WSOPC Online: “VeryMerry” wins Main Event for $1,184,690; Pavel Plesuv runner-up; Asia’s “dynastyfuren”, “Doubledeee” reach final table


The World Series of Poker Online Circuit completed another lucrative festival at Natural8 – GGNetwork with over $46 Million paid out across 18 ring events. Games ran nonstop from December 4 to January 10. Anonymous player nicknamed “VeryMerry” emerged the biggest winner, earning $1.1M+ at the Main Event. Other ring champions that banked seven figures were Israel’s “Corenkas” at the $10,300 Super MILLION$ High Rollers NLH and Morocco’s Soufiane Jaloulate “no bueno” at the Merry Millionaire Maker. 

Festival highlights

Ring events prize pool: $46,549,663
Ring events: 18
Richest pot: Ring #18: Main Event – $11,367,985
Smallest pot: Ring #7: $1,500 Pot Limit Omaha Championship – $525,825
Seven figure payouts: VeryMerry – $1,189,690, Corenkas – $1,095,775, Soufiane Jaloulate “no bueno” – $1,064,929

Ring #18: Main Event – VERYMERRY – $1,184,690

It was a winter to remember for a player nicknamed “VeryMerry ” who triumphed over a field of 862 players at the WSOPC Online Main Event. VeryMerry overcame a deficit at heads up against Pavel Plesuv “EzzzGame” to lock up the ring and the seven figure payout of $1,184,690. This was VeryMerry’s first major win on the GG Network, easily surpassing a previous high score of $19,255. 

Screenshot 20230113 074237

The Main Event entered with a $10,000,000 guarantee, and after three weeks of Day 1 qualifiers, 7,039 registered at $1,700 each to drive the pot to $11,367,985. Only 862 players advanced to the final day, each one guaranteed a minimum payout of $3,773. 

Nine hours in, Singapore’s “Doubledeee” eliminated Mexico’s Emmanuel Becera Gonzales “Cocooo” in 10th place with AcQh dominating Ah6d. Doubledeee proceeded to the final table running second in chips with 98 BB while VeryMerry was high up sitting on a hefty 124 BB.

Screenshot 20230113 081134
As players tumbled, EzzzGame stormed to the top by cleaning out a few players that included Doubledeee whose stack was first chopped down on a bad beat. At four handed, EzzzGame lost a showdown against VeryMerry to switch the standings. Ezzzgame recovered through Japan’s “dynastyfuren” then carried his lead into heads up against VeryMerry. 

EzzzGame began with 33 BB, VeryMerry was behind with 24 BB. It only took several hands to reverse ranks. From there, VeryMerry closed it out with 9d9h full house over 7d7c two pair on a board 4h4dQc10c9c

Buy in: $1,700
Guarantee: $10,000,000
Entries: 7,039
Prize pool: $11,367,985
ITM: 862 players

Final table payouts (in USD)

1 “VeryMerry” Mexico 1,184,690
2 Pavel Plesuv “EzzzGame” Moldova 887,777
3 Sergey Konovalov “z1gzag” Russia 665,778
4 “dynastyfuren” Japan 499,303
5 “Doubledeee” Singapore 374,464
6 “Touch of Class” Austria 280,847
7 “accurate91” Canada 210,646
8 Artem Shaganov Croatia 158,001
9 “takemeaway” Montenegro 118,523

Ring #2: $10,300 Super MILLION$ High Rollers NLH – “CORENKAS” – $1,095,775

Screenshot 20230114 032517

Israeli high roller “Corenkas” came from behind to clinch the $10,300 Super Million$ High Rollers NLH ring event and the enormous $1,095,775 top prize. This was Corenkas first ever million dollar payout on the GG Network. The champ was also awarded a circuit ring for his achievement.

The battle for the second ring began with 722 registering across numerous Day 1 heats. This boosted the prize pool to $7,220,000. 96 players advanced to the Final Day, each one guaranteed $20,983, which was just over double the buy in. Six figure payouts began at the final table with Hong Kong’s “libre” first to cash. Elio Fox (8th) and Mark Radoja (7th) joined as Hong Kong’s Biao Ding soared to the lead. 

Screenshot 20230114 032317
Needing some help, Corenkas dropped down to 5 BB and seemed to be in line to bust next, however pocket Aces awarded a double up followed by a triple up with pocket Kings to send two-time SMHR champion Anatoly Filatov out in 6th place. Several hands later, Corenkas was paid off in full again with Ace-King dominating Ace-Queen to send Michael Watson plunging to 2 BB. 

Now in the driver’s seat, Corenkas cleaned house. In a three-way all in, Corenkas eliminated second big stack Barak Wisbrod with AhKd outdrawing JdJc while short stacked Watson managed to triple up to 5 BB with a winning straight. Backed by over half the chips in play, Corenkas finished off Watson then went heads up after Latvian pro Aleks Ponakovs lost all of his chips in two showdowns against Ding. 

Heads up opened with Corenkas ahead 64 BB to Ding’s 36 BB. Fifteen minutes in, with Corenkas’ lead widened, the final hand arrived. On a turn board Kh4s6h6s, Ding risked his tournament life with Ks2c two pair but was behind the leader’s 7d6c trips. The river was 9s.

