USOP Danang 2024 Day 4 winners: Joseph Cheong, Armon Van Wijk, Rungrot Nuannoi, Seung Mook Jung, Jacob Borenstein, You Jun Hong, Gwan Woo Lee

USOP Danang 2024
USOP Danang 2024 – Day 4

Bustling Day 4 at U Series of Poker – USOP Danang 2024 with every seat in the Pullman Danang Beach Resort ballroom occupied. By night’s end, Joseph Cheong, Armon Van Wijk, Seung Mook Jung, Jonathan Borenstein, You Jun Hong, and Gwan Woo Lee joined the festival’s winners club. For Rungrot Nuannoi, he became the first player two seize a second trophy. This should see him slide into the top spot of the Player of the Series race. You can check the standings via the link provided.

USOP Danang 2024 – Schedule 
USOP Danang 2024 – Festival Results

USOP Danang 2024 – Player of the Series Leaderboard

Joseph Cheong adds USOP Danang 2024 High Roller Deepstack title to his lengthy portfolio

Joseph Cheong wins USOP Danang 2024 High Roller Deepstack
Joseph Cheong

USA’s Joseph Cheong captured his first ever USOP title at the USOP Danang 2024 High Roller Deepstack, defeating fellow WSOP bracelet winner Mike Takayama at heads up. This was his first win in Asia since 2013. Cheong walked away with a cool VN₫ 1,591,400,000 (~USD 64,200) to send his total live earnings over USD 18 Million.

Date: March 21 to 22, 2024
Buy in: VN₫ 66,000,000 (~USD 2,716)
Guarantee: VN₫ 1,800,000,000 (~USD 72,720)
Entries: 105 (63 unique)
Prize pool: VN₫ 6,111,000,000 (~USD 246,510)
ITM: 16 places

Final table payouts

Place Player Flag Payout in VN₫ 
1 Joseph Cheong USA 1,591,400,000
2 Mike Takayama Philippines 1,063,400,000
3 Tsang Dicky Siu Hang Hong Kong 737,900,000
4 Hoang Hai Nam Vietnam 527,500,000
5 Calvin Tan Kean Wei Malaysia 388,900,000
6 Jean Feng Sun China 295,900,000
7 Josh McCully Australia 232,600,000
8 Vamerdino Magsakay Philippines 189,200,000
9 You Jun Hong Malaysia 159,400,000

Event Recap

The two-day High Roller Deepstack drew a substantial field of 105 entries to generate VN₫ 6,111,000,000 (~USD 246,510), the largest prize pool of the series to date. On Day 1, two players busted during the bubble round – Teoh Kok  Wei’s KcKh were cracked by Dicky Tsang‘s 7h7d and Mauricio Salazar‘s Ad7d fell to Joshua McCully‘s AhJh.

Hoang Hai Nam at USOP Danang 2024
Hoang Hai Nam

Leading up to the final table, two time USOP Hanoi Super High Roller winner Hoang Hai Nam went on a winning spree, eliminating three players along the way to bag up the chip lead. The final 9 players packed up and returned the following day.

USOP Danang 2024 High Roller Deepstack Final Table

Watch the final table livestream via the Crown Poker Club facebook page.

Hoang’s lead quickly vanished in his attempt to muscle Cheong out of a pot. Hoang couldn’t give up his 8h7h pair on a board 9s3d2d7c4s to pay a chunk to Cheong’s 9h9c set. Cheong took the lead and held court until heads up. On a turn board 9d6c3hQs, Takayama ramped up the aggression to claim the pot and took a slight lead.

Joseph Cheong win USOP Danang 2024 High Roller Deepstack
Joseph Cheong

However, it didn’t last. The pendulum swung high over to Cheong’s side, winning a big pot with Kd8d flush over 6h5d straight on a board that completed 10c2d4d3d7d. Up 5:1, Cheong went on to close it out.

Armon Van Wijk swiftly sweeps up at the Heads Up Challenge

Armon Van Wijk wins USOP Danang 2024 Heads Up Challenge
Armon Van WIjk

Australia’s Armon Van Wijk dominated nearly every opponent he faced at the Heads Up Challenge to seize the much deserved trophy and VN₫ 300,000,000 (~USD 12,100) top prize.

The battle started with 20 players on the felt and Martin Sedlak getting a BYE.

Round 1 Advanced
Dao Minh Phu vs Florent Remi Dao Minh Phu
Tobias Bui vs Huynh Ngoc Thai Tobias Bui
Giuseppe Murabito vs Lee Woon Hyeon Giuseppe Murabito
John Pan vs Ryan Plant John Pan
Guy Taylor vs Armon Van Wijk Armon Van Wijk
Michael Falcon vs Jacob Johnston Jacob Johnston
Jae Song Lee vs Craig Jones Craig Jones
Shylko Aliak vs Wei Guo Liang Wei Guo Liang
Li Chih Feng vs Brenton Lee Li Chih Feng
Khoi Nguyen vs Max Max Neuguebauer
Martin Sedlak bye Martin Sedlak

At Round 2, five players received a free pass to the quarter-finals.

