2020 WSOP Online – Natural8: Bracelets away! Marcelo Pudla, Alek Stasiak, Roberto Romanello, and Simon Lofberg seize the gold; full report on Sunday WSOP events

Four bracelets won on Day 8 of the 2020 World Series of Poker Online international leg. The latest champions were Marcelo Jakovjlevic Pudla, Alek Stasiak, Roberto Romanello, and Simon Klas Lofberg. Read up on their exciting victories via our recaps. Also inside are results and info on various events that ran alongside including the COLOSSUS and PLOSSUS, WSOP Side Events, GGMasters and High Rollers Super MILLION$. For players hunting down the WSOP Player of the Series title, top 10 standings provided below.

The 2020 WSOP Online is running hot on two platforms with a combined 85 signature bracelets for the taking. Ongoing from July 1 to 31 is the USA series on exclusively for players geo-located in Nevada and New Jersey. 25 of the allotted 31 bracelets have been claimed. Make sure to check our recaps on that leg of the series.

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For international players, the series opened on July 19 on Natural8 – GG Network running until September 6. Filling up the roster are 54 bracelet events. As of today, 9 have already been won and over $ 14.5 million paid out in completed bracelet events. Open events and highlight events still to come are listed below which includes the prestigious $ 5,000 No Limit Hold’em Main Event [ $25 Million GTD ].


WSOP #32: The Opener $100 [$2M GTD] – Marcelo Jakovjlevic Pudla – $ 265,879.63

Resuming from the DDoS attack on opening day, the WSOP #32: The Opener $100 [$2M GTD] event ran without a hitch. 3,684 players on the chase for the biggest piece of the $ 2,696,152 prize pool. After ten hours of nonstop action, Brazil’s Marcelo Jakovjlevic Pudla “Marolo” outlasted the competition and banked his first major win. Pudla was awarded a slew of prizes: the $ 265,879.53 first prize, the signature WSOP gold bracelet, $ 15,000 WSOP Europe Package Ticket, and as a Natural8 player, he won a 6 Month Team Bling Sponsorship package worth $ 7,500.

WSOP 32 The Opener 100 2M GTD
WSOP #32 – The Opener $100 [$2M GTD]

With only one small cash to his name, Pudla is another dreamer whose WSOP wish was granted. He was a man on a mission, knocking out five players at the final table which included South African Ronit Chamani who has been chasing down the gold for ten years. Chamani still has plenty of chances with only a fraction of the bracelets claimed so far. Another player meeting Pudla’s deathly axe was Ramiro Petrone who won a partypoker LIVE MILLIONS event held in Argentina in February for a cool million bucks. Petrone may not have bagged the gold but he did pocket his fattest cash. Petrone was also the reason WSOPC ring winner Jonas Mackoff missed the mark in 8th place.

Buy in: $ 100
Guarantee: $ 2,000,000
Entries: 29,306
Prize pool: $ 2,696,152
ITM: 3,039
Final Day players: 4,599
Players remaining: 3,684
Running time: 10:02

WSOP 32 The Opener 100 2M GTD final table
WSOP #32 – The Opener $100 [$2M GTD] final table

Recapping the action from where it counts, at the final table. Pudla carried in a massive stack and wasted no time collecting more, especially from the short stacks. He knocked out shorty Bret Carson (9th) on the first hand with sixes holding against Ace-rag. After Mackoff fell to Petrone with Kh10d getting no help on the board against AsQh, Pudla claimed a second victim in the ailing Boban. Petrone matched Pudla in busts by railing Turrisi in 6th place. Pudla continued to play aggro, then upped the ante again, dragging in all of Pablo Silva’s ammo.

WSOP 32 The Opener 100 2M GTD top two for winner Marcelo Jakovjlevic Pudla
WSOP #32 – The Opener $100 [$2M GTD] – top two for winner Marcelo Jakovjlevic Pudla

By this time Pudla built up a comfortable lead that even after paying out three double ups, he was still chip leader. On the fourth called shove, Pudla railed Petrone. Three-handed, Pudla kept up the pressure leading to both opponents doubling up and losing the lead to Chamani for the first time. Chamani finished off Dejan to enter heads up with a 5:1 lead against Pudla.

