VSOP Championship VI: Lê Ngọc Khánh clinches the Main Event; Nguyen Huu Tuan wins National Cup; COP Dao Minh Phu SSC runner up


The Viet Nam Series of Poker Championship VI wrapped up its ten-day series with games running from November 18 to 27 in Hanoi, Vietnam. 21 players walked away minted with well known pro Lê Ngọc Khánh seizing the coveted Main Event title. Check out the festival highlights and biggest winners. 

LÊ NGỌC KHÁNH wins the Main Event for ₫1,220,600,000 (~$49,497)

Highly decorated Vietnamese pro Lê Ngọc Khánh added another feather to his cap by taking down the series Main Event headliner. He claimed the ₫1,220,600,000 (~$49,497) top prize and an APT Da Nang Passport worth ₫33,000,000 plus round trip airfare and hotel accommodations for three nights. This was Khanh’s biggest event of the year thus far to boost his total live earnings on The Hendon Mob to nearly $600K. 

Screenshot 20221201 095405

The Main Event ran from November 22 to 26 with 344 taking interest at ₫16,500,000 (~$665) each. This was great value for the top 35 players as it generated a slight overlay to the ₫5,000,000,000 (~$201,200) guarantee. Among the notable players that earned a cut were Raiden Kan, Huỳnh Ngọc Cường, Terry Nguyễn, and reaching the final table were Vũ ĐứC Trung and Poker Dream Vietnam Main Event champion Nguyễn Anh Minh.

At the final 3, blinds were high and average at just 14 BB, Minh fell to Khanh, pushing with a desperate 10d5d only to run into 10h10s. Heads up began with Khanh ahead ofNguyễn Hữu Vinh by 8 BB. Thirty minutes in, no change in the count. Nguyen shoved with Jd10d that stayed behind Khanh’s Ad5d.

Screenshot 20221201 095433

Buy in: ₫16,500,000 (~$665)
Guarantee: ₫5,000,000,000 (~$201,200)
Entries: 344
Prize pool: ₫5,000,000,000 (~$201,200)
ITM: 35 places

Payouts in VND

1st Lê Ngọc Khánh 1,220,600,000
2nd Nguyễn Hữu Vinh 772,000,000
3rd Nguyễn Anh Minh 486,000,000
4th Nguyễn Thanh Sơn 359,000,000
5th Vũ Đức Trung 277,000,000
6th Nguyễn Đức Hiếu 220,000,000
7th Trần Tuấn Anh 177,000,000
8th Đinh Đức Linh 140,000,000
9th Vũ Tá Nhất 110,000,000
10th Nguyễn Trọng Nghĩa 85,000,000
11th Nguyễn Kim Trường Sơn 85,000,000
12th Nguyen Quynh Thu 85,000,000
13th Nguyễn Quang Hiếu 66,000,000
14th Phakhinniphat Natkrita 66,000,000
15th You Jun Hong 66,000,000
16th Plivcs Aigars 52,000,000
17th Vũ Văn Lịch 52,000,000
18th Terry Nguyễn 52,000,000
19th Trần Đức Sơn 42,000,000
20th Phan Trọng Linh 42,000,000
21th X 42,000,000
22th Đặng Văn Hiển 42,000,000
23th Le Ehuy Thành 35,000,000
24th Huỳnh Ngọc Cường 35,000,000
25th Kan Yew Fatt 35,000,000
26th Nguyễn Tuấn Hùng 35,000,000
27th Đinh Tiến Thành 35,000,000
28th Nguyễn Tài HảI 30,000,000
29th Hà Văn Thiện 30,000,000
30th Nguyễn Khắc Cường 30,000,000
31tt Nguyễn Văn Chiến 30,000,000
32th Nguyễn Khắc Thái 30,000,000
33th Nguyễn Hữu Tuấn 30,000,000
34th Hà Mạnh Tưởng 30,000,000
35th Chua Kok Chun 30,000,000

NGUYỄN HỮU TUẤN wins the Vietnam National Cup for ₫525,000,000 (~$21,200)

The Vietnam National Cup bookended the series with 96 runners hitting the felt at ₫22,000,000 (~$885) buy in each. It was another small overlay with the top 13 places claiming a piece of the ₫2 Billion guaranteed prize pool. The race for the title concluded with  Nguyễn Hữu Tuấn shipping it for a career best ₫525,000,000 (~$21,200) payday.

Screenshot 20221201 104745

It was a loaded final table with some of the country’s best in the lineup. Ngô Minh Tiến and Vũ Đức Trung, both already seen at prior final tables. Ngo took 8th place and Vu raced up to 3rd place, falling to Tuan with Ac9c outdrawn by Ad5h five on the board. Heads up kicked off with Tuan ahead in chips against highly decorated Nguyen Quang Huy however both players were still deep compared to the blinds. Despite Huy’s credentials, in less than half an hour, Tuan drained the pro to claim the last big title and payout of the series.

