Inaugural USOP: Poker2U Taiwan Series Kick Off event draws 375; Jung Chou Chen 陳榮州 bags overall chip lead


The inaugural U Series of Poker: Poker2U Taiwan Series has arrived at the Chinese Texas Hold’em Poker Association (CTP Club) in Taipei City. The opening Kick Off event drew a tremendous field of 375 entries. There certainly was no shortage of action nor talent as familiar locals and international players battled it out for a spot in the money round. After 11+ hours, both entry flights completed. 48 advanced with Taiwan’s Jung Chou Chen 陳榮州racking up a commanding 696,000 stack (116 BB) to earn the overall chip leader title.

DSC 5457
Jung Chou Chen 陳榮州r

Kick Off – Day 1 results

Buy in: TWD 8,000 (~$265)
Guarantee: TWD 2,000,000 (~$65,260)
Entries: 375 (Flight A – 214, Flight B – 161)
Prize pool: TWD 2,619,000 (~$86,800)
ITM: 48 players (Flight A – 27, Flight B – 21)

End of Day 1 survivors

Chips in play: 9,375,000
Average stack: 195,312 (32.5 BB)
Opening Day 2 blinds: 3K-6K (6K BB Ante)

Player 姓名 Flag Stack BB
Jung Chou Chen 陳榮州 Taiwan 696,000 116
Kai Hung Hu 胡凱閎 Taiwan 558,000 93
Jia Xiang Li 李嘉祥 Taiwan 485,000 81
Wen Shan 單文 Taiwan 456,000 76
Kun Han Lee 李昆翰 Taiwan 436,000 73
Billy Hsu 許必穎 Taiwan 297,000 50
Kai Jan Chou 周楷然 Taiwan 296,000 49
Chia Jung Liu 劉佳榮 Taiwan 289,000 48
Hsuan Chao Chen 陳鉉兆 Taiwan 276,000 46
Shaun Tan Jit Yoong   Singapore 265,000 44
Nien Heng Li 李念恆 Taiwan 249,000 42
Chia Siang Ko 柯家翔 Taiwan 248,000 41
Chieh Chih Weng 翁芊智 Taiwan 246,000 41
Ching Wei Chen 陳靖惟 Taiwan 241,000 40
Zong Chi He 何宗奇 Taiwan 224,000 37
Guan Zhong Lai 賴冠中 Taiwan 221,000 37
Jason Ong   Philippines 214,000 36
Kuang Hung Lee 李光紘 Taiwan 192,000 32
Shen Sun Chou 周學聖 Taiwan 184,000 31
Chen Chia Hsu 許展嘉 Taiwan 173,000 29
Che Li Lin 林哲立 Taiwan 172,000 29
Sun Chen Chou 周孫楨 Taiwan 176,000 29
Jacky Wang 王立傑 Singapore 171,000 29
Chung Yi Ho 何崇義 Taiwan 166,000 28
Vito Jeevanji   France 153,000 26
Tsung Ying Lee 李宗英 Taiwan 153,000 26
Hai Shien Tan   Singapore 149,000 25
Beng Wei Lim 林明威 Malaysia 152,000 25
Shih Kun Chou 周世坤 Taiwan 147,000 25
Sukumar Letchmunan   Malaysia 141,000 24
Tzu Yuan Fu 傅子袁 Taiwan 131,000 22
Szu Ting Yeh 葉思廷 Taiwan 114,000 19
Chin Jen Wu 吳致任 Taiwan 113,000 19
Leopold Godefroy   France 111,000 19
Yu Tang Hung 洪郁棠 Taiwan 101,000 17
Ang Yang Siang 洪揚翔 Malaysia 100,000 17
Hsien Ching Feng 馮先慶 Taiwan 100,000 17
Yong Hing Foo 符永慶 Malaysia 96,000 16
Yi Wei Peng 彭亦瑋 Taiwan 92,000 15
Chun Wei Chang 張軍暐 Taiwan 88,000 15
Yung Lung Xiao 蕭詠隆 Taiwan 82,000 14
Cheng Chieh Huang 黃政傑 Taiwan 79,000 13
Cheng Liang Chen 陳政良 Taiwan 79,000 13
Kaustubh Mahajani   India 80,000 13
Yu Chan Tsai 蔡昱群 Taiwan 71,000 12
Dorjbal Lkhunrev   Mongolia 58,000 10
Hung Wei Yeh 業紘瑋 Taiwan 49,000 8
Chen An Lin 林宸安 Taiwan 39,000 7

Flight A recap

It was action packed from the start with six tables up and running at Flight A of the Kick Off event. All level 1 players were in for a treat; each one was eligible for a Lucky Draw. Malaysia’s Mandy Lim was on the lucky seat to win a Day 1A ticket worth TWD 10,000 (~$330) to the upcoming Mystery Bounty TWD 3M guaranteed.