Again, Pudla fired away resulting in two double ups to retake the lead. It switched once then back in favor of Pudla. From there, he continued to pull away until Chamani took a stand with 5s6s that failed to connect. Pudla’s Ac5c prevailed thus emerging as the newest WSOP champion.

Final table payouts

1st Marcelo Jakovjlevic Pudla “Marolo” – Brazil – $ 265,879.63 + $ 15,000 WSOP Europe Package Ticket
2nd Ronit Chamani – “Songjoy” – Israel – $198,066.60
3rd Dejan Kaladjurdjevic “627265” – Montenegro – $ 141,188.58
4th Ramiro Petrone “OnTheFlow” – Argentina – $ 100,643.84
5th Pablo Silva – Brazil – $ 71,742.44
6th Roberto Turrisi – “Mulooo90” – Germany – $ 51,140.34
7th Boban Zhivkovikj “bobkovic” – Macedonia – $ 36,454.67
8th Jonas Mackoff “LobyPewis” – Canada – $ 25,986.05
9th Bret Carson “ShowerTime” – Canada – $ 18,523.64

WSOP #33: $1,111 Every 1 for Covid Relief [Caesars Cares]- Alek Stasiak – $ 343,203.53

Also resuming from opening day troubles was WSOP #33: $ 1,111 Every 1 for Covid Relief [Caesars Cares]. 1,418 players returned with registration still open for another two hours after kick off. This brought the total tally to 2,323 of which only 332 were guaranteed a piece of the $ 2,580,853 prize pool. Nine hours in, the deed was done with Alek Stasiak “astazz” as the envied champion. Stasiak finished off half the players at the final table including 2019 WSOP bracelet winner Abhinav Iyer. Stasiak captured the WSOP gold and $ 343,203.53. This was his largest career cash, very large in fact compared to his three live cashes amounting to a combined $ 6,200.

WSOP 33 1111 Every 1 for Covid Relief Caesars Cares
WSOP #33 – $1,111 Every 1 for Covid Relief [Caesars Cares]
To impress on this monumental achievement, on a GGPoker tweet, it was revealed that Stasiak earned his seat to this event through a two step qualifier. He won a $ 10 satellite to qualify to the $ 100 qualifier. Won that too to gain entry here.

Buy in: $ 1,111
Total Entries: 2,323
Total Prize Pool: $ 2,580,853
ITM: 332 places
Running time: 9:07

WSOP 33 1111 Every 1 for Covid Relief Caesars Cares final table
WSOP #33 – $1,111 Every 1 for Covid Relief [Caesars Cares] final table

As soon as the cards were tabled, Stasiak railed Norihiro Otani “orzorz” in 9th place. Following that hand, not much action from Stasiak until it was five handed. During his down time, Lodge railed Stewart Alexander Kilpatrick “Stew_233”, David Jacobo Montoya Mancera “BatSoup789” bumped out Andreas Panayiotis Phouli “Addichip”, then Lodge booted the next two – Evan Parkes “NEONPILS99” and Mancera to amass a stack that dwarfed the remaining three players.

Next significant action awarded Martin Alejandro Arce Ilobera “colinchow” half of Lodge’s chips to bring the Englishman down to earth. Stasiak joined the action by railing Abhinav Iyer “OBellaCiao” which in turn gave him the lead though briefly. Ilobera won a series of pots to claim his stake up top that even after Stasiak railed Lodge, Ilobera was still ahead. Three minutes into heads up, the defining hand came down. Stasiak doubled up with a straight then finished off Ilobera from there.

