Watch – Highlights of the Poker After Dark ‘Hybrid‘ Sessions

Poker After Dark has once again been beaming entertaining poker action onto our screens this week, with an entirely new concept making an appearance. ‘High Stakes Hybrid’ is a new concept which combines elements of cash and tournament play. Player buy in for $100,000 and cannot rebuy at any time.

Blinds begin at $200/$400 but rise three times during the session. This new format brought the likes of Doug Polk, Brian Rast, Jason Koon, Brandon Steven and Dan Shak to the table, along with Lauren Roberts and Mike Baxter. The players tangled in a number of interesting pots during the course of these sessions, with the following videos providing some of the key highlights:

In our first video, Lauren Roberts and Dan Shak collide in what could easily have been a huge pot. Somehow though, the seemingly inevitable is avoided.

In the second vide of this series, Shak once again finds himself in an interesting spot, with the action really starting to heat up on the river.

This video is from the second session of High Stakes Hybrid play, with Doug Polk and Doug Polk facing off early in the session.

Doug Polk is once again up to his neck in action in this pot, as two powerful hands go to war. Not every story has a happy ending on Poker After Dark, however.

Once again, there are some serious preflop weapons involved in this confrontation, with a familiar face striving to swing the pendulum.

Article by Craig Bradshaw