2021 WSOP Online [International]: David Jackson captures first bracelet at the LUCKY SEVENS; Lucio Lima takes 5th, Ken Okada 6th

The 2021 World Series of Poker Online [International] is down to its final week. To date, over US$ 56.3 Million has been paid out and 25 bracelets awarded. The newest minted player was USA’s David “Z0NEDin” Jackson for his victory at the WSOP #25: $777 Lucky Sevens 7-Handed NLH.

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WSOP #25: $777 Lucky Sevens 7-Handed NLH – David “Z0NEDin” Jackson – US$ 194,178

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On his third bullet, American pro David “Z0NEDin” Jackson emerged victorious at the WSOP #25: $777 Lucky Sevens 7-Handed NLH to capture his first career gold bracelet. He overcame a deficit at heads up against Romania’s Dumitru Adrian “DDimancescu” Pora. Along with the coveted merch, Jackson pocketed a series high score of US$ 194,178 to bump up his total WSOP earnings over US$ 1 Million across 61 cashes. 

Prior to this win, Jackson was already a WSOP title holder with a win at the 2017 WSOPC Cherokee $580 No Limit Hold’em event to earn his first ever WSOP gold ring. Among Jackson’s other achievements was a victory at the 2019 Borgata Spring Poker Open $2,700 No Limit Hold’em Championship in Atlantic City for US$ 304,929, which remains his highest score to date. Based on The Hendon Mob tracked stats, Jackson has over US$ 2.8 Million in combined live and online earnings. 

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Day 1 recap

The two day WSOP #25: $777 Lucky Sevens 7-Handed NLH drew 1,322 players with 692 re-entering for 2,014 total entries. This built another seven figure prize pool of US$ 1,486,634 making it the twentieth in this series. Among the top 150 Asia Pacific players profiting on Day 1 were Xue “xuesong” Song (31st), Yu Chung “WNCouple” Chang (47th), Sumit “rung00se” Sapra (54th), Daisuke “REDJOE” Ogita (63rd), Takashi “IKAIKA” Ogura (69th), Jingxiang “Fuzzy Wuzzy!” Ong (82nd), Gab Yong “GabD” Kim (93rd), Manish “thekid” Lakhotia (97th), Tarun “AreYouAhead” Goyal (98th), Sriharsha “Upswinger” Doddapaneni (118th), Phachara Wongwichit (119th), Vietnamese streamer “LittleFishVN” (138th), and Thi “minaG” Nguyen (140th). Day 1 ran the maximum 32 levels, closing with 22 players remaining. 

Date: September 4 to 5
Buy in: US$ 777
Entries: 2,014 (1,322 uniques, 692 re-entries)
Prize pool: US$ 1,486,634.10
ITM: 314 places

Final day recap

The final day opened with six out of the 22 returnees flying Asian flags including frontrunner “uvw999” from Hong Kong who eventually bowed out in 11th place. Japanese player Masakazu “Brian-Miyamoto” Miyamoto staged one of the strongest runs of the day, climbing from 18th rank to 7th place. Also in the lineup were Italy’s Giuseppe Dario Sammartino and Argentina’s Leandro Bianchini. Sammartino fell in 9th place to Dumitru Adrian “DDimancescu” Pora with Qh8h outdrawn by Js10d on a board 9hKh8dKs10s, and Bianchini missed the final table by one spot, eliminated in 8th place by Lucio “Wizard0fAz” Lima on a dominated ace. 

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Among the finalists were three Asian players. China’s Weilin “Ace predator” Wang was chip leader which he earned by railing two players. Japan’s Ken “ken@king” Okada and Miyamoto brought up the rear. Two WSOP decorated players were also in the round, series bracelet winner Lucio “Wizard0fAz” Lima (WSOP #9: $525 Superstack Turbo Bounty NLH champion) and ring winner David “Z0NEDin” Jackson. Canada’s Michael Watson was back for his second final table. 

