2020 WSOP Online Update: More gold bracelet winners as Kenny “Chopuh” Hyunh, Kevin “therealkg” Gerhart, Tony “Panoramic” Dunst and Allan “Treeoflife” Cheung take a slice of the cake

With only a little over a week left for the 2020 World Series of Poker U.S. leg, players are making their way through the remaining events in hopes of becoming one of the latest gold bracelet winners. So far, 22 fortunate poker players playing on the client have already claimed the highly coveted prize with only 9 left up for grabs to be awarded within the next scheduled events. The first part of the biggest online series is set to conclude on the 31st with the $1,000 No Limit Hold’em Championship closing out its initial offerings on the official platform. Simultaneously, the international leg held on the Natural8 – GGPoker Network is currently underway having already awarded its first few WSOP champions.

This week’s events have added four more impressive winners to the WSOP roster consisting of online players Kenny “Chopuh” Hyunh, Kevin “therealkg” Gerhart, Tony “Panoramic” Dunst and Allan “Treeoflife” Cheung for taking down Events #19 – 22. The proud winners have bested through the wide range of players to earn themselves the top payout, as well as a prestigious WSOP title. Tuning in to the latest news on the series, below is a short recap of the following events and its final table results.

Event #19: $400 No Limit Hold’em – Kenny “Chopuh” Hyunh ($133,857)

Kenny “Chopuh” Hyunh - Photo
Kenny “Chopuh” Hyunh – Photo

One of the busiest nights of the week for the online poker scene, this Sunday’s event drew in a much larger field than the past WSOP bracelet events. The $400 No Limit Hold’em event attracted a total of 2,545 entries, creating a $916,200 prize pool to guarantee a top prize of well within the six-figure scale. After more than 11 hours of play, it was player Kenny “Chopuh” Hyunh who was left to be the last man standing, taking home $133,857 for his victory. Fairly familiar with both the live and online poker circuits, Hyunh has amassed over $212,130 in recorded live earnings as well as mid-six figures in online winnings. The year has proven to be highly significant for Hyunh as he scored his career-best cash of $80,298 just last February coming in second in the 2020 Parx Big Stax XXXII.

Winning a crucial flip early in the final table, Hyunh managed to scoop up a big pot after his Ace-King flopped the broadway straight against Michael “namhtiw1” Whitman’s pocket nines. Hyunh continued his run good crushing Hunter “Hunt_Dizzle” Frey’s trip Jacks landing a diamond flush on the river. Cards continued to fall in Hyunh’s favor as his Ace-King sent opponent Sang “youngkoi” Lee’s Jacks to the muck, eventually pushing him to a heads up battle against Matthew “610610” Berger. Coming in as the underdog, Hyunh managed to even out the gap and seal the deal where both players held trip sixes. Fortunately for Hyunh, his three kicker improved his hand to a winning straight and the overall win.

2020 WSOP Event #19: $400 No Limit Hold’em Final Table Results

Place Player Prize
1 Kenny “Chopuh” Huynh $133,857
2 Matthew “610610” Berger $82,733
3 Vincent “meatball44” Ablahani $60,744
4 Sang “youngkoi” Lee $44,985
5 Kenneth “KBconcepts” Phillips $33,625
6 Hunter “Hunt_Dizzle” Frey $25,287
7 Michael “namhtiw1” Whitman $19,149
8 Michael “vapor098” Federico $14,659
9 Paul “Debt2Me” Gunness” $11,361

Event #20: $500 PLO 6-Handed – Kevin “therealkg” Gerhart ($97,571)

Kevin Gergart poker 2
Kevin Gerhart. Photo:

With only four events running an Omaha format, Kevin “therealkg” Gerhart bagged the third PLO event of the series. After topping the 1,137-entry field, Gerhart took the biggest payout of $97,571 from the $511,650 generated prize pool. The Ohio native captured his second career WSOP gold bracelet in addition to the previous one he received for taking down last year’s Event #54: $1,500 Razz for his best live cash amounting to $119,054. According to HendonMob, Gerhart’s total live earnings have surpassed the $600,000 mark with multiple results all located within the country.