Round 2 Advanced
Dao Minh Phu vs John Pan Dao Minh Phu
Max Neugebauer vs Giuseppe Murabito
Max Neugebauer
Jacob Johnston vs Martin Sedlak Martin Sedlak

Quarter Finals

USOP Danang 2024

At Level 5, Armon Van Wijk crushed Dao Minh Phu in back to back showdowns. Van Wijk’s AhKs doubled up against Phu’s 3c3s with a king on the turn. Next hand, Van Wijk won the flip again with AdQs defeating Phu’s JcJd on a board 10h6h2hAcAs. Van Wijk advanced.

Quarters Advanced
Tobias Bui vs Martin Sedlak Tobias Bui
Dao Minh Phu vs Armon Van Wijk Armon Van Wijk
Li Chih Feng vs Craig Jones Craig Jones
Wei Guo Liang vs Max Neugebauer Wei Guo Liang


Semis Advanced
Craig Jones vs Armon Van Wijk Armon Van Wijk
Tobias Bui vs Wei Guo Liang Tobias Bui

The semis kicked off the money round. Van Wijk made quick work of cleaning out Craig Jones. At Level 1, the board completed Ad2d7h6dAh, Van Wijk called the flop and turn bet then fired on the river. Jones called then mucked while showing As. Van Wijk shipped it with Jd9d flush. Several hands after, Van Wijk eliminated Jones with AcQc dominating AdJs to advance to the finals.

After waiting for over an hour, Van WIjk’s opponent was determined. Tobias Bui dominated Wei Guo Liang throughout, eventually defeating him with As10d over Ah9c on a board 6c7h2s9s10s.

USOP Danang 2024 Heads Up
Armon Van Wijk vs Tobias Bui

Once again, Van Wijk was lightning fast. At Level 1 the formidable Bui bet hard at every stage, Van Wijk called him down. The board completed 5d2h4s7s6h, Bui showed 9h7d top pair, Van Wijk way ahead with Ac3d straight.

Bui continued to drain out and at Level 2, he three-bet shoved Qh5c, Van Wijk called with 7s7h, board ran Ac9h4h8h4s. And just like that, Van WIjk clinched the Heads Up Challenge title.

Date: March 22, 2024
Buy in: VN₫ 33,000,000 (~USD 1,358)
Entries: 21
Prize pool: VN₫ 611,100,000 (~USD 24,650)
ITM: 4 places

Place Player Flag Payout in VN₫ 
1 Van Wijk Armon Australia 300,000,000
2 Duc Tu Bui Vietnam 161,100,000
3 Wei Gouliang Wei China 75,000,000
4 Craig Daniel Jones England 75,000,000

Second series title for Rungrot Nuannoi

Rungrot Nuannoi wins second title at USOP Danang 2024 Double Board
Rungrot Nuannoi

Thailand players may be few but one of their own, Rungrot Nuannoi has certainly made his presence felt, becoming the first player to win two events. On opening day, Nuannoi won the Mini High Roller for VN₫ 369 Million, then three days later, he outlasted the 39 entry field of the Double Board event. The second win earned him VN₫ 62,000,000 (~USD 2,500).

Date: March 22, 2024
Buy in: VN₫ 4,500,000 (~USD 185)
Entries: 39 (31 unique)
Prize pool: VN₫ 151,300,000 (~USD 6,100)
ITM: 5 places

Place Player Flag Payout in VN₫ 
1 Rungrot Nuannoi Thailand 62,000,000
2 Craig Anthony Cooper UK 35,600,000
3 Justin Jerome Geronimo Philippines 23,100,000
4 Hyunchang Yu Korea 16,900,000
5 Haoyuan Li China 13,700,000

Third time’s the charm for Seung Mook Jung, wins the Mini High Roller

Seung Mook Jung wins USOP Danang 2024 Mini High Roller
Seung Mook Jung

Korean high roller / Bluff & Catch Ambassador Seung Mook Jung finally scored a trophy at Day 4’s Mini High Roller event, outflipping Gabriel Carter after an ICM heads up deal. This was Seung’s career first USOP title. Prior to the win, Seung had reached two final tables, placing 3rd at the High Roller Warm Up and 5th at the High Roller Mystery Bounty.

Leading up to heads up, Carter delivered the bubble then knocked out Jin Hoon Lee (5th). Seung took care of the next two for the chip lead. An ICM deal was immediately reached with flips to decide ranking, best out of five. Seung won it on the fifth flip.

