U Series of Poker wraps up a record breaking season finale in Danang; pays out over ₫163.4 Billion (~$6.74M)


U Series of Poker (USOP) wrapped up its 2023 season with an unforgettable grand finale at Furama Resort in Danang, Vietnam running November 17 to 27. In partnership with Crown Poker Club and Lucky Poker Tour, USOP Danang was the brand’s most ambitious festival of the year and crushed it across the board. Guarantees were shattered and new records were set for a festival prize pool of VN₫ 163,438,680,000 (~$6,741,140). Here are the highlights.

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Festival review

Date: November 17 to 27, 2023
Venue: Furama Resort Danang, Vietnam
Festival prize pool: VN₫ 163,438,680,000 (~$6,741,140)
Trophy events: 53
Record Main Event: VN₫ 34,810,800,000 (~$1,434,020)
Record Superstar Challenge: VN₫ 14,449,100,000  (~$595,470)
Main Event winner: The Naing – VN₫ 4,979,000,000 (~$205,190)
Superstar Challenge winner: Jaewook Shin – VN₫ 3,967,000,000 (~$163,500)
Biggest festival earner: Jinho Hong – 3 cashes – VN₫ 5,327,900,000 (~$219,570)
First USOP Billionaire Club Champion: Jinho Hong – VN₫ 4,585,700,000 (~$188,985)
High Roller series prize pool: VN₫ 85,872,600,000 (~$3,538,950)
Multi-winners: Liew Yew Tong (3), Romain Bier (2), Dong Yixuan (2)
Most final tables: Anton Lu (4), Rohit Begwani (4), Yu-Chung Chang (4), Natalia Rozova (4), Ng Tsun Yin (4), Nguyen Quang Huy (4), Pham Song Hau (4),
Trophy by Flag: China (8), South Korea (8), Vietnam (7), Australia (5), India (4), Malaysia (3), Russia (3), Taiwan (3), Canada (2), France (2), Singapore (2), Germany (1), Ireland (1), New Zealand (1), Philippines (1), Thailand (1), USA (1)

Record breaking Main Event – VN₫ 34,810,800,000 (~$1,434,020)


USOP produced another record breaking Main Event for Vietnam with its 1,595 turnout for a prize pool of VN₫ 34,810,800,000 (~$1,434,020). This was five billion dong more than its previous turnout in Hanoi. Singapore’s The Naing dominated the last two days to seize the single largest festival payout of VN₫ 4,979,000,000 (~$205,190).

thenaing 1

High Roller Series amasses over VN₫ 85.8 Billion


The USOP Danang season finale showcased nine high roller events, including the debut of the Billionaire Club Challenge and High Roller Charity Event. In total, the high roller series contributed a substantial VN₫ 85,872,600,000 (~$3,538,950) to the overall festival prize pool, accounting for more than half of the total amount.

Event Entries Prize pool Champion 1st place payout
Billionaire Club Challenge 72 ₫16,761,600,000 Jinho Hong ₫4,585,700,000
Superstar Challenge 133 ₫14,449,100,000 Jaewook Shin ₫3,967,000,000
Super High Roller 177 ₫13,735,200,000 Song Li ₫3,376,500,000
High Roller The Finale 191 ₫11,116,200,000 Dinh Duc Linh ₫2,690,000,000
High Roller Megastack 141 ₫9,873,900,000 Do Xuan Huan ₫2,589,000,000
High Roller Bounty Hunter 105 ₫6,111,000,000 Thomas Ward ₫1,302,000,000
HIgh Roller Charity Event 123 ₫5,842,500,000 Tobias Bui 1,100,000,000
High Roller Warm Up 127 ₫4,927,600,000 Nevan Chang 1,360,000,000
High Roller Last Chance 105 ₫3,055,500,000 John Perry 851,000,000

Other high generating events

actionshot1 1

Aside from the Main Event, which set a record with a staggering VN₫ 34,810,800,000 (~$1,434,020) prize pool, various non-high roller events also exceeded expectations, resulting in some of the most lucrative prize pools for the greater crowd.

One of the newcomers was the Midweek Superstack. With a 258-entry field and VN₫ 2,502,600,000 (~$103,100) prize pool, there’s a high chance it earned a spot in next year’s roster.

Event Entries Prize pool Champion
1st place payout
Main Event 1,595 ₫34,810,800,000 The Naing ₫4,979,000,000
Mini Main Event 935 ₫7,255,600,000 Oliver Schulze ₫1,056,000,000
Mystery Millions 568 ₫5,509,500,000 Robert Kiss ₫820,000,000
Megastack 279 ₫2,706,300,000 Nguyen Chi Cong ₫614,600,000
Midweek Superstack 258 ₫2,502,600,000 Pham Song Hau ₫584,000,000

Biggest earner: Jinho Hong


One of South Korea’s most famous players, Jinho Hong, displayed why he has a WSOP bracelet. Hong outlasted fellow super high rollers at the Billionaire Club Challenge to claim an ICM deal payout of VN₫ 4,585,700,000 and be the first player in the USOP Hall of Fame.

