2020 WPTDS Taiwan: Huang Chyan Pu bags the Main Event, Zong Chi He wins Player of the Series; Chi Jen Chu takes the Super High Roller

After 11 days of action running from December 11 to 21, the World Poker Tour wrapped up its first ever DeepStacks Taiwan festival in Taipei City. The inaugural event took place at the highly popular poker room, Chinese Texas Hold’em Poker Association aka CTP Club. 27 players walked away carrying WPT event trophies with Huang Chyan Pu claiming the prime Main Event Champion’s Trophy and a cool NT$ 1,317,800 (~US$ 46,800). Among the latest high roller winners, decorated pro Chi Jen “Justin” Chu banked the largest at the Super High Roller. When the last of the games completed, Taiwanese pro Zong Chi He captured the tour’s esteemed Player of the Series title along with the US$ 1,500 WPT Passport. We’ve got all the final results for you below.

Event 15: WPTDS Main Event – HUANG CHYAN PU – NT$ 1,317,800 (~US$ 46,800)

wptds main event champ
Huang Chyan Pu. Credit: CTP Club Facebook

Headlining the inaugural festival was the NT$ 15,000 (~US$ 533) buy in WPTDS Taiwan Main Event wherein 526 built up a handsome NT$ 6,794,480 (~US$ 241,373) prize pool. Given the current pandemic, this was a truly fantastic turnout by the locals. Among the finalists were high roller champion Po Wen Fang and hot running local pro Zong Chi He. Both fell 3rd and 4th respectively. Heads up was between Huang Chyan Pu and Chuan Lung Lai. The former Huang seized it for his first known live tournament victory. He scooped up the festival’s single largest tournament score of NT$ 1,317,800 (~US$ 46,800).

Buy in: NT$ 15,000 (~US$ 533)
Entries: 526
Prize pool: NT$ 6,887,970 (~US$ 244,200)
ITM: 64 places

Final table payouts

1st Huang Chyan Pu – Taiwan – NT$ 1,317,800
2nd Chuan Lung Lai – Taiwan – NT$ 924,800
3rd Po Wen Fang – Taiwan – NT$ 594,800
4th Zong Chi He – Taiwan – NT$ 413,500
5th Cindy Man-Ni-Chen – Taiwan – NT$ 317,400
6th Chi Hung Ho – Taiwan – NT$ 264,500
7th Po Ching Lin – Taiwan – NT$ 220,200
8th Feng Wen Chen – Taiwan – NT$ 175,900
9th Shao Heng Hsu – Taiwan – NT$ 131,900

WPTDS Taiwan Player of the Series – ZONG CHI HE – 525.1 points

Zong Chi He

Throughout the festival, players earned points towards the WPTDS Taiwan Player of the Series race. Outshining the competition was local pro Zong Chi He whose seven deep runs included one victory to more than deserve the title, the US$ 1,500 WPT Passport, and the POS Trophy. Here’s a look at He’s impressive achievements:

2nd Event 2: Kick Off
8th Event 8: WPTDS High Roller
7th Event 10: CTP Daily Deep Stack
4th Event 13 WPTDS Super Stack
4th Event 15: Main Event
4th Event 25: High Roller 1
1st Event 22: CTP Daily Deep Stack

For second and third placers, each received a seat to the Taiwan Millions Tournament Season 10 Main Event. The TMT is Taiwan’s most celebrated homegrown festival.

2nd: Chan Lok Ming – Hong Kong – 422.75 points
3rd: Yen Liang Yao – Taiwan – 380.47 points


Event 26: WPTDS Super High Roller – CHI JEN CHU – NT$ 550,000 (~US$ 19,500)

Chi Jen “Justin” Chu
Chi Jen “Justin” Chu

Taiwanese high roller Chi Jen “Justin” Chu is no stranger to big stakes. Not only has the young pro racked up numerous high roller victories and deep runs in his home country since 2018, he has also won a WSOP Circuit ring this past summer. The latest addition to his awards shelf was a WPT trophy for his triumph at the WPTDS Taiwan Super High Roller. Chu towered over 20 others, including Taiwanese pro Pete Yen Han Chen at heads up, to claim the top dog NT$ 550,000 (~US$ 19,500) first prize.