Entering the final table as the chip leader, Gerhart was already one step closer to capturing the esteemed title. Right off the bat, the American pro eliminated shortest stack Shanmukha “Shanmukha” Meruga after turning two pair against his opponent. Gerhart continued on, stacking two more opponents to land a spot in the heads up play against leading player Cody “Duckmoney420” Brinn. Pulling through the massive swing of chips, Gerhart emerged victorious after completing a wrap draw against Brinn’s overpair leaving his opponent to settle for a second-place finish for $60,324.

2020 WSOP Event #20: $500 PLO 6-Handed Final Table Results

Place Player Prize
1 Kevin “therealkg” Gerhart $97,572
2 Cody “Duckmoney420” Brinn $60,324
3 Jenny “Mobey” Svancara $41,290
4 Chris “Robotbob47” Moorman $28,601
5 Adam “AdamJ080584” Jones $20,210
6 Shanmukha “Shanmukha” Meruga $14,480

Event #21: $777 No Limit Hold’em 6-Handed – Tony “Panoramic” Dunst ($168,342)

tony dunst poker
Tony Dunst

The 21st event of the summer series almost closed out a seven-figure prize pool after drawing in 1,361 entries. A couple players short of the million, the $952,700 prize pool was enough to entice players to strive through and land a spot in the final table. However, World Poker Tour commentator Tony “Panoramic” Dunst was the favored one to emerge as champion after roughly 11 hours of play. Dunst bagged the $168,342 top payout for his finish, joining his long list of achievements amounting to $3.8 million in live tournament earnings. Having several burly payouts under his name, Dunst secured his second bracelet prize to add to his prior win from WSOP’s Event #63: $1,000 NLHE back in 2016 for $339,254.

Holding a massive chip lead above the rest, Dunst continued to dominate the final table play eliminating his opponents one by one with Jon “havuuuuuc” Turner having to leave first, only to be followed by Krista “Pollux” Gifford soon after running into Dunst’s pocket Kings. By four-handed play, Dunst has amassed more than half of the total chips in play sitting with a 13 million chip stack while all his three other opponents were each left with less than 3 million. After Alex “Tango_Bravo” Parslow was eliminated, “paymycollege” almost successfully evened out the stacks until his seven-high straight was beaten by Dunst’s spade flush to eventually end his opponent’s contention for the title.

2020 WSOP Event #21: $777 No Limit Hold’em 6-Handed Final Table Results

Place Player Prize
1 Tony “Panoramic” Dunst $168,342
2 “paymycollege” $103,940
3 Alec “Tango_Bravo” Parslow $72,215
4 “ilosestackz” $50,779
5 Krista “Pollux” Gifford $36,203
6 Jon “havuuuuuc” Turner $26,199

Event #22: $500 No Limit Hold’em Turbo Deepstack – Allan “Treeoflife” Cheung ($120,083)

Allan “Treeoflife” Cheung ($120,083)
Allan “Treeoflife” Cheung ($120,083)

The latest event to conclude was the $500 No Limit Hold’em Turbo Deepstack in which Allan “Treeoflife” Cheung earned his biggest career win to date. Overcoming the field of 1,579 entries, Cheung captured his first WSOP gold bracelet award along with his first six-figure score. According to HendonMob, his conservative record shows a total live earnings of $1,652 with a biggest cash of $887 based on only three recorded results. Definitely a big win for the online player, Cheung has been on the online circuit grind making already three prior cashes in the 2020 WSOP series just before his impressive victory.

Shipping a $120,083 for his triumph, Cheung remained patient all throughout the final table play slowly climbing up the chip ranks. It was only until the heads up battle against Myles “Shipthemoney” Kotler did Cheung score an elimination. Coming in at a chip disadvantage, Cheung successfully managed to double up into the lead just before the final hand took place. Aggressive opponent Kotler three-bet jammed his ten-eight suited and was called by Cheung with Ace-seven wherein an ace on the turn ultimately ended his opponent’s run leaving Kotler to settle for the runner-up finish and a $74,039 payout.

2020 WSOP Event #22: $500 No Limit Hold’em Turbo Deepstack final table results

Place Player Prize
1 Allan “Treeoflife” Cheung $120,083
2 Myles “Shipthemoney” Kotler $74,039
3 Brian “JackBogle” Altman 53,291
4 Daniel “juice” Buzgon $38,725
5 Terrell “heezahustla” Cheatham $28,493
6 Louie “pongpong” Valderrama $21,174
7 “this1smyvice” $15,916
8 “theLMT90” $12,079
9 Robert “Nvrstsfied” Natividad $9,306


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