Three Things To Look For When Playing Online Poker

So you want to try your hand at online poker – Great! Online poker is a fantastic game to play either with friends or by yourself. It can lead to some pretty exciting times, and you might even win some cash if you’re good enough (and practice makes perfect, so the more you play the better you’ll be). But there is one problem – how can you be sure that the game you’re playing is a good one? Well there are three important things to look for before parting with any money and getting involved in any online poker game.



When you search for a site that hosts online poker games, you want to make sure that it’s legitimate. There are plenty of scams out there that will catch the unsuspecting would-be player, leaving them with no money and no game. As well as that, some sites are just no good; the games are poor, the graphics are shoddy, and all in all it’s just not a good experience. This is why checking out a site’s reviews before signing up or signing in is such a good idea. It will give you an overview of just how the site operates, allowing you to make an informed decision about whether or not you want to get involved.


Although the playing of the game itself is fun and worth doing, it’s the winning that really counts. It’s not quite what we were taught at school, but we all know it’s true. So when you play online poker you want to find a game that pays out fairly and regularly.



And of course, how many games are played on a site is a great indication of how good the online poker playing there is in general. The more games there are, the more chances you’ll have of finding one that suits your budget, your skill level, and your interactivity. There will be special games for beginners as well as more advanced games for the more experienced players. And some games will be played for a few pennies, whereas others will be played for many thousands of pounds. If you can choose how and where you play, you’ll feel a lot more comfortable doing it.

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Louis Hartwell

Graduated in Media Communication at the University of Lausanne, Louis Hartman is a co-founder of He began his career in Cambodia as freelance journalist. In same time he was making his living by playing poker every night at that time. Intense learner, he read dozens of poker strategy books to improve his skills during many years. With a strong interest about poker "behind the scene" in Asia and his communication skills, Louis launched Somuchpoker in 2014.

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