Date: March 22, 2024
Buy in: VN₫ 22,000,000 (~USD 905)
Guarantee: VN₫ 500,000,000 (~USD 20,200)
Entries: 50 (46 unique)
Prize pool: VN₫ 970,000,000 (~USD 39,120)
ITM: 6 places

*ICM deal, flip for trophy

Place Player Flag Payout in VN₫ 
1 Seung Mook Jung Korea 314,000,000*
2 Gabriel Dominic Carter England 277,700,000*
3 Kean Wei Tan Malaysia 140,600,000
4 Shung Er Sua Malaysia 102,300,000
5 Jin Hoon Lee Korea 75,100,000
6 Chun Ho Edward Yam Hongkong 60,300,000

First USOP title for newcomer Jonathan Borenstein at the HR Single Day

Jonathan Borenstein wins USOP Danang 2024 High Roller Single Day
Jonathan Matthew Borenstein

The High Roller Single Day was another hot ticket with 65 runners doubling up the prize pool. At heads up, USA’s Jonathan Borenstein and Gab Yong Kim reached an ICM deal with the trophy awarded to the chip leader. Borenstein walked away with a cool VN₫ 727,000,000 (~USD 29,300) making his first USOP trip already a memorable one.

Leading up to the final table, Borenstein eliminated Florent Remi (11th) on the bubble then Alan Pham in 10th place with KsQs flush over As8h on a board Jh4s8s2sKh. Borenstein carried the chip lead to the final table.

HR single day 1

Watch the livestream via the Crown Poker Club facebook page.

Date: March 22, 2024
Buy in: VN₫ 55,000,000 (~USD 2,263)
Guarantee: VN₫ 1,500,000,000 (~USD 60,600)
Entries: 65 (50 unique)
Prize pool: VN₫ 3,152,500,000 (~USD 127,160)
ITM: 10 places

*ICM deal, chip leader gets the trophy

Place Player Flag Payout in VN₫ 
1 Jonathan Matthew Borenstein USA 727,000,000*
2 Gab Yong Kim Korea 667,600,000*
3 Ngo Linh Duong Vietnam 645,000,000*
4 Tao Wei Chang Taiwan 298,400,000
5 Quang Trung Doan Vietnam 216,500,000
6 Woo Hyeon Lee Korea 164,400,000
7 Trung Quan Nguyen Vietnam 130,900,000
8 William Steven Harder USA 109,500,000
9 Anton Zhen Zhao Lu Australia 96,600,000
10 Alan Anh Minh Pham Australia 96,600,000

You Jun Hong wins first USOP title at the Deepstack

You Jun Hong wins Deepstack at USOP Danang 2024
You Jun Hong

The Deepstack was another popular event at Day 4 with 145 entries in total for a handsome prize pool of VN₫ 759,500,000 (~USD 30,630). Well known Malaysian slugger who won the Poker Dream Player of the Year title, You Jun Hong, dominated the final table. However, at heads up, Wei Lin Chen proved difficult for Hong. After paying a doubled up, the two were close to even and Hong proposed an even chop. Chen quickly agreed and Hong was awarded the title for his bigger stack.

Date: March 22, 2024
Buy in: VN₫ 6,000,000 (~USD 247)
Entries: 145 (121 unique)
Prize pool: VN₫ 759,500,000 (~USD 30,630)
ITM: 18 places

*Heads-up chop, trophy to the chip leader

Final table payouts

Place Player Flag Payout in VN₫ 
1 Jun Hong You Malaysia 171,200,000*
2 Wei Lin Chen China 171,200,000*
3 Nikolic Jovan Nikolic Serbia 78,200,000
4 Thanh Hung Tran Vietnam 53,300,000
5 Matthew Henry Bevin Australia 41,900,000
6 Jeong Hyosun Jeong Korea 35,400,000
7 Kittipat Poochaneeyyangkoon Kittipat Thailand 29,600,000
8 Drasko Boskovic Drasko Serbia 24,500,000
9 Chun Wai Siu China 20,400,000

Gwan Won Lee wins first USOP title at the Hyper Turbo

Gwan Woo Loo takes down the Hyper Turbo at USOP Danang 2024
Gwan Woo Lee

Date: March 22, 2024
Buy in: VN₫ 4,000,000 (~USD 165)
Entries: 59 (51 unique)
Prize pool: VN₫ 206,000,000 (~USD 8,300)
ITM: 7 places

Place Player Flag Payout in VN₫ 
1 Gwanwoo Lee Korea 71,600,000
2 Loong Hui Teo Singapore 50,000,000
3 Luda Wang China 27,800,000
4 Yichang Kim Korea 19,600,000
5 Oliver Jaime Biles England 15,500,000
6 Ken Eric Skjaveland Gilja Norway 12,100,000
7 Soo Chiaw See Malaysia 9,400,000
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