WPT Vietnam pays out over ₫74.8B (~$3M); Jacque Ramsden, Nguyen Duc Thanh capture last packages

WPT Main Event Final 1

On October 6 to 16, 2023, the World Poker Tour (WPT) hosted its final event in Asia for Season XXI at Crown Poker Club Hanoi. Over the eleven-day festival, WPT Vietnam awarded 32 trophies and a total of 9 packages to the upcoming World Championship and Prime Championship. Here’s a look at the highlights.

Festival review

Dates: October 6 to 16, 2023
Venue: Crown Poker Club Hanoi
Festival prize pool:  ₫74,871,972,000 (~$3,060,000)
Trophy Events: 32
Entries: 4,448
Main Event prize pool: ₫22,426,400,000 (~$916,300)
Main Event champion: Sorawit Suriyakarn – ₫3,856,400,000 (~$157,565) + WPT World Championship package worth $12,150
Most wins: Dong Yixuan (2)
Most final table cashes: Chen Mingcong (4)
Most cashes: Le Nhu An (5)
Trophy by Flag: Vietnam (13), China (5), India (3), France (2), UK (2), Philippines (2), Russia (2), Thailand (1), Malaysia (1), Austria (1)

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Main Event and World Championship Package winner: Sorawit Suriyakarn

sorawitsuriyakarn 3 1

The Main Event attracted an 850-entry field for a prize pool of ₫22,426,400,000. Running from October 12 to 16, it concluded with recreational player from Thailand, Sorawit Suriyakarn, capturing his first live title and a career high payout of ₫3,856,400,000 (~$157,565). In addition, Suriyakarn won a  WPT World Championship package worth $12,150.

Main Event recap

WPT Prime Championship Package winners


High Roller 2Day Event: Jacque Ramsden – ₫2,312,700,000 (~$94,490) + WPT Prime Championship package worth $2,850
Crown Superstack Classic: Nguyen Duc Thanh – ₫341,941000 (~$13,970)
High Roller 2Day Warm Up: Song Li – ₫1,950,100,000 (~$79,677)
Survivor Bounty 8Max: Dong Yixuan – ₫1,154,700,000 (~$47,180)
WPT Opener: Anthony Cierco – ₫657,500,000 (~$26,865)
Satellite Package winner: Nam Byoung Kim
Satellite Package winner: Deok-Young Lee
Satellite Package winner: Solvin Hong

Most wins: DONG YIXUAN

yixuandong1 1

China’s Dong Yixuan was the only player to walk away with two trophies. Her first win was at Event 8: PLO, besting the 28 entry field for her maiden live title. She then carried the winning momentum to the Survivor Bounty 8-Max, outlasting a much larger 524-entry field. In addition to the 1,154,700,000 (~$47,180) payout, Dong won a $2,850 package to the WPT Prime Championship.

Most final table cashes: CHEN MINGCONG


Numerous players cashed multiple times and multiple players cashed twice at the final table however only one player bested those results, China’s Chen Mingcong, who finished with a whopping four final table cashes. In total, he earned ₫2,240,000,000 (~$91,520). 

6th Megastack High Roller 139,500,000
6th High Roller 2Day Warm Up 380,500,000
4th Super High Roller 615,500,000
3rd High Roller 2Day Event 1,104,500,000

Most cashes: LE NHU AN

lenhuan 1
Le Nhu An

Vietnam’s  Le Nhu An cashed five times earning the title of most cashes. His deepest run was runner-up at the festival’s last event and the richest payday was at the Megastack High Roller, finishing 3rd for  366,500,000 (~15,000).

10th Event 1: WPT Opener 61,500,000
3rd Event 7: Megastack High Roller 366,500,000
54th Event 11: Survivor Bounty 8Max 19,000,000
15th Event 27: CPC Superstack Classic 19,500,000
2nd Event 32: Turbo 13,500,000

High Roller 2Day Event: JACQUE RAMSDEN

jacquesramsden 2
Jacque Ramsden

One of the last events to complete was the High Roller 2Day Event where 166 put up the ₫66,000,000 (~US$ 2,700) buy in for a prize pool ₫9,661,200,000 (~US$ 394,735). During the bubble round, Nguyen Thi Bao An doubled up through Nevan Chang with AsAc over AdKh. However, not so fortunate for Ngo Minh Tien whose Ad10c missed against Chen Mingcong’s QsQh to fall on the bubble. 

nguyenthibaoan 2
Nguyen Thi Bao An

With 21 players in the money, it took another seven hours for the champion to emerge. UK’s Jacque Ramsden defeated Lin Jianwei to capture the 2,312,700,000 (~$94,490) top prize and a WPT Prime Championship Package worth $2,850.

Lin Jianwei (runner up)

Heads up opened with Lin slightly ahead 45 bb to 37 bb. By the thirty minute mark, Ramsden had a healthy lead when the final hand was tabled. Lin KhJc, Ramsden Ac6s, board was 2s6cKd8dAd.

Watch the final table race via this livestream link.