After ten levels of play, registration closed with 214 entries. Notables in action were Zong Chi He, En Ching Wu, Shyh Chyn Lim, Chia Jun Wu, Fu Bang Huang, and WSOP Online bracelet winner Aaron Si Yang Phua. 

DSC 5406
Jia Xiang Li

As the players raced for a spot in the money round / 12.5% of the field, a four way showdown catapulted Taiwan’s Jia Xiang Li 李嘉祥 to the top with 4c4s set dusting QcJc straight flush draw, 9c6c flush draw, and Kh10s two pair on a board 4d10cKcJs2h. Li 李嘉祥 closed the day third in chips with 485,000 (81 BB). 

IMG 6154

At a separate table, Jung Chou Chen 陳榮州 was causing havoc, eliminating numerous players to challenge for the chip lead. It was neck and neck until Chen 陳榮州 cleaned out Chou Chien Fa on a cooler with KcKd over QhQs. Chen 陳榮州 bagged a towering 696,000 (116 BB), and was the only player reach the 100 BB mark. 

IMG 6201
Kyle HU Kai Hung 胡凱閎

Just under nine hours of play, the flight ended with Kyle Hu Kai Hung 胡凱閎 knocking out Pot Limit Omaha specialist Kristof Segers on the bubble. Hung 胡凱閎 AsQc ace on the turn denied 8c8s. Hung 胡凱閎 closed the heat running third in chips, 558,000 (93 BB). 27 players advanced to Day 2.

Flight B recap

Flight B was turbo format with blinds increasing every 20 minutes instead of every thirty. By level 4, the TWD 2 Million guarantee was breached with six levels still left in late registration. At the close, 161 entered to bring the combined event turnout to 375 and the prize pool to a bulkier TWD 2,619,000 (~$86,800). Only 21 players in this heat were guaranteed a spot to Day 2.

DSC 5492
Kun Han Lee 李昆翰

Early in the heat, Taiwanese high roller Kun Han Lee 李昆翰 was the player to catch after he eliminated Vietnam’s Duy Ho with pocket Eights turned quads. As the bubble neared, Lee 李昆翰 bobbed in and out of the top spot to eventually bag second ranked flight leader with 436,000 (73 BB).

DSC 5497
Wen Shan 單文

Overtaking Lee 李昆翰 was Wen Shan 單文 who surged after taking out Chi Jen Chen.  Shan 單文 followed it up with a winning nut flush holding KdJd on a board 9hAd5d9c8d to end the day as flight leader with 456,000 (76 BB).


After a quick 6+ hours of play, Flight B wrapped up with Billy Hsu 許必穎 delivering the bubble. Hsu 許必穎 QhQs had the higher full house over 10c10d on a board Qd8c9c10h8d. 21 players advanced to Day 2. Among them was WPT Prime Paris € 400 NLH winner Maggie Chien Chih Weng 翁芊智 with 246,000 (41 BB).

DSC 5499
Maggie Chien Chih Weng 翁芊智

The final 48 Day 1 survivors return on Saturday, February 11 at 1pm. While each one is guaranteed a minimum TWD 13,000 (~$430),  what they will be chasing is the title and the TWD 547,000 (~$18,130) top prize. Blinds open at 3K-6K (6K BB Ante), increasing every 30 minutes.


Place Payouts in TWD
1st 547,000
2nd 383,000
3rd 246,000
4th 161,000
5th 124,000
6th 103,000
7th 86,000
8th 70,000
9th 54,000
10th-12th 45,000
13th-15th 38,000
16th-18th 31,700
19th-21st 26,400
22nd-24th 21,700
25th-27th 18,300
28th-36th 15,300
37th-44th 14,000
45th-48th 13,000

USOP: Poker2U Taiwan Series runs from February 10 to 19, 2023. A total of 23 trophy events are lined up and TWD 20 Million in guarantees. More action ahead. So stay tuned to Somuchpoker as we bring you Live Updates of the Kick Off Day 2.

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