Final table payouts

1st Alek Stasiak “astazz” – Canada – $ 343,203.53
2nd Martin Alejandro Arce Ilobera “colinchow” – Argentina – $ 246,765.50
3rd Harry Lodge “Vulvasore” – Canada – $ 177,426.43
4th Abhinav Iyer “OBellaCiao” – India – $ 127,571.28
5th David Jacobo Montoya Mancera “BatSoup789” – Mexico – $ 91,724.90
6th Evan Parkes “NEONPILS99” – Canada – $ 65,951.16
7th Andreas Panayiotis Phouli “Addichip” – UK – $ 47,419.46
8th Stewart Alexander Kilpatrick “Stew_233” – UK – $ 34,095.28
9th Norihiro Otani “orzorz” – Japan – $ 24,514.89

Notable players in the money: Mikita Badziakouski (59th), Joni Jouhkimainen (65th), WayneHeung (69th), Naoya Kihara (70th), Dario Sammartino (135th), Elio Fox (236th), Thomas Cazayous (274th), Hun Wei Lee (275th), Roberto Romanello (278th), Shyngis Satubayev “somebodyelse” (290th), Thai Ha (291st), Bertrand Grospellier “ElkY” (319th), Henri Buehler (322nd),

WSOP #39: $1,500 No Limit Hold’em [ Asia ] – Roberto Romanello – $ 216,212.95

Roberto Romenallo poker
Roberto Romanello. Credit: partypoker

The second Asia friendly TIME ZONE event weighed in at 922 entries for a seven figure prize pool worth $ 1,313,850. Running nearly nine and a half hours, the final table paid out big money to five players who walked away with their largest recorded poker cash. Shipping the mother lode WSOP gold merch and $ 216,212.95 was Roberto Romanello “R Romanello” defeating Niklas Astedt “SpeedyDouble” at heads up. This was Romanello’s first ever WSOP win and 38th WSOP cash.

Buy in: $ 1,500
Entries: 922
Prize pool: $ 1,313,850
ITM: 134 places
Running time: 9:26

Entering the final table, Romanello was undoubtedly the most decorated player with over $4 Million in live earnings. On The Hendon Mob, Romanello is ranked #1  in the All Time Money List for Wales. Niklas Astedt “SpeedyDouble” was another strong contender with over $ 1.1 in live winnings. Thomas Alexandre Cazayous was the only player on the hunt for his second WSOP gold.

Astedt carried in the largest stack to the final battle having railed Big Tyler (12th) and amotan (10th). Early action was pot heavy resulting in players tumbling. The first showdown was a pay off to Ravali Krishna, doubled up by Jeffrey Cormier. Crippled down, Cormier lost the rest to Astedt to become the first casualty of the final table. Paul Barnes “Doduckduck” eliminated Orkhan Allahverdiyev “MaxsiMuM”, Romanello emptied out Krishna, then Aleksandr Trofimov “John Marston” finished off Hannes Speiser “Black Fortuna”.

At six remaining, Astedt continued to lead in chips and climbed to half the chips in play on a failed bluff by Cazayous who raised on the river (hand below) and got called out.

WSOP 39 1500 No Limit Hold’em Asia Astedt catches a bluff with a weak pair of Aces
WSOP #39 – $1,500 No Limit Hold’em [ Asia ] – Astedt catches a bluff with Aces up

After numerous big pots and double ups being won around the table, Cazayous lost his bid for a second title by risking all his chips holding top pair that was way behind Barnes’s full house. Four handed action saw Romanello win a second double up off Astedt. Astedt immediately recovered then sent Trofimov to his knees in 4th place. Three left, there was no shortage of action with shoving as the preferred move. This led to Barnes chunked by Romanello then emptied out by Astedt.

It was pound for pound at heads up with neither player giving an inch. The chip lead pingponged until Romanello landed a double up that crippled Astedt with a full house dominating two pair. Two hands later, Romanello earned his first WSOP victory, one he has been chasing since 2006.

