CTP Club welcomes players to Taiwan Millions Tournament 13 feat NT$8M in guarantees; Main Event awards NT$1M to the champion – January 2 to 17


After a long border closure, in early November, Taiwan finally opened to a majority of countries, offering visa free and no requirements for vaccination, PCR test, and quarantine. A mass influx of international players seized the opportunity, resulting in jaw-dropping numbers for the World Poker Tour Prime Taiwan series at the Chinese Texas Hold’em Poker Association (CTP Club). To date, it was the richest festival in Taiwan.

Coming 2023, more things are in the works for Taiwan starting with the highly popular homegrown Taiwan Millions Tournament (TMT). The event takes place at the CTP Club in Taipei City from January 2 to 17. Through the years, this edition has seen its numbers balloon, resulting in record numbers at TMT 12 and a grand prize pool of over US$ 1.3 Million.

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Now entering its 13th edition, the series serves a platter of 20 trophy events and NT$ 10M in guarantees. The Main Event will be one hot item with the champion guaranteed a minimum NT$ 1 Million. The champion will also receive a special trophy made from the Calocedrus formosana wood. The Ladies Event champion will also be awarded the same trophy just smaller. 

TAIWAN MILLIONS TOURNAMENT 13 –  Schedule and Player Guide

For players in the region, TMT 13 is a great way to kickstart your New Year goals. In addition to trophies to be won, Taiwan is a wonderful place to explore so make sure to set time outside of the poker room. For first-timers, the CTP Club provides on-site buy-in for major currencies, and for USDT. As for accommodations, there are ample choices nearby of varying prices. 

*Taiwan is not open for travel or visa free for players from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, India, and Vietnam, however players can try to obtain a business visa for the trip. 

Guaranteed Events

Guaranteed events usually draw the biggest crowds as players hustle to try to earn their share of the festival’s biggest pots. For this edition, eight events will be targeted, with guarantees ranging from NT$ 300,000 to the highlighted NT$ 5,000,000 Main Event which pays out a minimum NT$ 1 Million to the champion. Here’s the complete list of guaranteed events. Make sure to mark them down in your calendars.

MAIN EVENT – NT$ 5,000,000 (~$163,280) guarantee – January 8 to 15
*NT$ 1 Million (~$32,655) guaranteed to the champion

Event 2: Warm Up – NT$ 300,000 (~$9,800) guarantee – January 2
Event 6: Mystery Bounty – NT$ 1,000,000 (~$32,655) guarantee – January 5 to 8
Event 9: Giant Stack – NT$ 500,000 (~$16,330) guarantee – January 9 to 11
Event 14: Champion Win Big – NT$ 1,000,000 (~$32,655) guarantee – January 15
Event 18: NLH – NT$ 300,000 (~$9,800) guarantee – January 16
Event 20: Megastack Closer – NT$ 300,000 (~$9,800) – January 17

Main Event – NT$ 5,000,000 (~$163,280) guaranteed

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The Main Event is the festival’s premier tournament and it will be the most sought after as it holds a NT$ 5 Million guarantee with a minimum NT$ 1 Million awarded to the champion. The champion will also receive a special trophy made from Calocedrus formosana wood, endemic to Taiwan. At TMT 12, this event drew a record 1895 entries to catapult way past its guarantee for a record NT$ 12.88 Million. Another large turnout is expected. To enter, there are ample choices with five starting days listed. 

Dates: January 8 to 16
Buy in: NT$ 8,000 (~$260)
Guarantee: NT$ 5,000,000 (~$163,280)

Day 1A: Sunday, January 8
Day 1B: Thursday, January 12
Day 1C: Friday, January 13
Day 1D and Day 1E (Turbo): Saturday, January 14 

Day 2: Sunday: January 15
Final 9: Monday, January 16 

For those looking to get in the Main Event at a lower cost, you can try your luck at the Main Event Tickets Step tournaments. There are five of these scheduled. A total of NT$ 150,000 is guaranteed which is inclusive of seats to the Main Event. Buy in is NT$ 3,000. 

Mystery Bounty – NT$ 1,000,000 (~$32,655) guaranteed

Mystery Bounty tournaments have grown in popularity around the world and the first time it was seen in Asia was at the CTP Club early last year. Since then, it has been on every CTP festival lineup. At TMT 12, the event was another record breaker, attracting a massive 1728 entries. Expect no different for the upcoming series with six entry days available from January 5 to 7, and Day 2 / Final Day on January 8. Buy in is NT$ 4,000 (~$130) 

Day 1A & Day 1B: Thursday, January 5
Day 1C & Day 1D: Friday, January 6
Day 1E & Day 1F: Saturday, January 7
Day 2: Sunday, January 8

High Roller tournaments

High rollers also have plenty to look forward to. In addition to the guaranteed events are seven high roller tournaments with buy ins from NT$ 11,000 to NT$ 54,000. While the games run mostly during the second half of the series, the festival opens with the Charity High Roller. Here’s the complete list. 

Event 1: Charity High Roller – NT$ 11,000 (~$360) buy in – January 2
Event 8: High Roller – NT$ 22,000 (~$720) buy in – January 9
Event 10: High Roller – NT$ 15,000 (~$540) buy in – January 11
Event 13: High Roller – NT$ 22,000 (~$720) buy  in – January 13
Event 15: Short Stack NLH Shot Clock – NT$ 11,000 (~$360) buy in – January 15
Event 16: Super High Roller Single – NT$ 54,000 (~$1,760) – January 16
Event 17: High Roller – NT$ 22,000 (~$720) buy in – January 17

Other events

The rest of the schedule is filled with other NLH crowd favorites such as the Head Hunter (January 3 & 11), NLH-Shot Clock (January 4), and Ladies Event (January 16). As mentioned above, the Ladies Event champion will receive a special trophy made from Calocedrus formosana wood. For Pot Limit Omaha enthusiasts, there is one scheduled on January 3. 

TAIWAN MILLIONS TOURNAMENT 13 –  Schedule and Player Guide

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