In addition, Hong finished 4th at the High Roller Charity Event and 9th at the Mini High Roller for a combined payout of VN₫ 5,327,900,000 (~$219,570). He was the festival’s biggest earner.

Liew Yew Tong, Romain Bier, Dong Yixuan win multiple events

Taking down one event is no easy feat and at the series three players took down more than one. Malaysia’s Liew Yew Tong was crowned at three events to walk away with the most trophies. China’s Dong Yixuan and France’s Romain Bier lifted two trophies each.

tommyliew 1
Tommy Liew
Champion Event Prize pool 1st place payout
Tommy Liew Event 26: Turbo 213,400,000 79,000,000
Tommy Liew Event 42: Turbo 657,600,000 198,600,000
Tommy Liew Event 53: Short Deck Turbo 174,600,000 53,150,000
37 5card PLO 32
Dong Yixuan
Champion Event Prize pool 1st place payout
Dong Yixuan Event 17: Bounty Hunter Hyper Turbo 291,000,000 92,500,000
Dong Yixuan Event 37: 5-Card PLO 415,100,000 90,200,000
Romain Bier
Champion Event Prize pool 1st place payout
Romain Bier Event 16:Turbo 372,400,000 114,000,000
Romain Bier Event 21: Mini High Roller 2,366,800,000 703,000,000

Seven players with four final table cashes

nevanchang 2
Nevan Yu-Chung Chang

Several players secured multiple final table cashes during the series, with seven individuals accomplishing this feat four times. Taiwan’s Nevan Yu Chung Chang led the pack, claiming victory in the High Roller Warm Up and narrowly missing a second title with a 2nd-place finish at the Heads Up Challenge.


Australia’s Natalia Rozova triumphed in Event 31: Pot Limit Omaha and secured three additional near-wins. India’s Rohit Begwani may have missed the trophy by one spot at a turbo event but he wasn’t going home empty-handed. Five days later, Begwani shipped Event 50: Hyper Turbo for his maiden live title.

nguyenquanghuy 7
Nguyen Quang Huy

Vietnam’s Nguyen Quang Huy notched four final table cashes, including two runner-up finishes in High Roller events and a 4th-place finish in the Main Event. Other players with four final table cashes: Anton Lu, Ng Tsun Yin, and Pham Song Hau. 

South Korea and China win 8 events

jaewookshin 1
South Korea’s Jae Wook Shin

South Korea displayed dominance at the festival, locking up 8 event trophies and and extra one at the Tag Team tournament. Notably, Jinho Hong and Jae Wook Shin claimed championship titles at the super high roller events – the inaugural Billionaire Club Challenge and the record-breaking Superstar Challenge. These were the 2nd and 3rd richest events on the roster.

Champion Event Prize pool
1st place payout
Kim Wooseok Event 11: Hyper Turbo ₫209,500,000 ₫104,700,000
Jaewook Shin Event 13: Superstar Challenge ₫14,449,100,000 ₫3,967,000,000
Lee Koangho Event 23: Hyper Turbo ₫209,500,000 ₫73,300,000
Youjin Jang Event 27: Crazy Pineapple ₫168,700,000 ₫79,200,000
Yohwan Lim Event 28: Heads Up Challenge ₫1,105,800,000 ₫552,900,000
Jinho Hong Event 39: Billionaire Club Challenge ₫16,761,600,000 ₫4,585,700,000
Dong Hyun Kim / Junam Lee Event 41: Tag Team ₫1,018,500,000 ₫356,400,000
Kang Wongyu Event 49: Mixed NLH-PLO ₫320,100,000 ₫113,600,000
Song Li

China also came out headstrong, capturing 8 trophies. Dong Yixuan picked  up two trophies to match her performance at WPT Vietnam last month. The biggest earner in the list was Super High Roller champion Song Li who pocketed  VN₫ 3,376,500,000 (~$139,150).

Champion Event Prize pool
1st place payout
Yin Wenhua Event 3: Deepstack ₫388,000,000 ₫145,000,000
Zhiwen Deng Event 4: Mini High Roller ₫1,202,800,000 ₫330,500,000
Qui Quan Event 9: Mini High Roller ₫737,200,000 ₫302,000,000
Dong Yixuan Eent 17: Bounty Hunter Hyper Turbo ₫291,000,000 ₫92,500,000
Do Xuan Huan Event 24: High Roller Megastack ₫9,873,900,000 ₫2,589,000,000
Song Li Event 30: Super High Roller ₫13,735,200,000 ₫3,376,500,000
Dong Yixuan Event 37: 5-Card PLO ₫415,100,000 ₫90,200,000
Zhang Menghong Event 43: Double Board Single Winner ₫166,800,000 ₫68,400,000

Up next: USOP Taiwan 2024


Returning to where it all began, USOP is set to kick off its new season in Taipei City, Taiwan at the CTP Asia Poker Arena. USOP Taiwan 2024 takes place from January 5 to 15, 2024 featuring a NT$ 40 Million guarantee (~$1.3 Million). Riding on the brand’s growing popularity, anticipate a thrilling start to the new year with added features and exciting player perks. Stay tuned for all the updates.

See you in Taiwan!

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