Global Poker League

Global Poker League: 12 teams and managers announced

 Fews days ago, Alex Dreyfus announced the full list of the managers that will run the 12 teams to take part in the first-ever Global Poker League (GPL). Celina Lin will be taking control of the Hong Kong Stars. The GPI project has become one of the most interesting developments in poker within the last few years, and the GPL branch […]

Will the Global Poker League change televised poker forever?

Playing poker standing up, without a deck of cards, inside a transparent sound proof cube? Reading about the latest creation from GPI mastermind Alex Dreyfus, you'd think that someone was talking about an alternate poker reality. These bold and creative shake ups of poker are becoming more commonplace since the Global Poker League (GPL) idea […]

“Sportify Poker”: GPI Announces the Global Poker League

Tournament poker is undoubtedly entering a new stage in it's development, and has been ever since the GPI was formed. Number of titles won or money earned are no longer seen as the most accurate way to tell who is good and who is great: GPI is the new reference. The next stage, according to GPI […]