Buy in: ₫66,000,000 (~US$ 2,700)
Guarantee: ₫1,000,000,000 (~US$ 40,860)
Entries: 166 (104 entries)
Prize pool: ₫9,661,200,000 (~US$ 394,735)
ITM: 21 places

1 Ramsden Jacque 2,312,700,000
2 Lin Jianwei 1,539,000,000
3 Chen Mingcong 1,104,500,000
4 Nguyen Khac Thai 807,500,000
5 Truong Toan Chan 601,000,000
6 Nguyen Huu Tuan 456,000,000
7 Waki Yasuhiro 353,000,000
8 Truong Chi Tam 278,500,000
9 Frank Lillis 224,000,000

Full payouts in the WPT Vietnam – Festival Results

Superstack Classic: NGUYEN DUC THANH

Nguyen Duc Thanh

236 entered the Crown Poker Club Superstack Classic with the top 30 places earning a piece of the ₫1,602,440,000 (~US$ 65,470) prize pool. At the fall of Truong Van Tuan Khanh in 3rd place, the battle for the title came down between Nguyen Duc Thanh and Dexter Santos. Both players engaged in 41 heads up hands.

Dexter Santos

For the first 29 hands, stacks stayed fairly close as both players tugged at the chip lead. From hand 30 onwards Nguyen picked up momentum, winning a string of hands to amass 70% of the chips in play. The unstoppable Nguyen went on to victory with Js5d over 10h9h on a board 6d2hAs3c7h. He shipped the 341,940,000 (~$13,970) top prize and a WPT Prime Championship package worth $2,850.

Buy in: ₫7,700,000 (~US$ 315)
Guarantee: ₫1,000,000,000 (~US$ 40,860)
Entries: 236 (141 entries)
Prize pool: ₫1,602,440,000 (~US$ 65,470)
ITM: 30 places

1 Nguyen Duc Thanh Vietnam 341,940,000
2 Dexter Santos Philippines 227,000,000
3 Truong Vu Tuan Khanh Vietnam 165,000,000
4 Phi Tien Sang Vietnam 121,500,000
5 Tran Hoai Nam Vietnam 90,500,000
6 Renato Villanueva Philippines 68,500,000
7 Steven Ho USA 53,000,000
8 Jiang Ho Huang Singapore 41,500,000
9 Hernan Jaybee Villa Philippines 33,000,000

Other big winners

Ha Manh Tuong rises from four-handed to win the WPT Superstack Closer

hamanhtuong 2
Ha Manh Tuong

The WPT Superstack Closer pulled in 144 entries and in the end the last player standing was Vietnam’s Ha Manh Tuong for a payout of ₫281,440,000 (~$11,500). At four-handed short stacked Ha spiked the ace with As9s to crack Renato Villanueva’s KsKh. Ha went on to rail Romain Morvan to face Aladin Reskallah at heads up. Ha shipped it with Jh10h over Kc5c on a board 6h9dJd2cJc.

Buy in: ₫8,800,000 (~US$ 360)
Guarantee: ₫1,000,000,000 (~US$ 40,860)
Entries: 144 (106 entries)
Prize pool: ₫1,117,400,000 (~US$ 45,655)
ITM: 18 places

1 Ha Manh Tuong 281,440,000
2 Reskallah Aladin 187,500,000
3 Morvan Romain 131,000,000
4 Villanueva Renato Jr 94,000,000
5 Nguyen Tien Dong 69,500,000
6 Tan Xiaohui 53,000,000
7 Vu Van Thanh 41,500,000
8 Chhikara Himanshu 33,500,000
9 Iablokov Sergei 28,000,000

Victor Chong comes from behind to win the Super High Roller


The two-day Super High Roller attracted 65 runners to triple up the prize pool to ₫6,305,000,000 (~US$ 257,580). Just before the bubble round, Victor Chong dropped down to 4 bb on a cooler with pocket Jacks paying the max to Ho Koon Leong’s pocket Queens. Chong recovered on the next hand and held on to advance to the final table while Yeh Hung Wei fell on the bubble. Yeh’s AhKc missed the board against Chen Peng’s JhJc.

Super HR 13

Entering the final table as the shortest with just 11 bb, Chong doubled up with JhJs on Chen’s failed attempt to steal with 7h5s. Shortly after, Chong eliminated Chen Yuhang on a cooler with pocket Kings crushing pocket Queens. More chips were sent his way with AhAd winning a 26 bb pot against Chen Mingcong’s lower two pair.

chenmingcong 2

At three-handed, a deal was reached. Jaesung Lee went on to eliminate Mingcong in 3rd place with Jc10s outdrawing QhQc on a board JdJs6s4c3h. Lee entered heads up 123 bb to Chong’s 77 bb.

jaesunglee 2
Jaesung Lee

Forty minutes in, Chong claimed a big pot on Lee’s failed bluff to take the lead for the first time. Lee bet half pot on a board 8hQs10cQhKc, Chong tanked using three time banks then called with Jc10d two pair, Lee had 7h6c. A few hands later, Chong closed it out with 9h9d winning the flip against Lee’s AsKc.

Date: October 12 to 13, 2023
Buy in: ₫107,000,000 (~US$ 4,370)
Guarantee: ₫2,000,000,000 (~US$ 81,700)
Entries: 65 (44 unique)
Prize pool: ₫6,305,000,000 (~US$ 257,580)
ITM: 9 places

1 Victor Chong
2 Lee Jaesung
3 Chen Peng
4 Chen Mingcong
5 Ho Koon Leong
6 Chu Chi-Jen
7 Chen Yuhang
8 Kim Dongkyu
9 Kim Hyun Sup

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