WPT Vietnam: Catching up with the side events

With all the excitement and news these past several days dedicated to the WPT Vietnam Main Event, the side events have had to take a back seat. Not anymore, we are back on track. Below are the festival’s final side event winners.

Event 9: Pot Limit Omaha

ENZ 4668
Sim Kok Wai

Despite Terry Gonzaga commanding most of the action at the lone Pot Limit Omaha event, even entering heads up against Sim Kok Wai with a mighty big stack, he was unable to close it out. Sim shipped repeated pots to steal the win and the VND 231,410,000 first prize. 

Prize pool: VND 729,430,000 – Buyin: VND 8,800,000 – Entries: 94 – ITM: 12 places

1st Sim Kok Wai – Malaysia – VND 231,410,000
2nd Terry Gonzaga – Philippines – VND 135,590,000
3rd Long Nguyen – USA – VND 87,530,000
4th Yu Chenxin – China – VND 56,530,000
5th Lim Shyh Chyn – Hong Kong – VND 43,770,000
6th Su Fang – China – VND 34,650,000
7th Raiy Yik Yin Chiu – Hong Kong – VND 29,180,000
8th Mitchell Minh – USA – VND25,530,000
9th Tan Chin Sun – Malaysia – VND 23,150,000
10th Michael Steinbacher – USA – VND 21,150,000
11th Pavel Lubov – Russia – VND 19,690,000
12th Ngeow Chung Fai – Malaysia – VND 18,250,000

Event 10: Mix Max Freezeout

ENZ 5126
Jakob Senk

The Mix Max Freezeout event was an interesting one with players staring off 9-handed on the first day then 6-handed on the final day. According to several players that stopped by the media table, it was a tough field especially that it was a freezeout. At the final table, Kush Kataria looked to be in fine shape to ship it with his very big stack but it was not to be. Instead he fell in 3rd place. Claiming the win was Jakob Senk to lift his first-ever trophy in Asia and the VND 134,440,000 first prize. 

Prize pool: 384,120,000 – Buyin: VND 6,600,000 – Entries: 66 – ITM: 9 places

1st Jakob Senk – Czech Republic – VND 134,440,000
2nd Po Cheng Yang – Taiwan – VND 76,820,000
3rd Kush Kataria – India – VND 47,050,000
4th Xaosheng Zheng – China – VND 33,610,000
5th Nguyen Tien Thanh – Vietnam – VND 25,930,000
6th Andy Lim Sung Hwan – Korea – VND 20,170,000
7th Pham Quang Anh – Vietnam – VND 17,290,000
8th Priyank Gupta – India – VND 15,360,000
9th Neel Joshi – India – VND 13,400,000

Event 11: Teams Event Freezeout

ENZ 5309
Richard Marquez and Denis Pham

The Team Event Freezeout drew 21 teams to action. Denis Pham and Richard Marquez overcame a huge deficit at heads up against Norbert Koh and Dhanesh Chainani to seize the title and the VND 81,480,000 first prize. This was a very joyful outcome for Marquez who captured his first-ever WPT trophy and first victory in Vietnam. Last month, Marquez won the PPPoker World Championship Event in Manila. As for his teammate Pham, this was his first-ever career title. 

Prize pool: VND 162,960,000 – Buyin: VND 8,800,000 – Entries: 21 teams – ITM: 3 places

1st Denis Pham / Richard Marquez – VND 81,480,000
2nd Norbert Koh / Dhanesh Chainani – VND 48,890,000
3rd Benjamin Gonzva / Loris Courco – VND 32,590,000

Event 13: Shootout Event

ENZ 6407
Yow Jia Wei

A big turnout for the Shootout Event with 60 players registered at the end of the first flight and another 60 in the second flight. The tables were 10-handed. Only one player per table advanced to the final day. All 12 advancing players were guaranteed a piece of the VND 698,400,000 prize pool. The second round of the shootout was six per table then down to the final table of 9 players. Taking it to the finish line was Yow Jia Wei defeating Joey Pang Choyi after a deal was struck. 

