The All Japan Poker Championship (AJPC) enters new markets

The All Japan Poker Championship (AJPC) may not be the most recognisable tour in Asia, but an announcement could yet change that state of affairs. 2018 will see the AJPC begin hosting tournaments in places such as Taiwan, Macau and Incheon in South Korea, as part of the ongoing Asian Circuit series.

AJPC CEO Yasuhiro Sasaki
AJPC CEO Yasuhiro Sasaki

Yasuhiro Sasaki is the CEO of the AJPC and made the statement in this press release, which outlined the plans for new events.

He said “2018 will see the AJPC look to grow our circuits outside of Japan. This is in response to our player’s desire to enjoy tournaments overseas, with a focus on Incheon, Taiwan, Macau, and potentially other destinations in Southeast Asia. We look forward to working closely with local partners to bring a premium overseas experience to Japanese players, while welcoming local players from each location as well.”

The AJPC has been organising poker tournaments since 2007, with most of the events taking place in Japan.


The last festival hosted by the organisation took place at the Paradise City in Incheon, South Korea and attracted a total of 784 players.

Now, with a strong following of players and new locations on the cards, the AJPC are looking to take their brand to the next level. Aside from offering players the chance to compete, the AJPC also work hard to promote poker in Japan, helping players to test their skills and improve their game. Their biggest annual event, the AJPC Championship, is the major tournament on the annual calendar for Japanese players.

Article By Craig Bradshaw