USOP: Poker2U Taiwan Series: Ching Wei Chen 陳靖惟 ships Kick Off event for TWD 547,000 (~$18,130)


The first key event winner of the inaugural U Series of Poker: Poker2U Taiwan Series has been crowned! Taiwan’s Ching Wei Chen ‘Carter’ 陳靖惟 defeated  Singapore’s Jacky Wang 王立傑 at heads up of the Kick Off event to seize the champion’s trophy and earn a cool  TWD 547,000 (~$18,130). This was Chen’s 陳靖惟 first international title since 2018 and his largest live tournament career score. You can read up on his victory via the Kick Off – Live Updates or scroll down for the highlights.

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Ching Wei Chen 陳靖惟

Final table payouts

1 Ching Wei Chen 陳靖惟 Taiwan 547,000
2 Jacky Wang 王立傑 Singapore 383,000
3 Kun Han Lee 李昆翰 Taiwan 246,000
4 Leopold Godefroy France 161,000
5 Ang Yang Siang 洪揚翔 Malaysia 124,000
6 Jung Chou Chen 陳榮州 Taiwan 103,000
7 Wen Shan 單文 Taiwan 86,000
8 Kai Jan Chou 周楷然 Taiwan 70,000
9 Chou Shih Kun 周世坤 Taiwan 54,000

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The Kick Off event opened the series on February 10 and within the first few levels, host venue Chinese Texas Hold’em Poker Association (CTP Club Taipei) was buzzing  with action. By the end of the two flights, 375 entered to boost the prize pool to TWD 2,619,000 (~$86,800). Both flights played to ITM of 12.5% of the field.

Dates: February 10 to 11
Buy in: TWD 8,000 (~$265)
Guarantee: TWD 2,000,000 (~$65,260)
Entries: 375 (Flight A – 214, Flight B – 161)
Prize pool: TWD 2,619,000 (~$86,800)
ITM: 48 players

DSC 5531

Day 2 saw the return of 48 players. Taiwan’s Jung Chou Chen 陳榮州 carried in the overall chip lead and was the only player with 100+ BB. On the clear opposite end was Taiwan’s Chen An Lin 林宸安 with 7 BB. While Chen 陳榮州 maintained his big stack, Lin 林宸安 clawed his way up impressively to briefly sit on the leader’s throne at 24 players remaining. Lin 林宸安 exited in 12th place.

DSC 5580
Chen An Lin 林宸安

Another player making waves was Malaysia’s Ang Yang Siang 洪揚翔 who entered the day with 17 BB. Siang’s 洪揚翔 stack stayed below average for some time until a flurry of victorious showdowns sent him soaring. At three tables, Siang 洪揚翔 landed a double up off  Chen Chia Hsu 許展嘉 and another off Lin 林宸安, then took down a three-way, eventually becoming the first player to reach a million in chips. Siang’s 洪揚翔 hot run ended in 5th place.

DSC 5636
Ang Yang Siang 洪揚翔

As the field trimmed to two tables, Singapore’s Jacky Wang 王立傑 was the demise of numerous players to carry in a heavy advantage into the final table. Wang 王立傑 proceeded to crush the hopes of five players, which included Day 1 Flight leaders Jung Chou Chen 陳榮州 and Wen Shan 單文. The latter Shan saw his pocket Kings cracked by trips threes.

IMG 6280
Jacky Wang 王立傑

Wang 王立傑 also had more than a handful of run-ins with France’s Leopold Godefroy. On their fifth all in clash, Wang 王立傑 finally won it to send Godefroy out in 4th place. Before Taiwan’s Kun Han Lee 李昆翰 exited in 3rd place, Wang 王立傑 doubled up both of his remaining opponents, Lee 李昆翰 and Ching Wei Chen 陳靖惟.

DSC 5634
Ching Wei Chen 陳靖惟

Chen 陳靖惟 went on to eliminate Lee 李昆翰 to overtake Wang 王立傑. It took one heads up hand for Chen 陳靖惟  to secure the title. Wang 王立傑 shoved with Js10s that ran into Chen’s 陳靖惟 QsQc.

Congratulations to Ching Wei Chen 陳靖惟! 

More action ahead so stay tuned to Somuchpoker as we bring you daily recaps and highlights of the ongoing series. The inaugural USOP: Poker2U Taiwan Series is ongoing at the CTP Club until February 19, 2023. For photos, head to the Somuchpoker News & Event Coverage facebook page.

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