$4,500 Crazy Freeroll – free road to J88PT Millionaire $100,000 GTD


J88PT is a series of live events organised by J88Poker which is growing in popularity in Asia. 

On 1st December 2019, J88Poker is going to host the online series J88PT Millionaire. Highlights will consist of two tournaments:

  • 20:00 (CST) Main Event ₵10,000,000 GTD (USD 100,000), buy-in ₵6,000 (USD 60)
  • 22:00 (CST) High Roller ₵5,000,000 GTD (USD 50,000), buy-in ₵10,000 (USD 100)

To celebrate this event, J88Poker prepared a special promotion for their players. From 15th to 24th November players will be able to find daily Crazy Freerolls in the tournament lobby. These freerolls with a combined prize pool of ₵450,000 (USD 4,500) can lead directly to the J88PT Millionaire Main Event without any expenses.

15th to 24th November 2019

18:30 (CST) ₵10,000 Crazy Freeroll (USD 100)

20:30 (CST) ₵15,000 Crazy Freeroll (USD 150)

22:30 (CST) ₵20,000 Crazy Freeroll (USD 200)

All details about the $4,500 Crazy Freeroll promotion can be found online at:

Crazy Freeroll

Crazy Freerolls Details

How to get from these Crazy Freerolls to the biggest online event at J88Poker?

There will be a special Crazy Freeroll leaderboard with 60 Main Event tickets to be given away. To rank high in this leaderboard, players need to do well in as many freerolls as possible.

Players finishing in the top 9 places in the Crazy Freerolls will receive points:

Rank Points
1 10
2 8
3 7
4 6
5 5
6 4
7 3
8 2
9 1

The more Crazy Freerolls are played, the more points can be collected and so the chances increase to reach the top of the leaderboard. There will be three Crazy Freeroll per day.

After the ten days of the promotion the points will be counted and the top 30 players of the Crazy Freeroll leaderboard will get tickets to the J88PT Millionaire Main Event ₵10,000,000 GTD (USD 100,000). The higher your place, the more tickets you get!

Crazy Freeroll Leaderboard


Places 1-10 ₵6,000 (USD 60) Main Event ticket  * 3
Places 11-20 ₵6,000 (USD 60) Main Event ticket  * 2
Places 21-30 ₵6,000 (USD 60) Main Event ticket * 1

Crazy Freeroll Leaderboard details:

Crazy Freeroll Leaderboard

All you need for this promotion is to have an account at J88Poker.

You can download and register here for Windows/Android/iOS: