2022 WSOP: Young Sik finally wins gold; Matt Glantz draws $1M bounty; Daniel Strelitz scores #2; Kartik Ved, Nicandro Filart run deep

The 53rd Annual World Series of Poker is grinding down to the finish with 74 out of 88 bracelets already claimed. This recap covers Events 66 – 69 and Event 72 – 74, plus the next three bracelet winners Online 7 -9. Among the top stories was
Young Sik Eum who finally locked up the gold after missing it by one spot at an earlier event, Matt Glantz drew the enviable US$ 1,000,000 mystery bounty reward, and Daniel Strelitz snatched his career second gold. Among the Asians running deep were Indian pro bracelet winner Karitk Ved with a 3rd place finish and PhilippinesNicandro Filart placing 20th, both at the Mini Main Event. 

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The Main Event is currently underway. It amassed 8,663 players across four starting days making it the second largest turnout for this event in history. The money flowed at the start of Day 4 starting at 1,299. Korean player Seungmook Jung ran the deepest of the Asians for US$ 145,800. At the time of posting, the marquee event was about to enter Day 7 with 35 remaining. We will have a recap as it completes. 

Festival update

Event 1 –  74 prize pool: US$ 286,185,645
Entries: 161,490
Two time series champion: Daniel Zack (Event 15 & 40)
Asia winners: Tong Li (Event 19), Chan Lok Ming (Event 35), Shota Nakanishi (Event 60)
Most final tables: Phil Ivey (4), Daniel Zack (4), Sean Winter (4), David Peters (4)
Online Event 1 – 9 prize pool: US$ 8,853,063
Online entries: 9,200

Multi bracelet winners

Career 6th bracelet: Brian Hastings
Career 5th bracelet: Adam Friedman, Eli Elezra
Career 4th bracelet: David Peters, Scott Seiver, Brad Ruben, Jeremy Ausmus
Career 3rd bracelet: Norbert Szecsi, Daniel Zack, Phillip Hui, Dash Dudley
Career 2nd bracelet: Manig Loeser, Daniel Zack, Robert Cowen, Steven Albini, Justin Pechie, Yuliyan Kolev, Aleksejs Ponakovs, Joao Simao Peres, Daniel Cates, David Jackson, Daniel Strelitz

Event 66: MIni Main Event NL Hold’em – YOUNG SIK EUM – US$ 594,189

Young Sik Eum – Photo credit WSOP / PokerNews – Alec Rome

Early in the series, Young Sik Eum was denied the coveted gold at Event 18: $1K Freezeout No Limit Hold’em falling one spot shy to champion Bryan Schultz. Not the case at the Mini Main Event No Limit Hold’em (Freezeout) where 5,832 players took to the ring. After three days of play, Young shipped it for his first ever WSOP title and bracelet and a WSOP high US$ 594,189. This boosted career series earnings to over US$ 1 Million. 

ev66 1
Kartik Ved – Photo credit WSOP / PokerNews – Katerina Lukina

To capture the win, Young faced some very tough adversaries at the final table which included online bracelet winner / Indian pro Kartik Ved. After railing Philip Lee in 4th place, Young overtook Romania’s Cosmin Joldis for the lead, then outdrew Ved with an ace spiking the board to dust pocket fours. This was Ved’s deepest live series run and largest series score of US$ 275,593. With momentum on Young’s side, it didn’t take long for him to clean out Joldis and lift the gold. 

ev66 2
Nicandro Filart – Photo credit WSOP / PokerNews – Seth Haussler

Among the notable Asian players that ran deep was Filipino player Nicandro Filart Jr who fell to Ved in 20th place. This was Filart’s deepest series finish which earned him US$ 23,148. Israeli bracelet winner Ran Koller was 30th for US$ 18,817, and Hong Kong’s Vincent Li finished 110th place for US$ 4,738. 

Buy in: US$ 1,000
Players: 5,832
Prize pool: US$ 5,190,480
ITM: 875 places

Final table payouts in USD

1st Young Sik Eum USA 594,189
2nd Cosmin Joldis Romania 367,233
3rd Karik Ved India 275,593
4th Phillp Lee USA 208,275
5th Kei Nitta Japan 158,515
6th Theodore Lee USA 121,504
7th Adam Velez USA 93,803
8th Keith Littlewood UK 72,941
9th Sergio Ochoa USA 57,133
10th Jesse Lonis USA 45,079

Event 67: $10K Super Turbo Bounty NLH Freezeout – JOSE IGNACIO BARBERO – US$ 587,520

Nacho Barbero – Photo credit WSOP / PokerNews – Alec Rome

The Super Turbo Bounty No Limit Hold’em Freezeout was the costliest bounty turbo event offered at the series with a hefty price tag of US$ 10,000. This drew 419 hopefuls for a prize pool of US$ 3,907,175. Opening day was pretty much a blur with the money reached in no time. Among the players profiting were India’s Aditya Agarwal (44th), Korea’s Steve Yea (43rd), Michael Mizrachi (25th), Mike Watson (10th), and Rainer Kempe who missed the final day in 7th place. 

The last six players returned with Brazil’s Fabiano Kovalski almost a goner with less than two big blinds while Argentina’s Jose Ignacio Barbero aka “Nacho” was riding high with a commanding 49 BB. When the game resumed, Kovalski staged an incredible run. He came from behind twice, once against Ilya Nikiforov and the other against Barbero to double up on both occasions. Impressively he had built enough to finish off Maria Ho in 5th place then faced the bulldozing Barbero at heads up. With a loud South American rail cheering both contenders, the gold was still captured quickly. Chip leader Barbero snap-called Kovalski’s Kd2s shove with KcQc and stayed ahead throughout. Both players earned a career high payout. For the champion Barbero, he pocketed US$ 587,520 plus US$ 48K in bounties to boost his WSOP career earnings to well over US$ 1.125 Million. 

Buy in: US$ 10,000
Players: 419
Prize pool: US$ 3,907,175
ITM: 63 places

Final table payouts in USD

1st Jose Ignacio Barbero Argentina 587,520
2nd Fabiano Kovalski Brazil 363,116
3rd Ilya Nikiforov Estonia 254,791
4th Rob Hollink Netherlands 181,667
5th Maria Ho USA 131,655
6th Andrew Lichtenberger USA 97,002
7th Rainer Kempe Germany 72,683
8th David Mzareulov Azerbaijan 55,401
9th Paul Chauderson USA 42,970

Event 68: Million Dollar Bounty NL Hold’em – QUINCY BORLAND – US$ 750,120

Quincy Borland – Photo credit WSOP / PokerNews – Seth Haussler

Intended for the 2020 WSOP, the $1,000 Million Dollar Bounty event finally got on the felt. This was one of the newest additions to the 2022 roster and it was a very popular one. The event attracted a whopping 14,112 entries for a prize pool of US$ 8,326,080 and a mystery bounty pool of US$ 4,233,600. Out of the 1,986 players that reached ITM, the luckiest was Matt Glantz who drew the enviable US$ 1,000,000 mystery reward making him the event’s top earner. Coming out victorious was Quincy Borland for his first ever WSOP title and bracelet. Borland didn’t receive any bounty rewards but he did pocket the enormous US$ 750,120 first prize. 

ev68 1
Matt Glantz – Photo credit WSOP / PokerNews – Hayley Hochstetler

Borland’s rise all happened at the final table. He entered running third from the bottom, stayed afloat with a double up then watched as players fell around him . By five-handed, he scored another double with his King-Jack suited outdrawing David Timmons’ pocket Queens. Borland went on to eliminate Wojciech Barzantny in 4th place then faced Kevin Hong who ended Timmons run in 3rd place. Behind in the count 2:1 didn’t seem to faze Borland who dominated the heads up action to take the lead and finish off Hong. The final hand was Ace-Queen over Ace-Jack. 

Buy in: US$ 1,000
Entries: 14,112
Prize pool: US$ 8,326,080
ITM: 1,986 places

Final table payouts in USD

1st Quincy Borland USA 750,120
2nd Kevin Hong USA 463,610
3rd David Timmons USA 351,800
4th Wojciech Barzantny Austria 268,550
5th Michael Smith Canada 206,250
6th Nellie Park USA 159,380
7th Arash Asadabadi USA 123,910
8th Daniel De Almeida Brazil 96,940
9th Ramon Kropmanns Brazil 76,316

Event 69: $10K PLO 8-Handed Championship – SEAN TROHA – US$ 1,246,770

Sean Troha – Photo credit WSOP / PokerNews – Danny Maxwell

The $10K PLO 8-Handed Championship saw a record 683 entrants pony up the five figure buy in to build a substantial US$ 6,368,975 prize pool. Out of the top 103 players that won a portion, it was Sean Troha who banked the largest chunk of seven figures. Troha faced Shiva Dudani at heads up, both entered the final table looking to add a bracelet to their two rings. Troha led throughout to eventually triumph and lock up the gold and a career high US$ 1,246,770. For Dudani, it was also a personal high score of US$ 770,556. 

Buy in: US$ 10,000
Entries: 683
Prize pool: US$ 6,368,975
ITM: 103 places

Final table payouts in USD

1st Sean Troha USA 1,246,770
2nd Shiva Dudani USA 770,556
3rd Michael Duek Argentina 548,015
4th Tom Hu USA 395,465
5th Joachim Haraldstad Norway 289,630
6th Thair Kallabat USA 215,326
7th Nitesh Rawtani USA 162,542
8th Toby Lewis UK 124,611

Event 72: Mixed PLO Hi-Lo 8 or Better; Omaha 8 or Better, Big O – BRADLEY ANDERSON – US$ 195,565

Bradley Anderson – Photo credit WSOP / PokerNews – Spenser Sembrat

771 turned up for the three game mixed Omaha event with buy in at $1.5K. This built a seven figure pot of US$ 1,029,285 with 116 players taking a cut. Finding their way to their first series final table were decorated bracelet winners 7x Men Nguyen and 2x Barny Boatman. Also on the felt was Peter Neff who placed 7th at an earlier Omaha bracelet event. The trio couldn’t go the distance instead it was Bradley Anderson taking command from four-handed onwards to clinch his first ever WSOP title, bracelet, and the US$ 195,565 first prize.

Buy in: US$ 1,500
Entries: 771
Prize pool: US$ 1,029,285
ITM: 116 places

Final table payouts in USD

1st Bradley Anderson USA 195,565
2nd Scott Abrams USA 120,881
3rd Barny Boatman UK 83,050
4th Peter Neff USA 58,089
5th Men Nguyen USA 41,377
6th Mark Erickson USA 30,026
7th Jarod Minghini USA 22,205
8th Shawn Carter USA 16,740

Event 73: Razz – DANIEL STRELITZ – US$ 115,723

Daniel Strelitz – Photo credit WSOP / PokerNews – Seth Haussler

Career second bracelet for Daniel Strelittz after topping the 383 entry field of the $1,500 Razz event. Strelitz denied Phuong Lynda Tran at heads up to win the US$ 115,723 first prize. Impressively, this was Tran’s deepest ever bracelet reach. Other decorated bracelet winners at the final table were 2x Calvin Anderson (3rd), 3x Frank Kassela (4th), and 2x Andres Korn (8th). Also displaying incredible consistency was Kijoon “KT” Park who recently won his first bracelet at the Nine Game Mix 6-Handed. He finished 6th at this event for his second final table. 

Buy in: US$ 1,500
Entries: 383
Prize pool: US$ 511,305
ITM: 58 places

Final table payouts in USD

1st Daniel Strelitz USA 115,723
2nd Phuong “Lynda” Tran USA 71,527
3rd Calvin Anderson USA 49,557
4th Frank Kassela USA 34,996
5th Sergio Braga Brazil 25,198
6th Kijoon Park USA 18,506
7th Mark Gerencher USA 13,869
8th Andres Korn Argentina 10,611

Event 74: Bounty Pot Limit Omaha 8-Handed – PEI LI – US$ 190,219

Pei Li – Photo credit WSOP / PokerNews – Rachel Kay Miller

Canadian Pot Limit Omaha specialist Pei Li won his first WSOP bracelet at the $1,500 Bounty PLO 8-Handed. Li outlasted a mighty field of 1,390 entries to collect the US$ 190,219 first prize (not including bounties). However, getting to the top was no easy ride for Li whose stack swung just as much as the style of the game. In the end, he came from behind against Nolan King for the win. Among the players that reached the final table were Diogo Veiga and Konstantin Petrushev who one week prior shipped the PLO Deepstack 8-Handed. Other players seeing the money were numerous bracelet winners that included Connor Drinan, recently minted Patrick Leonard, and Joao Vieira

Buy in: US$ 1,500
Entries: 1,390
Prize pool: US$ 1,855,650
ITM: 209 places

Final table payouts in USD

1st Pei Li Canada 190,219
2nd Nolan King USA 117,545
3rd Raul Esquivel USA 85,739
4th Eemil Tuominen Finland 63,231
5th William Gross USA 47,153
6th Eric Lescot Belgium 35,561
7th Ryan Scully USA 27,125
8th Konstantin Angelov Bulgaria 20,930
9th Diogo Veiga Portugal 16,339

Online 7: $500 NL Hold’em Deepstack – SANE CHUNG – US$ 149,729

The seventh online bracelet was offered at the $500 No Limit Hold’em Deepstack where 1,509 jumped in hoping to turn it into gold. It took a lengthy half the clock for a winner to emerge and when it did, it was brutal. USA’s Sane Chung “Ooohwee213” cracked Dylan Smith “Aurelius” pocket Aces with King-Jack straight on the river. Chung shipped his first ever series payout of US$ 149,729 and the coveted bracelet. 

Buy in: US$ 500
Entries: 1,509
Prize pool: US$ 972,900
ITM: 330 places

Final table payouts in USD

1st Sane Chung “Ooohwee213” USA 149,729
2nd Dylan Smith “Aurelius” Canada 92,523
3rd Kahlil Francis “dripseason1” USA 67,519
4th Kevin Kung “kingkung99” USA 49,715
5th Vuong Do “Luckyboy201” USA 36,970
6th Nick Schulman “CashUsKlay” USA 27,728
7th Jeffrey Ditanna “Goodfellas2” USA 20,917
8th Ryan Belz “Lovemy11cats” USA 15,956
9th Matthew Pierce “Nibbles99” USA 12,356

Online 8: $7,777 Lucky 7’s NLH High Roller – HARRY LODGE – US$ 396,366

Harry Lodge – Photo credit WSOP / PokerNews – Danny Maxwell

161 of the world’s top pros, high rollers, and deep-pocketed players forked out the hefty US$ 7,777 buy in at Online 8: Lucky 7’s No Limit Hold’em High Roller. This built a juicy prize pool of US$ 1,468,023 with 30 players shaving a piece. Despite the heavily decorated final table with 12 bracelets among three players, winning it was UK’s Harry Lodge for his first ever series gold and a sizable US$ 396,666 first prize. Lodge has been cashing at the series for the past seven years and clinched it on his 49th payout. This pushed him to nearly US$ 1.2 Million in WSOP earnings. 

Buy in: US$ 7,777
Entries: 161
Prize pool: US$ 1,468,023
ITM: 30 places

Final table payouts in USD

1st Harry Lodge “timexCNT” UK 396,666
2nd Andrew Robl “RobertB14” USA 231,213
3rd Daniel Lazrus “DLAZ14” USA 132,122
4th David Peters “dpeters17” USA 102,762
5th Daniel Negreanu “DNegs” Canada 88,081
6th Mike Watson “YagamiLight” Canada 73,041

Online 9: $1K NLH Online Bracelet Championship – YEVGENIY MINAKRIN – US$ 238,315

The $1K buy in No Limit Hold’em Bracelet Championship drew 994 entries for a prize pool of US$ 1,328,400. USA’s Yevgeniy Minakrin “Kazak132” emerged victorious to capture his first ever WSOP title and gold bracelet. Along with the glory came a WSOP career high score of US$ 238,315. 

Buy in: US$ 1,000
Entries: 994
Prize pool: US$ 1,328,400
ITM: 207 places

Final table payouts in USD

1st Yevgeniy Minakrin “Kazak132” USA 238,315
2nd Drabos Trofimov “luxifer03” Moldova 147,585
3rd Luke Martinelli “lewismurray” Australia 104,811
4th Matthew McDowell “Muckdat” USA 75,453
5th Noel Eicher “CA_MTNeer” USA 55,129
6th David Gonzalez “lamyorfather” USA 40,649
7th Matthew Davis “MDInvest” USA 30,553
8th Houston White “DeadMoney843” USA 23,114
9th Jeffery Hoop “Steelvikes7” USA 17,801

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