Prize pool: VND 698,400,000 – Buyin: VND 6,000,000 – Entries: 120 – ITM: 12 places

1st Yow Jia Wei – Singapore – VND 184,270,000 (deal made)
2nd Joey Pang Choyi – Hong Kong – VND 170,000,000 (deal made)
3rd Xiaosheng Zheng – China – VND 83,810,000
4th Tsubasa Kamei – Japan – VND 54,130,000
5th Ngeow Chung Fai – Malaysia – VND 41,900,000
6th Nguyen Tien Thanh – Vietnam – VND 33,170,000
7th Jang Jongbea – Korea – VND 27,940,000
8th Edward Yam Chun Ho – Hong Kong – VN24,440,000D
9th Lee June Kiat – Malaysia – VND 22,160,000
10th Soichi Koshimori – Japan – VND 20,250,000
11th Pavel Lubov – Russia – VND 18,860,000
12th Stephen Schumacher – USA – VND 17,470,000

Event 14: Superstack Classic

ENZ 6848
Anh Nguyen

The two-day Superstack Classic was and is one of the most popular events in the roster. Players enjoy plenty of playing time with a deep starting stack of 100 bbs. The event concluded with the venue’s very own Director, Hoang Anh Nguyen closing it out. Catching the action at three-handed, Nguyen was already backed by over 80 percent of the chips in play. His two opponents tried but couldn’t make a dent. Nguyen earned VND 452,320,000 for his crushing victory. 

Prize pool: VND 1,746,000,000 – Buyin: VND 11,000,000 – Entries: 180 – ITM: 23 places

1st Hoang Anh Nguyen – Vietnam – VND 452,320,000
2nd Le Ngoc Khanh – Vietnam – VND 303,370,000
3rd Gary Seng – Malaysia – VND 1878,970,000
4th UNKNOWN- VND 108,860,000
5th Rex Clinkscales – USA – VND 84,070,000
6th Hung Sheng Lin – Taiwan – VND 69,670,000
7th Jun Francis – Canada – VND 59,360,000
8th Daniel Tang – Hong Kong – VND 52,210,000
9th Thi Linh Nguyen – Vietnam – VND 45,240,000
10th Ron Tse Tate – USA – VND 38,410,000
11th Lu Zheng Hao – Singapore – VND 38,410,000
12th Hyunil Hong – VND 38,410,000
13th Long Nguyen – USA – VND 32,300,000
14th Tien Thanh Nguyen – Vietnam – VND 32,300,000
15h Hu Jin Long – China – VND 32,300,000
16th Lau King Sing – Hong Kong – VND 27,060,000
17th Le Nguyen Duy Lam – Vietnam – VND 27,060,000
18th Derrick Kwok Yi Feng – Singapore – VND 27,060,000
19th Lee June Kiat – Malaysia – VND 21,830,000
20th Tin Yan Timothy – VND 21,830,000
21st Jude Praveen Kumar – India – VND 21,830,000
22nd Chow Hung Ching – VND 16,570,000
23rd Khiem Phan – VND 16,570,000

Event: 15: Superstack Turbo

ENZ 6868
Dhanesh Chainani

The Superstack Turbo saw 81 final day stragglers (67 uniques, 14 re-entries) looking to grab one of the last trophies of the festival. The money round began at 11 places. Once it reached three-handed, a deal was struck and Dhanesh Chainani went on to win it.

Prize pool: VND 392,580,000 – Buyin: VND 5,500,000 – Entries: 81 – ITM: 11 places

1st Dhanesh Chainani – Singapore – VND 85,331,000 (deal made)
2nd Ken Hsien Loong – Malaysia – VND 84,744,000 (deal made)
3rd Ray Yik Yin Chiu – Hong Kong – VND 80,853,000 (deal made)
4th Cuong Trinh – Vietnam – VND 32,210,000
5th Yoonho Kwak – Korea – VND 24,550,000
6th Ang Kai Loon – Singapore – VND 19,640,000
7th Natalie Teh – Malaysia – VND 16,300,000
8th Barbaranelli Alexandre – Monaco – VND 13,750,000
9th Darren Danial Ong Abdullah – India – VND 12,670,000
10th Dyb Kjell Ove – VND 11,790,000
11th Gyula Ryan Revai – Canada – VND 11,000,000

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