C (Friday, March 3). If those still miss the mark, then there is on final chance at the pot with the Day 1D Turbo flight happening on Friday, March 3 starting at 4:30pm and closing at 6:15pm.

Players that qualify but wish to attempt for a larger stack may do so however, only the biggest stack advances and the short one is immediately paid the minimum.

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Event Results: Day 2

On Tuesday, February 28, two players joined Teddy Pham in the exclusive APC Da Nang winner’s club. The newly minted were Korean players Dong Ho Park and Dongwook Gwon. Here are brief recaps on their final race to victory.

Dong Ho Park wins the Deepstack Freezeout

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Attracting the largest crowd at Day 2 of the festival was the Deepstack Freezeout with 111 battling it out to bring that one bullet all the way to the top. Earning the glory and the trophy was Korea’s Dong Ho Park who struck an ICM deal at three-handed to claim the largest piece of the pot and the title.

Picking up the action during the bubble round with 15 players remaining, after four hands, all of the players agreed to pay out 15th place with the money taken from the winner’s purse. This made Jang Won Park a happy camper as he walked away with a payout slightly above the buy in.

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4th placer – Jachong Choe

Down to four-handed, a big hand came between Dong Ho Park and Jachong Choe. All in preflop, Park’s Jh10h completed a straight to beat Choe’s Ah7h top pair on a board Qc2d10dKsAs. From there, the final three agreed on an ICM payout to end the match. Park won

Buy in: ₫4,400,000 (~$185)
Entries: 111
Prize pool: ₫430,680,000 (~$18,150)
ITM: 15 places (deal)
*Top three ICM deal


1 Dong Ho Park 98,390,000*
2 Tú Ngọc Phạm 80,800,000*
3 Maurice Tan 73,710,000*
4 Jachong Choe 30,100,000
5 Young Jeu Han 24,100,000
6 Yunho Cho 20,600,000
7 Jeong Gi Hwang 18,700,000
8 Hyosun Jeong 16,200,000
9 Mingyun Kim 14,000,000
10 Chang Hyun Kim 12,100,000
11 Bongsik Kim 10,500,000
12 Chang Hwan Lee 9,200,000
13 Minseo Cho 8,200,000
14 Jineunju 7,500,000
15 Jang Won Park 6,580,000

Dongwook Gwon wins the Hyper Turbo

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The second trophy hunt found 66 take on the Hyper Turbo for a prize pool of ₫192,060,000 (~$8,100). Leading up to heads up, Korean player Dongwook Gwon eliminated multiple players to face Sun Hyeok Gwon for the title. Ahead in chips, both players were all in on a board 3x5x6x4x, Dongwook had Jack-Seven straight which held to the river. 

Buy in: ₫3,300,000 (~$140)
Entries: 66
Prize pool: ₫192,060,000 (~$8,100)
ITM: 8 places


1 Dongwook Gwon 58,260,000
2 Sun Hyeok Gwon 50,000,000
3 Dien Van Le 25,400,000
4 Inho Choi 18,200,000
5 Young Gi Jin 14,400,000
6 Toan Duc Tran 11,500,000
7 Huyngwook Lyun 8,600,000
8 Tanhing Kangjasa 5,700,000


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