Japan’s bracelet hunt quickly ended as both Miyamoto and Okada were the first two to go. Miyamoto doubled up off Lima then lost it all to Pora on a flush over flush. For Okada, he met his end on a blinds versus blinds situation. Watson shoved with 8s7s, bb Okada risked it with KcJh, the board ran 7h10dJd2s8c to improve Watson to two pair. Pora also denied Lima a second series gold. On a turn board 4sQd2h10s3c, bb Pora jammed 2s4c two pair, sb Lima check-called for all his chips with Qh9s top pair. The river was 3c

Down to four players, Watson doubled up off the leader Pora but couldn’t get past Wang’s luck to exit in 4th place. At the showdown, Watson was ahead with mid pair, Wang called with bottom pair that improved to trips on the turn. At three remaining, the quiet Jackson emerged from slumber, landing two sizable pots including a double up off Pora with 4s4h holding against AsQc overcards that missed. This awarded Jackson the lead which he held until Pora finished off Wang with a lucky Ad8c spiking the eight on a board 9c4d8h5h7s to burn AsQc

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Despite the deficit, Jackson came out firing at heads up and within five minutes, he regained the chip lead on a big double up. All in at the flop of 6s9cJs, Jackson had 9d6c two pair, Pora with KsKh, the turn was 8h and river Ad. From there, Jackson went on to close it out. The final hand was Pora Ac8c, Jackson Kd3d, the board 7d7hQd7sKc for a rivered full house and the gold to Jackson. Despite falling second, Pora earned a personal WSOP high score of US$ 140,393. His largest payout on the GG Network was US$ 161,875 for his victory at the US$ 1,050 GGMasters High Rollers back in mid-April. 

Final table payouts

1st David “Z0NEDin” Jackson – USA – US$ 194,178
2nd Dumitru Adrian “DDimancescu” Pora – Romania – US$ 140,393
3rd Weilin “Ace predator” Wang – China – US$ 101,507
4th Michael Watson – Canada – US$ 73,392
5th Lucio “Wizard0fAz” Lima – Brazil – US$ 53,063
6th Ken “ken@king” Okada – Japan – US$ 38,366
7th Masakazu “Brian-Miyamoto” Miyamoto – Japan – US$ 27,739

Final week bracelet events

September 7: WSOP #28: $2,100 Bounty Championship No Limit Hold’em
September 9: WSOP #29: $1,500 FIFTY STACK No Limit Hold’em
September 11: WSOP #30: $525 WSOP Beat the Pros [Freezeout]

Phased Events – Day 1 flights running

September 12: WSOP #31: ¥815 WSOP Zodiac Autumn Festival [Final Day]
September 12: WSOP #32: $210 WSOP Bounty Double MILLIONS [Final Day]
September 12: WSOP #33: $500 The Closer [Final Day] 

2021 WSOP Online bracelet events stats

WSOP #1 – #25 prize pool: US$ 56,380,476.10
Seven figure prize pools: 20 events
Cumulative entries: 89,260
First time bracelet winners: 21
Natural8 champions: 3 
Million dollar payouts: 2 
Multiple final tables: 15 players 
Deepest run by Asian player: Keun Woo “POLALIFE!” Lee – Korea – 1st place at WSOP #12: $1,000 DOUBLE STACK No Limit Hold’em

Fields and Prize Pools

Largest phased field: WSOP #1: $50 The Return NLH – 30,810 entries
Largest one day entry field: WSOP #5: $315 Bounty Deepstack NLH – 2,989 entries
Biggest pot (phased): WSOP #7: $1,500 MILLIONAIRE MAKER NLH – US$ 7,747,725
Biggest pot (single day entry): WSOP #21: $25,00 Super High Roller Championship NLH – US$ 6,247,500
Smallest field: WSOP #18: $5,000 Short Deck Championship – 144 entries
Smallest pot: WSOP #9: $400 DOUBLE CHANCE PLO – US$ 366,600

2021 WSOP Online champions

WSOP #1: $50 The Return NLH – Bartlomiej “Chester20o” Swieboda – Poland – US$ 161,110
WSOP #2: $1,111 Caesars Cares Charity Event – Joao Simao – Brazil – US$ 206,075
WSOP #3: $2500 Limit Hold’em Championship – Nicolo Molinelli – Italy – US$ 88,461
WSOP #4: $800 DOUBLE CHANCE NLH – Thiago “IneedWasabi” Macedo – Brazil – US$ 161,636
WSOP #5: $315 Bounty Deepstack No Limit Hold’em – Kacper Pyzara – Poland – US$ 79,789
WSOP #6: $200 FLIP & GO No Limit Hold’em – G