Final table payouts

1st Roberto Romanello “R Romanello” – UK – $ 216,212.95
2nd Niklas Astedt “SpeedyDouble” – Canada – $ 156,905.35
3rd Paul Barnes “Doduckduck” – UK – $ 113,866.12
4th Aleksandr Trofimov “John Marston” – Russia – $ 82,632.62
5th Thomas Alexandre Cazayous – UK – $ 59,966.47
6th Hannes Speiser “Black Fortuna” – Austria – $ 43,517.60
7th Ravali Krishna “Resurge-” – India $ 31,580.88
8th Orkhan Allahverdiyev “MaxsiMuM” – Azerbaijan – $22,918.14
9th Jeffrey Cormier “allin donk” – Canada – $ 16,631.76

Notable players in the money: Henri Buehler (22nd), Lucas Greenwood (25th), Pete Chen (37th), Alex Foxen (45th), Neel Joshi (104th), Simon Burns “Fireburns” (112th), Sergi Reixach (115th), Danny Tang (124th), and Jacob Schindler (129th).

WSOP #40: $2,500 Pot Limit Omaha – Simon Lofberg – $ 224,493.45

Of the six bracelet events running, burning the pocket was the WSOP #40: $2,500 Pot Limit Omaha event. After 3 hours of late registration, 532 ponied up the $ 2,500 buy in to build another juicy seven figure pot amounting to $ 1,263,500. The chase took over nine hours, concluding with Sweden’s Simon Klas Lofberg lifting his first WSOP gold bracelet and a substantial $ 224,493.45 first prize. This was Lofberg’s second known six figure score and first major win.

WSOP 40 2500 Pot Limit Omaha
WSOP #40 – $2,500 Pot Limit Omaha

Buy in: $ 2,500
Entries: 532
Prize pool: $ 1,263,500
ITM: 71 places
Running time: 9:13

Picking up the action just before the final table, well known Super High Roller / King’s Casino owner Leon Tsoukernik railed Ross_Geller in 10th place to enter as chip leader. With nearly $ 5 million in live tournament cashes under his belt, Tsoukernik was unquestionably the most accomplished player at the round. While everyone was vying for their first gold bracelet, Shyngis Satubayev “somebodyelse” was the only player sporting a WSOPC ring. He railed Brahman33 in 9th place just before the final table was formed.

WSOP 40 2500 Pot Limit Omaha final table
WSOP #40 – $2,500 Pot Limit Omaha final table

Five minutes in, Lofberg froze Benjamin Juhasz “dr100percent” in 8th place. Not bad for the Hungarian who finished one spot higher than his past WSOP achievement. Booted next were Teoh Mingjuen “Paul Teoh” (7tth) and Arvi Vainionkulma “Catman777” (6th). Both players met their end at the hands of Tsoukernik. For the former Teoh, it was another impressive run at the ongoing WSOP Online series. Just days ago, Teoh finished 5th at WSOP #37: 1,050 Bounty Pot Limit Omaha. He has now gained nearly $72K in combined winnings. To bring the field to half, Andreas Torbergsen eliminated Sai Wah Shek “sws79”. Shek has no live cashes posted making this finish that much more special.

Next shove, Tsoukernik doubled up through Torbergsen but quickly lost it to Satubayev. On the third ensuing push, Torbergsen out-kicked Tsoukernik to send him out in 4th place. Heads up arrived at the fall of Satubayev to Lofberg. See hand below.

WSOP 40 2500 Pot Limit Omaha Satubayev knocked out in 3rd place
WSOP #40 – $2,500 Pot Limit Omaha – Satubayev knocked out in 3rd place

The last hurdle to glory ran for nearly forty minutes with the lead switching back and forth a few times. Lofberg landed a huge double up that drove his stack to a 9:1 advantage that Torbergsen wasn’t able to recover from. On the final push, Lofberg had the higher straight.

Final table payouts

1st Simon Klas Lofberg – Sweden – $ 224,493.45
2nd Andreas Torbergsen – Norway – $ 164,552.93
3rd Shyingis Satubayev “somebodyelse” – Kazakhstan – $ 120,616.86
4th Leon Tsoukernik – Germany – $ 88,411.76
5th Sai Wah Shek “sws79” – Hong Kong – $ 64,805.54
6th Arvi Vainionkulma “Catman777” – Finland – $ 47,502.29
7th Teoh Mingjuen “Paul Teoh” – Malaysia – $ 34,819.02
8th Benjamin Juhasz “dr100percent” – Hungary – $ 25,522.19

Notable players in the money: Craig Timmis (14th), Joao Vieira (18th), Kasper Mellanen “GangstaPoker” (30th), Mike Leah (32nd), Dario Sammartino (44th), Mike McDonald (50th), and Brian Green (66th).