Buy in: $10,300
Guarantee: $5,000,000
Entries: 722
Prize pool: $7,220,000
ITM: 96 places

Screenshot 20230105 015134

Ring #6: $1,500 Merry Millionaire Maker – $1M to 1st – SOUFIANE JALOULATE – $1,064,929 (deal)

Soufiane Jaloulate “no bueno” walked away a millionaire after outlasting the 508 final day player field of the Merry Millionaire Maker. The event drew 4,250 total entries with 508 ITM players advancing to the final day. Jaloulate struck a deal at heads up with WSOPC ring holder Fabian Schmidt “lordof0513” then went on to claim the title, his first WSOPC ring, and a hefty $1,046,929 payout. For Schmidt, he may have missed out on a second merch but still walked away $831,257 wealthier. 

Buy in: $1,500
Guarantee: $5,000,000
Entries: 4,250
Prize pool: 5,992,125
ITM: 508 places

Other winners

Ring #4: $525 “Winter is Coming” Bounty 6-Handed NLH  

Buy in: $525
Entries: 2,248
Prize pool: $1,124,000
ITM: 314 places

Winner: Aleksei Vandyshev “Ha KoJleHu” – USA – $92,405
*Aleksei Vandyshev is a 2021 WSOP Online Main Event bracelet winner. 

Ring #17: $525 PLO “Ho Ho” Bounty Special

Buy in: $525
Entries: 1,264
Prize pool: $632,000
ITM: 150 places

Winner: Daniel “FoldemBuddy” Embleton – Australia – $63,543
7th Pulkit Goyal – India – $10,738
8th archer168167 – China – $12,362

Ring #16: $1,500 6-Handed Championship NLH

Buy in: $1,500
Guarantee: $1,000,000
Entries: 1,109
Prize pool: $1,580,325
ITM: 179 places

Winner: Blaz Zerjav – Slovenia – $192,329*
2nd Zemin Jiang – Hong Kong – $190,073*
*Heads up deal
*4th placer Nicholas Maimone won Ring Event #12

Ring #15: New Year’s Mystery Bounty

Buy in: $210
Guarantee: $2,023
Entries: 17,583
Prize pool: $3,516,600
ITM: 1,809

Winner: Jiachen “Transurfing” Gong – Canada – $170,151
Biggest bounty winner: J Mendoza – Argentina – $252,400 (Bounty)

Ring #14: $840 Stocking Stuffer Bounty Superstack

Buy in: $840
Guarantee: $1,000,000
Entries: 1,740
Prize pool: $1,392,000
ITM: 242 places

Winner: “pedrinhoOo” – Austria – $138,725

Ring #13: $400 Christmas Colossus – ALEN BAKOVIC – $297,842 (deal)

Buy in: $400
Guarantee: $2,500,000
Entries: 9,442
Prize pool: $3,550,192
ITM: 1,155

Winner: Alen Bakovic “darklion” – Canada – $297,842 (deal)
2nd “Grind4Libertad” – Netherlands – $310,732 (deal)
8th Abhinav Iyer “OBellaCiao” – India – $46,397
16th Michael Addamo – Australia – $11,991

Ring #12: $1,050 Naughty or Nice Bounty NLH

Buy in: $400
Guarantee: $1,000,000
Entries: 1,399
Prize pool: $1,399,000
ITM: 206 places

Winner: Nicholas Maimone – Canada – $157,755

Ring #11: $1,500 Deepstack Championship NLH

Buy in: $1,500
Guarantee: $1,000,000
Entries: 947
Prize pool: $1,349,475
ITM: 161 places

Winner: Alex Kulev “FutureofMe” – $189,841
3rd Joshua McCully – Australia – $106,755
6th Pulkit Goyal – India – $45,018
10th Shen Li “Silent77” – China – $13,747
20th Jiianzhong Song “Win2019” – China – $8,082

Ring #10: $400 Holiday PLOSSUS

Buy in: $400
Guarantee: $1,000,000
Entries: 3,459
Prize pool: $1,279,830
ITM: 322

Winner: Daniel Montagnolli “Vanessa23” – Austria – $116,353

Ring #8: Santa’s Sled Ultra Deepstack Turbo Bounty

Buy in: $320
Guarantee: $500,000
Entries: 2,104
Prize pool: $624,888
ITM: 296 places

Winner: Kostya Holskiy “Kostya_Jock” – $58,566

Ring #7: $1,500 Pot Limit Omaha Championship

Buy in: $1,500
Guarantee: $500,000
Entries: 369
Prize pool: $525,825
ITM: 53 places

Winner: Samuel Saariaho “FishIdiot” – Finland – $108,318
7th Kristof Segers “ultrafish” – Belgium – $15,474

Ring #5: $1,050 GGMasters HR Winter Freezeout

Buy in: $1,050
Players: 1,266
Prize pool: $1,266,000
ITM: 215 places

1st William Arruda – Brazil – $126,356*
2nd Nemanja Lukovic “Yabba Dabba Doo” – $115,970*
3rd Hao-Shan Huang “Whirlwind” – Taiwan – $120,262*
4th Augusto Hagen “Betylafea” – Argentina – $102,014*
*Four way deal
11th Ansar Khan “Easyread” – India – $10,231

Ring #3: $2,100 Bounty Hunters Championship NLH

Buy in: $2,100
Entries: 567
Prize pool: $ 1,134,000
ITM: 80 places

Winner: “Full Boat Fox” – Canada – $147,298
2nd David Peters – Canada – $103,606
3rd “ZYN1111” – China – $67,871
8th Zhao Zi Long – Hong Kong – $13,409

Ring #1: Big 50 Bounty MILLION$ Kick-Off

Buy in: $50
Guarantee: $1,000,000
Entries: 34,683
Prize pool: $1,595,418
ITM: 4,319

Winner: Viliyan Petleshkov “Mozak” – Bulgaria – $73,019


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