Buy in: NT$ 58,800 (~US$ 2,088)
Entries: 21
Prize pool: NT$ 1,100,000 (~US$ 39,077)
ITM: 3 places


1st Chi Jen “Justin” Chu – Taiwan – NT$ 550,000
2nd Pete Yen Han Chen – Taiwan – NT$ 330,000
3rd Aaron Hsu – Taiwan – NT$ 220,000

Event 23: WPTDS High Roller 2 – TSUNG EN YEH – NT$ 465,400 (~US$ 16,500)

Tsung En Yeh kicked off his live tournament career in the midst of the pandemic and has impressively ran very well. Up until the WPTDS Taiwan, his largest money was NT$ 158,700 (~US$ 5,555) which he earned in late November. Yeh tripled up that payout at the WPTDS by besting 40 others to ship the High Roller 2 event and pocket the NT$ 465,400 (~US$ 16,500) first prize. He has now accrued over US$ 30,000 in live winnings this year.

Buy in: NT$ 33,000 (~US$ 1,171)
Entries: 41
Prize pool: NT$ 1,193,100 (~US$ 42,380)
ITM: 6 places


1st Tsung En Yeh – Taiwan – NT$ 465,400
2nd Yung Yu Chen – Taiwan – NT$ 274,400
3rd Wei Ting Chen – Taiwan – NT$ 167,000
4th Li Ta Hsu – Taiwan – NT$ 119,300
5th Chung Yi Ho – Taiwan – NT$ 95,400
6th Chao Ting Cheng – Taiwan – NT$ 71,600

Event 25: WPTDS High Roller – PO WEN FANG – NT$ 453,300 (~US$ 16,100)

Buy in: NT$ 33,000 (~US$ 1,171)
Entries: 38
Prize pool: NT$ 1,105,800 (~US$ 39,200)
ITM: 5 places


1st Po Wen Fang – Taiwan – NT$ 453,300
2nd David Hsing Hsiung Tai – Taiwan – NT$ 276,500
3rd Yen Liang Yao – Taiwan – NT$ 165,900
4th Zong Chi He – Taiwan – NT$ 121,600
5th Chun Hsiang Yang – Taiwan – NT$ 88,500

Event 18: WPTDS NLH Turbo

Buy in: NT$ 3,000 (~US$ 106)
Entries: 37
Prize pool: NT$ 88,900 (~US$ 3,160)
ITM: 5 places
Winner: KUANG HUNG LEE – Taiwan – NT$ 36,500

Event 20: WPTDS MegaStack NLH 2

Buy in: NT$ 10,000 (~US$ 355)
Entries: 110
Prize pool: NT$ 960,300 (~US$ 34,100)
ITM: 14 places
Winner: JUI WEI HSU – Taiwan – NT$ 288,000 (~US$ 10,230)

Event 21: WPTDS NLH Turbo

Buy in: NT$ 3,000 (~US$ 106)
Entries: 72
Prize pool: NT$ 172,800 (~US$ 6,138)
ITM: 9 places
Winner: LUN CHUN CHOU – Taiwan – NT$ 60,500 (~US$ 2,150)

Event 24: CTP Super Stack 2

Buy in: NT$ 5,000 (~US$ 177)
Entries: 79
Prize pool: NT$ 325,700 (~US$ 11,570)
ITM: 10 places
Winner: HANG CHI – Taiwan – NT$ 110,700 (~US$ 3,930)


Event 14: CTP Daily Deep Stack

Buy in: NT$ 2,000 (~US$ 71)
Entries: 72
ITM: 9 places
Winner: MING YANG WU – Taiwan – NT$ 40,300 (~US$ 1,430)

Event 16: CTP Daily Deep Stack

Buy in: NT$ 2,000 (~US$ 71)
Entries: 75
ITM: 10 places
Winner: CHAN LOK MING – Hong Kong – NT$ 40,800 (~US$ 1,450)

Event 17: CTP Daily Deep Stack

Buy in: NT$ 2,000 (~US$ 71)
Entries: 96
ITM: 12 places
Winner: CHIA YUN WU – Taiwan – NT$ 48,900 (~US$ 1,737)

Event 19: CTP Daily Deep Stack

Buy in: NT$ 2,000 (~US$ 71)
Entries: 125
ITM: 16 places
Winner: HAO YAN LIN – Taiwan – NT$ 58,000 (~US$ 2,060)

Event 22: CTP Daily Deep Stack

Buy in: NT$ 2,000 (~US$ 71)
Entries: 85
ITM: 11 places
Winner: ZONG CHI HE – Taiwan – NT$ 43,900 (~US$ 1,560)

Up next for WPT

That wraps up the first ever WPT event in Taiwan. Next for the tour in the Asia Pacific region is WPTDS Gold Coast 2021 which is slated for April 23 to May 3 at The Star Gold Coast in  Queensland, Australia. Following that event is the WPT NagaWorld Asia Pacific Championship from May 5 to 18 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

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