Final Table: WSOP #41: $400 COLOSSUS [$3M GTD]

After 14 entry flights running throughout the week, the much anticipated WSOP #41: $400 COLOSSUS [$3M GTD] event accumulated a thunderous 12,575 entries. At $ 400 each, this obliterated the guarantee to bring about a final tally of $ 4,796.632. Day 2 kicked off with 1,946 qualifiers which wasn’t too far from the money of 1,575 players. The final table was formed at the fall of New Zealand’s gymkhana1 to Arunas Sapitavicius “AngryGoose” with Ace-seven out-drawing Ace-Jack.

Screen Shot 2020 07 28 at 12.54.12 AM 1
WSOP #41 – $400 Colossus

Top 400 ITM: Notables in the money: Mike McDonald (61st), Joao Vieira (72nd), Chance Kornuth (103rd), Jingxiang Ong “Fuzzy Wuzzy!”, Neel Joshi (222nd), Rodrigo Dos Santos Caprioli “PAPAI_PIG” (306th), Sammy Farha (321st), TheMadQueen (333rd), Sergey Ryabachenko (366th), Stephen O’Dwyer (386th), Kitty Kuo (391st), and Michael Leah (396th).

Buy in: $ 400
Game: No Limit Hold’em
Guarantee: $ 3,000,000
Total Entries: 12,757
Total Day 2 Qualifiers: 1,946 players
Total Prize Pool: $ 4,796,632
ITM: 1,575
Running time: 8:40

The final race resumes next week on August 1 @ 18:30 UTC / August 2 @ 02:30 HKT. Live stream on GGPoker.TV. While every finalist is guaranteed a minimum $ 40,529.14, it is the loaded first prize that everyone will be gunning for. The eventual champion will ship $ 595,930 + an added $15,000 WSOP Europe Package Ticket. Blinds open at 2,000,000 – 4,000,000 ante 400,000.

Final 9 Players

WSOP 41 400 Colossus final table
WSOP #41 – $400 Colossus final table

Arunas Sapitavicius “AngryGoose” – Lithuania – 130,807,608 (32.7 BB)
Paraskevas Tsokaridis “Cantaloupe7” – Greece – 117,977,370 (29.5 BB)
Joni Jouhkimainen – Finland – 103,160,117 (25.8 BB)
Ranno Sootia “RukKuRuku” – Estonia – 77,724,692 (19.4 BB)
Tom Delaine “Pik00rs” – Malta – 49,404,154 (12.3 BB)
Andre Felipe De Medeiros Figueiredo “hwilson22” – Brazil – 48,203,960 (12.1 BB)
Agate Ose “bonerjamz69” – Austria – 44,532,684 (11.1 BB)
Lai Sisheng “fisherman90” – Singapore – 36,651,368 (9.2 BB)
Ajay Chabra “Ross_Geller” – Canada – 27,562,079 (6.9 BB)

Final 9 Payouts

WSOP 41 400 Colossus top9 payouts
WSOP x41 – $400 Colossus top9 payouts

Final Table: WSOP #42: $400 PLOSSUS [ $1M GTD ]

Also pooling a monster sized field was the WSOP #42: PLOSSUS [ $1M GTD ] event, attracting 4,356 entries across 15 entry flights. This bumped up the prize pool to a bulkier $ 1,637,856. Only 642 made it into Day 2 led by recent bracelet winner Finnish legendary pro Juha Helppi. Helppi went on to cash in 65th place. Brazil’s Yuri Dzivielevski delivered a double knockout at 11 remaining to form the final table.