Buy in: ₫22,000,000 (~$885)
Guarantee: ₫2,000,000,000 (~$80,480)
Entries: 96
Prize pool: ₫2,000,000,000 (~$80,480)
ITM: 96

1st Nguyễn Hữu Tuấn 525,000,000
2nd Nguyễn Quang Huy 356,000,000
3rd Vũ Đức Trung 240,000,000
4th Phạm Văn Tiến 183,000,000
5th Nguyễn Năng Quang 142,000,000
6th Phạm Duy Tiến 110,000,000
7th Đinh Tiến Thành 85,000,000
8th Ngô Minh Tiến 66,000,000
9th Vũ Hoài Lam 52,000,000
10th Lê Huy Thành 42,000,000
11th NguyễN Trung Hà 42,000,000
12th Lê Công Vương 42,000,000
13th ĐặNg QuyềN Anh 35,000,000

Super Stars Challenge: NGUYỄN HỮU DŨNG – ₫850,000,000 (~$34,885)

The Super Stars Challenge has been the most sought after high roller events this year with locals and international high rollers from outside the capital city flocking in. Therefore it was no surprise to see a substantial crowd of 54 ponying up the ₫55,000,000 (~$2,200) buy in to shatter the advertised ₫500M guarantee in place of a richer ₫2,592,000,000 (~$106,382) prize pool. In the end, the title was tugged between City of Poker player Đào Minh Phú and Nguyễn Hữu Dũng with the latter rising to the moment to end his five year trophy drought. Adding to his laurels was a huge payout of ₫850,000,000 (~$34,885). For Phu, he nearly brought it home for Team COP and had to settle for a payout of ₫554M. 

Screenshot 20221202 102947
Dao Minh Phu – runner up

Buy in: ₫55,000,000 (~$2,200)
Guarantee: ₫500,000,000 (~$20,120)
Entries: 54
Prize pool: ₫2,592,000,000 (~$106,382)
ITM: 8 places

1st NguyễN HữU Dũng 850,000,000
2nd Đào Minh Phú 554,000,000
3rd Phan TrọNg Linh 375,000,000
4th TrầN Huy Hoàng 275,0000,000
5th Quang Vũ 197,000,000
6th NguyễN Năng Quang 146,000,000
7th NguyễN ĐứC Anh 110,000,000
8th Lê Huy Thành 85,000,000

TRẦN VĨNH HƯNG denies Ngô Minh Tiến the Mystery Bounty title

Screenshot 20221202 102656
Trần Vĩnh Hưng

The Mystery Bounty kicked off the series with three starters attracting a thunder of 396 entries to beef up the cash prize pool to ₫1,520,600,000 (this figure does not include the bounty rewards pool). Out of the 49 players that reached the money round, Trần Vĩnh Hưng had the best run for his first ever live title. At heads up, Tran denied one of the strongest players in the lineup, Ngô Minh Tiến, to claim the ₫321,000,000 (~$12,965) top prize. Also running well was Huỳnh Ngọc Cường who finished in 4th place.

Buy in: ₫6,600,000 (~$265)
Guarantee: ₫1,500,000,000 (~$60,360)
Entries: 396
Cash prize pool: ₫1,520,600,000 (~$61,410)
ITM: 49 places

