$2M Legal Dispute Underway Between Matt Kirk and Leon Tsourkernik

Australian high stakes pro sues over $2 million loan

The 2+2 forum revealed a serious legal clash today, as a photo was posted showing a lawsuit filed by Australian poker pro Matt Kirk against Leon Tsourkernik after an alleged refusal by the Czech casino owner to pay back a sum of $2 million.

Leon Tsoukernik - Photo Poker Central
Leon Tsoukernik – Photo Poker Central

According to Kirk’s side of the story, the two were playing a heads-up match in the early hours of May 27th when, during a losing session, Tsourkernik asked to be loaned the money to keep playing. Kirk alleges that he agreed to four loans during a couple of hours play, totalling $3 million. Tsourkernik repaid $1 million, before apparently refusing to pay the rest.

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Leon Tsourkernik: No Comment

Leon Tsourkernik is not an unknown rich whale by any means, and is the owner of Kings Casino which has the largest poker room in Europe and is set to host the German Poker Championships which is sponsored by PartyPoker, in the next month or so. There is also an upcoming WSOP Circuit event due to take place there this summer too.

According to the Czech casino owner, Kirk’s version of events is incorrect, as outlined by a post on 2+2 which was made in response to the one showing the legal papers, and appears to speak for Tsourkernik.

It said, “While Leon will not comment on the specific issues raised in this thread because there is an ongoing litigation where he is represented by counsel, he would like to assure everyone that he will provide a detailed explanation of this dispute upon its final determination”.

According to some witnesses Leon Tsourkernik seemed to be drunk which could explain the fact that the $3M was lost quickly, as it has been described in the law suit.

What next?

There is no date set for the hearing yet but the case is far from an easy win for Matt Kirk. If it’s proven that Tsourkernik was drunk while contracting the debt, he may be able to benefit from the protection of Nevada’s law . The fact that the gambling debt was incurred due to a verbal agreement can also be another point of weakness for the case.

In the meantime, Tsourkernik will be making an appearance at the WSOP, where he is said to be planning to play the $50K Players Championship and the Main Event.

Article by Craig Bradshaw