WSOP #42 – $400 PLOSSUS [ 1M GTD ] – double knockout for the final table

Notable players in the money: Juha Helppi (65th), Lucas Greenwood (68th), Nicolas Chouity (80th), Thai Ha (43rd), MJ Gonzales (135th), Hun Wei Lee (180th), Michael Leah (206th), Joao Vieira (264th), Joao Simao “naturalmente” {271st), Pete Chen (276th), Martin Zamani “FuTimReilly” (279th), Michael Watson (289th), Andras Nemeth (304th), Anson Tsang “Tara@0x” (307th), Mike McDonald (308th), Chance Kornuth (325th), Mikhail Semin (331st), Manig Loeser (340th), Sergi Reixach (382nd), Alex Foxen (411th), Bertrand Grospellier “ElkY” (441st), and Danny Tang (531st).

Buy in: $ 400
Game: Pot Limit Omaha
Guarantee: $ 1,000,000
Total Entries: 4,356
Total Day 2 Qualifiers: 642 players
Total Prize Pool: $ 1,637,856
ITM: 548 places
Running time: 6:45

The final race resumes next week on August 1 @ 19:00 UTC / August 2 @ 02:00 HKT. Live stream on GGPoker.TV. Every finalist is guaranteed to earn a minimum of $ 14,596.73. The eventual champion will ship $ 221,556.78 + an added $15,000 WSOP Europe Package Ticket. Blinds open at 40,000 – 80,000 ante 8,000.

Final 9 Players

WSOP 42 400 PLOSSUS 1M GTD final table
WSOP #42 – $400 PLOSSUS [ $1M GTD ] final table

Yuri Dzivielevski – Brazil – 51,590,103 (64.5 BB)
Gabi Livshitz “kidrurim” – israel – 38,927,194 (48.7 BB)
Tautvydas Jokubauskas “GuliGul” – Argentina – 24,393,060 (30.5 BB)
Chad Layne “ThefastLayne” – Mexico – 21,793,740 (27.2 BB)
Samuel Bernabeu “vivaegipto” – Mexico – 20,357,958 (25.4 BB)
Matthew Silas Vengrin “DNSFD” – Mexico – 17,046,432 (21.3 BB)
Dustin Dirksen “JohnSmiley” – Mexico – 16,719,743 (20.9 BB)
Markus Michael Cara “Phil Kessel”- Canada – 14,015,112 (17.5 BB)
Juan Perez “Darth Vador” – Mexico – 12,500,374 (15.6 BB)

Final 9 Payouts

WSOP 42 400 PLOSSUS 1M GTD top 9 payouts
WSOP #42 – $400 PLOSSUS [ $1M GTD ] top 9 payouts

Update: WSOP Leaderboard

In addition to striving for the WSOP gold bracelet is the Player of the Series title. For the first time, three types of POS titles will be awarded. The ultimate leaderboard champion will win the WSOP Pure Gold Mouse, the WSOP Pure Gold Dragon will be awarded to the Asia Player of the Series – highest points accrued on the Asia Time Zone events -, and the exclusive Pure Gold Card to be given to leaderboard finishers 2nd to 5th. Current standings after 11 events.

WSOP Player of the Year leaderboard
WSOP Player of the Series leaderboard

WSOP Side Events

WSOP Side Event: $800 Sunday Marathon

Buy in: $ 800
Date: July 26
Guarantee: $ 150,000
Entries: 605
Prize pool: $ 459,800
ITM: 89 places
Running time: 10:46
Winner: Bruno Volkmann – Brazil – $ 80,402.15

WSOP Side Event: $200 Sunday Double Stack

Big money at the WSOP Side Event: $ 200 Sunday Double Stack. With a bustling 2,116 crowd, six players were guaranteed to turn their $ 200 buy in into a five figure payday. The last four players struck a deal and RoadToBMW closed it out.