Payouts in VND – bounties not included

1st Trần Vĩnh Hưng 321,000,000
2nd Ngô Minh Tiến 198,000,000
3rd X 136,500,000
4th Huỳnh Ngọc Cường 100,000,000
5th Trần Bá Hào 72,200,000
6th Trần Ngọc Sơn 56,700,000
7th Hà Văn Mạnh 46,600,000
8th Nguyễn Khắc Thái 38,600,000
9th Nguyễn Trường Giang 32,000,000
10th Nguyễn Mạnh Hải 26,300,000
11th TrầN Huy Phong 26,300,000
12th NguyễN Quý QuyềN 26,300,000
13th Lê Đình HảI 21,700,000
14th Đào NgọC ThắNg 21,700,000
15th NguyễN ĐứC KiềU Hưng 21,700,000
16th NguyễN Phương NgọC 17,900,000
17th Tô BảO Tuân 17,900,000
18th Vũ Thái BảO 17,900,000
19th NguyễN Minh Hoàng 14,800,000
20th Hà MạNh TưởNg 14,800,000
21th NguyễN Văn ĐứC 14,800,000
22th NguyễN KhắC LuậT 14,800,000
23th Ngô Văn ĐạT 12,300,000
24th NguyễN Thị Thùy Dương 12,300,000
25th PhạM Duy Khánh 12,300,000
26th NguyễN TuấN Tài 12,300,000
27th Vũ Minh ĐứC 12,300,000
28th NguyễN Đình Hùng 10,300,000
29th Lý ĐắC Dũng 10,300,000
30th Lê Văn Quang 10,300,000
31tt Lê NgọC Khánh 10,300,000
32th TrầN TuấN Anh 10,300,000
33th Vũ Văn Vy 10,300,000
34th Ngô Văn Trung 10,300,000
35th NguyễN Kính Huyên 10,300,000
36th PhạM TiếN Thành 10,300,000
37th NguyễN TuấN Anh 8,700,000
38th Lê Công Vương 8,700,000
39th TrầN Văn Tài 8,700,000
40th Lê Minh Toàn 8,700,000
41st Thái Gia TrọNg 8,700,000
42nd NguyễN QuỳNh Thu 8,700,000
43rd PhạM HảI Sơn 8,700,000
44th TrầN HảI Hà 8,700,000
45th NguyễN Hoàng Huy 8,700,000
46th NguyễN Minh ĐứC 7,400,000
47th NguyễN Duy Anh 7,400,000
48th Quách Chí Công 7,400,000
49th KhiếU Xuân Phú 7,400,000

Other Highlights

Single Day High Roller: CHU ANH – ₫310,400 (~$12,500)

Screenshot 20221120 060842

Buy in: ₫22,000,000 (~$890)
Guarantee: ₫400,000,000 (~$16,120)
Entries: 52
Prize pool: ₫998,400,000 (~$40,245)
ITM: 8 places

Payouts in VND

1st Chú Ánh 310,400,000
2nd Đặng Thanh Lương 210,000,000
3rd Huỳnh Ngọc Cường 138,000,000
4th Nguyễn Mạnh Hào 105,000,000
5th Quách Chí Công 80,000,000
6th Vũ Đức Trung 62,000,000
7th Cao Ngọc Anh 50,000,000
8th Vũ Văn Lịch 43,000,000

High Roller Shot Clock: LÊ VĂN DIỄN – 425,000,000 (~$17,165)

Screenshot 20221202 102517
Le Van Dien

The High Roller Shot Clock pulled in a healthy 39 entries to bump up the prize pool to ₫1,123,200,000. The top six players peeled it down with Lê Văn Diễn banking the largest cut of ₫425,000,000 for his victory. This was Le’s first known live tournament achievement. 

Buy in: ₫22,000,000 (~$885)
Guarantee: ₫500,000,000 (~$20,120)
Entries: 39
Prize pool: ₫1,123,200,000 (~$45,360)
ITM: 6 places

Payouts in VND

1st Lê Văn Diễn 425,000,000
2nd Lý Trần Tiến 268,000,000
3rd Nguyễn Hữu Dũng 172,000,000
4th Nguyễn Năng Quang 120,000,000
5th Vũ ĐứC Trung 83,000,000
6th Nguyễn ĐứC Hòa 55,200,000

Hanoi Dragon Cup: VŨ QUANG HƯNG – ₫220,000,000 (~$9,030)

Big turnout at the Hanoi Dragon Cup with 151 runners eagerly contributing the ₫6.6M buy in for a chance at the ₫500M guaranteed pot that ballooned to a juicier ₫869,700,000. Vũ Quang Hưng emerged victorious to capture his career second live win which came with a career high ₫220,000,000 payout. 

Buy in: ₫6,600,000 (~$265)
Guarantee: ₫500,000,000 (~$20,120)
Entries: 151
Prize pool: ₫869,700,000 (~$35,695)
ITM: 19 places

1st Vũ Quang Hưng 220,000,000
2nd TrầN Văn Tài 151,000,000
3rd Phan Duy Tài 98,700,000
4th TrầN Anh Dũng 72,200,000
5th NguyễN ĐứC KiềU Hưng 54,100,000
6th NguyễN Thị Thùy Dương 43,500,000
7th Hà MạNh TưởNg 34,800,000
8th PhạM HồNg Phúc 27,800,000
9th Hoàng Thế Thanh 22,000,000
10th Lê Anh Minh 18,000,000
11th NguyễN MạNh Hưng 18,000,000
12th NguyễN Minh ĐứC 18,000,000
13th Đinh ĐứC Linh 14,800,000
14th TrầN Văn TiếN 14,800,000
15th NguyễN Duy Tùng 14,800,000
16th TrầN ĐứC Sơn 12,300,000
17th Lê Văn Xuân 12,300,000
18th Dương HảI HậU 12,300,000
19th Phan Hoàng TiếN 10,300,000


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