WSOP Side Event 200 Sunday Double Stack final table
WSOP Side Event – $200 Sunday Double Stack final table

Buy in: $ 200
Date: July 26
Guarantee: $ 150,000
Entries: 2,116
Prize pool: $ 389,344
ITM: 296 places
Running time: 11:20

Winner: RoadToBMW – Brazil – $ 41,399.44 (deal made)
2nd gettingwiser – Canada – $ 36,702.69 (deal made)
3rd 21_Pirio – Brazil – $ 41,252.08 (deal made)
4th Sierracheese – Croatia – $ 32,264.37 (deal)

Other games

GGMasters $150, $500K GTD – Bluffyouguys – $ 56,792.09

4,106 powered in for the weekly GGMasters $150, $500K GTD to create a prize pool well over the guarantee. The final four players opted on a deal then played it out for the WSOP #77: $5,000 No Limit Hold’em Main Event $25M GTD Ticket awarded only to the final three. Chip leader Bluffyouguys from Hong Kong could not be toppled, ultimately winning the race after 11 hours. He pocketed the largest payout of $ 56,792.09.

Buy in: $ 150
Guarantee: $ 500,000
Entries: 4,106
Prize pool: $ 566,628
ITM: 683 places
Running time: 11:03:35

Final table payouts

1st Bluffyouguys – Hong Kong – $ 56,792.09 (deal made)
2nd DobiMiner – Canada – $ 52,354.58 (deal made)
3rd Poch0Loc0 – Albania – $ 49,351.53 (deal made)
4th clavette_kot – Canada – $ 45,468.41 (deal made)
5th JulioSalinas – Germany – $ 19,072.98
6th insane_Guy – Germany – $ 13,289.46
7th YoHViral – Serbia – $ 9,259.72
8th paraguaiiii – Brazil – $ 6,451.85
9th PokerBUDDHA – Brazil – $ 4,495.45

Day 1: High Rollers Super MILLION$ $10K, $2M GTD

Two day event. Final Table takes place July 28 @ 18:00 UTC.

Buy in: $ 10,000
Guarantee: $ 2,000,000
Entries: 210
Prize pool: $ 2,037,000
ITM: 31 places
Running time: 7:21

Final 9 Players

high rollers super millions final 9
High Rollers SUPER MILLIONS final9

Final 9 Payouts

1st $ 396,703.28
2nd $ 296,378
3rd $ 221,424.95
4th $ 165,427.21
5th $ 123,591.30
6th $ 92,335.37
7th $ 68,984.02
8th $ 51,538.34
9th $ 38,504.39

Open: WSOP #48: $1500 MILLIONAIRE MAKER [ $5M GTD ]

The Millionaire Maker is one of the most sought after events of the series. Since its inception in 2013, the fields have been enormous with every player on mutual ambition to ship seven figures. As always, the champion of this event is guaranteed $ 1,000,000. The first of 15 entry flights has been completed. Among the pros through to Day 2 are Michael Addamo, Daniel Dvoress, Preben Stokkan, Mike McDonald, Jason Koon, Isaac Haxton and Team NLG Fedor Holz.

Buy in: $ 1,500
Guarantee: $ 5,000,000
Cumulative Entries: 620
Cumulative Day 2 Qualifiers: 95
Remaining Flights: 14
Day 2: August 2 @ 18:30 UTC / August 3 @ 02:30 HKT
Final Table: August 9 @ 18:30 UTC / August 10 @ 02:30 HKT – Live broadcast cards face up on GGPoker.TV

Top 10 in chips

wsop 48 Millionaire Maker top10 in chips
WSOP #48 – Millionaire Maker top10 in chips

Up Next: WSOP #43: $10,000 Short Deck No Limit Hold’em Championship

Buy in: $ 10,000
Date: July 28 @ 18:00 UTC / July 29 @ 02:00 HKT
Late registration: 180 minutes
Re-entries: 2 times


WSOP #77: $5,000 No Limit Hold’em Main Event [ $ 25M GTD ]

Year after year, players flock to Las Vegas with dreams of winning a bracelet, however no gold is more desired than that of the WSOP Main Event. The hunt for the 51st champion begins on August 16 with entry flights running daily until August 30. Players are allowed only three bullets with no same day re-entry offered.

Buy in: $ 5,000
Guarantee: $ 25,000,000
Entry Dates: August 16 to August 30
Entry Flights: 22 offered
Final Day: August 30 [ 3-Day Freezeout Flights ]

WSOP #55: HK$ 8,000 No Limit Hold’em Asia Championship [ HK$ 8M GTD ]

Buy in: HK$ 8,000 (~ US$ 1,000)
Guarantee: HK$ 8,000,000 (~US$ 1,032,000)
Entry Dates: August 3 to August 9
Entry Flights: 14 offered
Final Day: August 9 @ 20:00 HKT


Buy in: $ 25,000
Date: August 23 @ 18:00 UTC
Guarantee: $ 10,000,000
Notes: 2 day event

WSOP #71: BIG 50 [ $1M GTD ]

At the 50th anniversary of the WSOP held last year, the BIG 50 event was introduced. Due to its massive draw of 28,371 entries, it is back in the roster. With the buy in lowered to a very affordable $ 50, players can expect a monstrous field.

Buy in: $ 50
Guarantee: $ 1,000,000
Entry Dates: August 16 to 23
Entry Flights: 15 offered
Final Day: August 23 @ 18:30 UTC

Other Games

For those looking to enter bracelet events for cheap, the WSOP Silk Road is your route. Daily tickets can be won running until August 31. For non-bracelet events, several WSOP side events are scheduled with buy ins from $125 to $800.

Natural8 promos

wsop natural8 promotion big

For players signed up on Natural8, expect generous promos for a more enjoyable and profitable WSOP experience. WSOP champions Shoma Ishikawa “pp_syon”  and Marcelo Jakovjlevic Pudla ” Marolo” already capitalized, each awarded one of the WSOP Winner’s Circle Sponsorship packages. 45 chances left to be a winner!

WSOP Winner’s Circle Sponsorship Packages

Main Event = $100,000 Natural8 Sponsorship*

Win the WSOP Main Event and you’ll not only become a part of Team Bling, you’ll be the CAPTAIN of the team. This exclusive package includes:

12 month Team Bling Sponsorship
$15,000 Las Vegas Package ($10,000 to cover your buy-ins and $5,000 for expenses)
$25,000 for live event sponsorships
T$60,000 in online sponsorships, paid out over 12 months

Buy-ins of $1,000 and above = $15,000 Natural8 Sponsorship*

Win a WSOP Bracelet from any event with a buy-in of $1,000 and above, and you’ll get a Team Bling package that includes:

6 month Team Bling Sponsorship
$15,000 Las Vegas Package ($10,000 to cover your buy-ins and $5,000 for expenses)

Buy-ins from $50 to $999 = $7,500 Natural8 Sponsorship*

Win a WSOP Bracelet from any event with a buy-in of $999 and below, and you’ll get a Team Bling package that includes:

6 month Team Bling Sponsorship
$7,500 Las Vegas Package ($5,000 to cover your buy-ins and $2,500 for expenses)

WSOP First Deposit Bonus

First time depositors on Natural8 can expect a special bump in the load. For a minimum deposit of $20 are gifts worth up to $ 100 over six consecutive days. The initial $ 60 in WSOP tickets – WSOP Satellite and WSOP Spin & Gold, another $ 40 in WSOP tickets for those that complete all 6 AoF challenges of 100 AoF hands per day.

wsop natural8 promotion

WSOP Silk Road

The WSOP Silk Road Micro Series has been ongoing since July 1st and will run until August 31st. This is for players looking to enter bracelet events for cheap. And seriously, who wouldn’t want to win a multi million event for as low as $ 1.08? Via this route, buy ins only go as high as $ 21.60. Top the Natural8 Silk Road Leaderboard to win an instant ticket to the WSOP #77: $5,000 Main Event [ $25M GTD ].

Plenty of action still to come so stick with us at Somuchpoker as we bring you daily updates on the ongoing 2020 WSOP Online on Natural8.

Join Natural8 – $100 in Free tickets with your 1st Deposit

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